Wednesday, April 18, 2018

LCG Member Asks: "Gerald Weston, if you are reading this, please wake up and do the right thing."

Rod McNair's file cabinet filled with details of 
LCG members lives.

For years now, Living Church of God members have shared stories of abuse at the hands of certain LCG ministers.  For years now, the LCG headquarters in Charlotte have been monitoring this blog.  For years now they have read first-hand accounts of the despicable ways LCG members are treated at times.  For years now, they refuse to correct the issues.  For years they continue to ignore the members while back-slapping one another for being such beacons of morality and spirituality.

LCG members see through all of that and are constantly asking when will they wake up and do something about the abuse?

Another reader here writes:

Anon says, "The ministers have the duty to instruct, correct and discipline the people".
LCG ministry, in particular Rod McNair do not practice righteous judgment. Their egos and vindictiveness taint their ability to be fair.
God says to leave the 99 to go after the 1. If a member is going astray, LCG MINISTRY SHOULD TRY TO HELP THEM not harm them by cutting them off from the body.
So often the "punishments" of these men is so heavy handed. So often they behave punitively when love, mercy and help/shepherding is what's called for. So often they react based on unconfirmed gossip or personal opinion instead of fact. 
I mean what kind of man keeps file folders in his office of every conceived misstep of the members he personally doesn't like? Year after year. I'm still not entirely sure how Rod McNair makes it through Passover services without a bold of lightening striking him.
Rod McNair, if you are reading this, take heed, you will reap that which you have sown. It's not too late. Make amends with those that you know you have treated unfairly. Apologize for you heavy-handedness. Repent.
Gerald Weston, if you are reading this, please wake up and do the right thing. LCG is hemorrhaging people because of this pharisaical behavior. The right message will get nowhere when the messengers are so corrupt, harsh and right in their own sight.


Unknown said...

The COGs have always operated like the Starbucks in Philadelphia.

Either you give money, or you dont get to relieve yourself , and you will be forcibly made to leave, while being publicly humiliated.

Anonymous said...

The COGs have always operated like the Starbucks in Philadelphia.

Oh, you mean, it's a BUSINESS?? And that must mean Weston must be the CEO!! The way they act, I never would have believed that! ;)

Connie, of course, I'm being sarcastic, not at you, because your observation is astute and correct, but at so many people who seem to look over that observation and somehow think the religious aspects trump the business aspect. In business, it just doesn't work that way.

In business, you have to ensure profit exceeds loss. The fact LCG is "non-profit" means nothing in this case, because their product is intangible. The decisions made behind closed doors are focused on the business, not on the well-being of the members.

They have a business model. This business model depends on 1st tithe, 3rd tithe, whatever they can get out of 2nd tithes on offerings, co-worker donations, other freewill offerings, and special offerings by plea. Keeping the members in-line, so to speak, using hard-line approaches, is the only way the Armstrong Business Model (ABM) works. If you start to slack on the members (get soft, you could say), then income will fall. There is a method to the madness. The method is very simple. If you can get the members to believe you have power, and that power can effect your salvation, you can tell them whatever you want to, and they'll do it. What's the god of this world? Money. These men would be NOTHING if it wasn't for their ability to convince you that they hold the keys to your salvation, and frankly, all those keys end up going to is your bank account, which goes into their bank accounts. You're left deceived and thinking their ill-conceived delusions that they hold power over you. They're left buying houses, furniture, cars, and paying their bills on your dime.

I applaud these people for speaking out to Gerald and Rod, and trying to get some common sense into their iron skulls that seemingly won't allow a bit of common sense into them. I wish I could believe it would do a bit of good.

But the reality is, in my opinion, it will only work if they can find a way to make it work IF it ends up increasing their financial gain. Because the last thing they want to give up is their "power", and I believe they will do everything they can to rationalize their behavior as "correct" and "godly" and authorized by God to support their delusions.

And keep in mind: I'm not saying they don't believe what they are saying. I'm saying they've been believing it and saying it so long and so thoroughly that they have literally brainwashed themselves into thinking their actions are Godly, but are actually actions from the pits of evil. Isn't it HWA himself who used to say "The deceived don't KNOW they're deceived?"... isn't that ironic, don't you think?

Helens Wheel said...

All ministers in every one of the ACOG cults treat their lay-membership like dirt.

Graceless in Charlotte said...

It is well known that LCG monitors this blog. They know exactly what members are saying about what is happening to us. They either truly don't care OR their heads are buried so far in the sand that they are blind to reality. The sad thing is that many of us know they do not care. It is all about numbers and money. Who cares if members are abused or suffer. It is all a test anyway. They are driving us out of the church and they don't care. They think by ignoring us they are weeding out the chaff when we leave.

Anonymous said...

Graceless in Charlotte says...

1. They know.
2. They do not care.
3. It is about numbers and money.
4. They don't care about abuse or suffering.
5. They are ignoring members.

Why? Graceless in Charlotte says...

1. It's some kind of a test.
2. They are weeding out the chaff.
3. They are intentionally driving some out of the church.

The opinion of this member seems to be that the LCG elite are performing some sort of a test, based on causing suffering and abuse, to weed out the "chaff" to see who are the ones who stay (are loyal?) and who give money to the church.

If this member is correct in their assertions, I have to tell you, this would be the very definition of wickedness. There is no godliness in causing deliberate suffering and abuse in the name of God for some kind of a "test". Not only would this theory be completely against every principle of the Bible, and everything Jesus has stood for, it would be a bondage, a stronghold, a deliberate sneer on everything Christianity stands for. It is everything a Christian is supposed to run from, and never, ever get involved with. It's like being held hostage by abusers who are scared to leave their abusers due to fear. There's nothing holy, nothing righteous, nothing sacred about any of this. It's dark, it's ugly, it's evil, and it's disgusting.

Jesus said "My yoke is easy, and My burden is light". What about anything these members are experiencing is easy and light? Can anyone ever believe the principles and the spirit of Jesus is there? And if Jesus is not there, how then can there be the love of God in there?

No human being should have to put up with any of this. No human being should have to deal with these kinds of stresses. No human being should have to cry out to their spiritual leaders on a dissident blog, because they are scared to approach them with their concerns for real. What these members need is to know they are cared for, valued. They are crying out and starved for some real shepherding, because they are not getting the food and the meat they crave from those who are supposedly there to pastor them. The only thing they're getting is crap, crap, and more crap, and all they're being told to do is shut up and take it, because they are nothing and the ministers are in charge.

I'm hoping someday, they will realize that enough is enough, and begin to rebuild their lives in the grace of God and the rest of Jesus Christ. Because, truly, enough IS enough. There is no excuse or rationale for any of this. But it's going to continue, and continue, and continue on and on and on so long as members stay week after week, sitting in the corner because their masters say so, while they steal and rob the members' money in God's name (without the Godliness) and live the high life on their dime.

Humjobadapolaandovaxasi said...

I am a minister in LCG and I try to the best of my ability to treat all the people in my 2 congregations as friends & my brothers and sisters in Christ. If I have ever at any time made anyone feel that I am treating them badly, I do apologize sincerely and want you to know I am sorry.

Byker Bob said...

Actually, people don’t usually wake up when they strongly consider themselves to be enlightened. They could be deeply involved in the worst, most soul-crushing, toxic system known to man, and somehow they see themselves as being in a state of beatific vision. Surprises can be devastating when the opposite is expected.


Anonymous said...

Just GET OUT! God isn't the church and the church isn't God. Your life isn't going to end if you don't go to a particular or any COG. No man of any church has the power to tell anyone that if they don't do what that group says then they lose their salvation, only Christ himself can say that.

Anonymous said...

6:12 - "Humjobadapolaandovaxasi" - said -

If you are who you say you are - why did you not identify yourself?
How is anyone supposed to know if you don't identify yourself?
Is it because if you identify yourself, there could be consequences?

Are we supposed to believe you are truly genuinely sorry if you stay hidden?

I suppose the first three letters of your name might give a hint to who you are, but if you are who I think you might be alluding to, it seems you got scared and just went crazy all over your keyboard. It just makes one totally doubt your sincerity. That is, if you aren't just a troll being a troll.

Anonymous said...

The dossier wcg held on me made for entertaining gossip amongst ministers' wives, deacons and their friends. This was painful and embarrassing - UNTIL...I quit, then it was worthless to them!

Unknown said...

Humjobadapolaandovaxasi - There are surely good COG ministers around, who are good and decent folks. Just like there were some good Pharisees as well. However, again , just like the pharisees, "the system" was corrupt and not really fixable.

There were good people living in Nazi Germany too, as well as Soviet Russia, etc.

So although an individual may be an exception to the rule, it does little in justifying a system that is corrupt, incompetent, and doomed to failure.

Top Down, Hierarchal , Unaccountable , Centralized church government has proven itself repeatedly to NOT WORK. This is a Babylon power structure and is not being blessed , and the fruits are evident.

Retired Prof said...

Anon April 18 at 5:44 said 'There is no godliness in causing deliberate suffering and abuse in the name of God for some kind of a "test".'

Remember what your god is said to have done to Job? Sounds like testing poor mortals by 'causing deliberate suffering and abuse' is the very essence of godliness.

Anonymous said...

A little off subject - but did you know WCG'ers in the past were the "godders"?

A pretty interesting article from the past.

Anonymous said...

to Humjobadapolaandovaxasi

If you really are an LCG Minister, let's please start with a few suggestions from other COG people that may be able to help:

1. Please guide/instruct/plead with your congregations to quit having an attitude of superiority over us "other" COG groups. Un-Christian. LCG is known for this.

2. Get as far away as you can from "follow the leader" or "one man rule" nonsense that old WWCG taught, and Rod Meredith L O V E D. Look at Pauls' Epistles, where do you see a "Pope"?

3. Oppose Nepotism in every way you can! If you can't see why, go visit Charlotte a few days and see the examples set by "high ranking" evangelist/minister" kids. 'Nuff Said!!

Won't be easy. Will be worth doing!

Anonymous said...

I was at the FOT in Sunset Beach years ago and talking to a BRAND NEW MAN (it was his FIRST Service) when ROD came up and TOTALLY INTERRUPTED the conversation!! Apparently what HE had to say was of the UPMOST importance!! I hope he IS reading this!! You were EXTREMELY RUDE and totally set the WRONG example to this poor new man!! I hope he got the clue and NEVER came back for his sake!' I DON'T consider you a minister and the LCG is a JOKE!! THANKS for helping to open my eyes ROD!! Hey Rod, did you seriously think I would call you MISTER??? DREAM ON!! I use every chance I get to tell everyone who asks what FREAKS you people are!!

Anonymous said...

P.S. It was Rod Mc Nair and not Spanky

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:26 McNair and Meredith are cut from the same cloth.

Extremely egotistical, quick to act on unconfirmed rumors (especially if they suit their personal agendas), un-repentant, harsh, tyrannical, unforgiving, always right in their own eyes, totally unwilling to admit wrong even when it is glaringly obvious that they are, in fact, wrong, LIARS

They are tied for the "man with the worst character" award in my book.

If you are in LCG, get out. You have been sold a package of lies.

Keep the Sabbath and the Holy Days but please see that your church is CORRUPT and your leaders are political, self-serving, over-lords.

Anonymous said...

quick to act on unconfirmed rumors

Anon 5:14 AM, if Rod McNair verified rumors before acting, John Robinson would probably still be working in Charlotte. Bill Bowmer probably wouldn't have quit. At least one Charlotte HQ marriage (maybe two) that he destroyed might still be intact today.

Rod would never recognize this about himself, but he is fundamentally lazy. He does not believe that he needs to do the hard work of fully investigating matters that are brought before him. He believes that because he is God's Minister, God will automatically place the right answers into his specially anointed mind. Because of this, when people disagree with him, he thinks they are disagreeing with God. Rod does a terrible job of working in groups that are supposed to reach a consensus, as he knows he is right and when he "cooperates" he thinks he is actually being forced to compromise on doing something God's (Rod's) way.

Anonymous said...

Christ said that His brethren are those who do the will of God. He could have said that His brethren are those who attend church services, but He didn't. Church attendance is not a requirement of salvation. It's only a tool. If overall it benefits a person, attend. If not, be a independent stay at home Christian. It's the 'work out your salvation with fear and trembling' thingy.
This is one of those secret things ministers don't want people to know.

Anonymous said...

Lev 23:3 "Six days shall work be done, but the seventh day is a Sabbath of solemn rest, a holy convocation. You shall do no work on it; it is the Sabbath of the Lord in all your dwellings"

Anon 4:15 what about the "holy convocation" part?