Friday, April 20, 2018

Is This The Greatest Sex Book Ever Written, After The Bible?

So says Gerald Flurry:
Educator Herbert W. Armstrong authored the greatest book about sex of all time, after the Bible. It is called The Missing Dimension in Sex. “Now comes the big truth!” he wrote. “Sex was designed and created in humans for purposes other than reproduction—for purposes totally foreign to animal or plant life! But the world has continued in unhappy and wretched ignorance of these glorious and God-bestowed purposes!”
Mr. Armstrong wrote this near the end of his life. He knew and lived God’s purposes for sex, and he yearned to rescue mankind from the pain and suffering that comes from using sex the wrong way.  The Beautiful Truth That Would Solve The Sex Scandals
Herbert Armstrong did nothing of the sort!  The first issue of this book came out in the 1964's as God Speaks Out On The New Morality.  Charles Dorothy and others at Pasadena contributed to the book.

Then to dump the 1960's theme, the name was changed to The Missing Dimension in Sex in 1971.

Then, like Herbert Armstrong was prone to do, he took all credit and reissues the book under his name in 1980.

Who can forget those kinky pictures!  It was the Worldwide Church of God's official book of porn for the teenagers!

Anyway, back to Gerald Flurry's idolatrous take on the book is:

Look around. It is plain to see that humans have sex for reasons other than just reproduction. Some of these reasons are perverse and should be avoided altogether, or sex scandals may result.
“Now reproduction, merely as such, is, of course, common to animals and plants, as well as humans,” Mr. Armstrong continued. “But, in humans, reproduction has a sacred and God-plane meaning not applicable to any other kind of life!”
With animals, reproduction is nothing more than reproduction. With humans, reproduction points to a marvelous spiritual parallel. Human babies are very different from animal offspring. Only humans are born as heirs of salvation—heirs of God! Marriage, family and sex have God-plane meaning!
People have sex so they can become god's.  Who knew!   Oh, and that it might be pleasurable as something other than for reproduction.  Unless of course you were Rod Meredith and Gerald Flurry and sex was dirty (most of the time).

According to Flurry, sex is essential for salvation. Forget Jesus, a good romp in the sack will bring salvation.
Humans are not animals! We can be spiritually begotten by receiving the Holy Spirit, and then spiritually born as sons of God! No animal or angel has such a potential!
Satan works diligently to hide God’s purposes for sex from the world because they point to our salvation. He wants to hide God’s plan of salvation, which is all about family.
That's because you are going to marry Jesus and become a god!  Woo Hoo!
“This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church” (verse 32). These principles apply to physical marriage, but mainly they are about spiritual marriage (Revelation 19:7). We can marry Christ, if we obey Him today. Physical marriage and sex prepare us for that glorious future.
For a book that was supposed to illustrate godly sex, the church was sure filled with some of the biggest sex fiends imaginable, starting with Herbert himself.  Sex was the biggest occupier of time in the church hierarchy.  From Garner Ted's G3 flying  whorehouse, to Rod Meredith's frequent visits to the Le Sexxe Shoppe in Old Town Pasadena (only for research, of course), and how can we forget the wife swapping ministers. the child molesters, stalkers and rapists in the church.

Just one more sad legacy of the "One True Church" that was supposed to be practicing first century Christianity.


nck said...

GTA used a Falcon Jet!
Sex to become Gods. Very Tantra. Very Eastern and I am not talking New England but East of Eden.


Anonymous said...

With animals, reproduction is nothing more than reproduction.

Not true. There are at least nine mammals other than humans that masturbate.

Anonymous said...

A book for a little lite summer reading at night when you have to spend the night alone. Hey, it makes for slightly good porn.

Hoss said...

As Bob Thiel is venturing into dating and marriage, and wrote that he has four new books planned, I wonder if he will rewrite this classic tome? And will it have additional details that will make it even greater?

Miller Jones said...

The answer to that question (Is This The Greatest Sex Book Ever Written, After The Bible?) is NO! The fact that anyone would regard a book about sex which was largely authored by an incestuous pedophile as being one of the greatest books ever written is grotesque.

Not to mention the fact that this book applauded and perpetuated the traditional Christian view of sex - A twisted and failed perspective on the subject which has only brought misery and heartache for those who have ATTEMPTED to adhere to those tenets (no one has EVER succeeded in living up to those standards because it's impossible to do so). For a group that rejected almost every other tradition of the Christian religion, it has always seemed a little ironic to me that folks within the Armstrong orbit have always embraced that perspective on sex (with the addendum of becoming God). If Satan has deceived the Christian world on things like the proper day for worship and the nature of God, wouldn't it be rational to suppose that "he" may have hoodwinked them about sex?

As for the Bible (the book which HWA and his followers claim as their source), while Gerald Flurry may not be familiar with them and/or like them, alternative interpretation/explanations of its sexual content have been proposed and defended - The Armstrong and traditional Christian views are not the only games in town. For many of those of us who continue to have a high regard for the Judeo-Christian Scriptures and attempt to live by the principles espoused in its pages, there is no shame associated with our bodies and sex was designed to be an expression of joy, fulfillment and love between two people. The Bible I read (and I'm talking about the exact same book that Gerald reads) celebrates the sex act, doesn't make sexual attraction bad or evil, doesn't require a license or minister's blessing to engage in sex, requires reverence and mutual respect at all times, requires fidelity in all relationships and does not condemn individuals who are born with same sex attraction or relegate them to a life of shame and loneliness.

Mr. Armstrong's original book (God Speaks Out on the New Morality) and the booklet it subsequently inspired (The Missing Dimension in Sex) should not be considered inspired or great by ANYONE. In fact, they are both worthless pieces of garbage which have only served to perpetuate Satan's perverted view of human sexuality!

Ghost Writer said...

I can honestly say that I have never read that book.

DennisCDiehl said...

It's a typo. It should read "The Missing Dementia in Sex"

Anonymous said...

If the followers of Flurry really knew what a pervert HWA was he would have half the followers he has. The other half must be brain dead!

DennisCDiehl said...

"Humans are not animals! We can be spiritually begotten by receiving the Holy Spirit, and then spiritually born as sons of God! No animal or angel has such a potential!"

The actual reality is that human beings are indeed animals who share a common ancestry, about 5 million years ago, with the Chimps, Orangs, Gorillas and Bonobos. They are our cousins, so let's not make fools of ourselves by saying "If I evolved from a chimp, how come there are Chimps around today." I had this pulled on me recently and when corrected the concept the person said , "Well, I just believe the Bible." That's the problem. Belief at all costs in the face of facts is the typical response of those who must maintain belief over reality.

Flurry is wrong right out of the gate. No one can prove "we can be spiritually begotten to receiving the Holy Spirit." No one. It's theological idea and opinion based on nothing that can be proven to actually be true. In 50 years of religious perspectives, I have NEVER met a person, including Flurry, Pack, Weinland and all others, including those in my other religious experiences showed any evidence of a "Holy Spirit" in them different from anyone else. That is also a fact. Being then "born as sons of God" is also religious belief and unprovable save for having faith that it is so. I'd also add that I never have seen nor have met anyone who has a credible and provable angelic encounter. Angels also are theological constructs based on lots of evolved theological thought that few here would want to consider. Same for any Satan, Devil or Demiruge.

Everything Flurry just said on this topic is patently false in reality and while I realize that reality does not appeal to those of faith and can get them throwing all sorts of insults and defensive BS back at the source of what knocks the nose off their idols, "nevertheless, it is" so as Galileo is said to have mumbled at his trial capitulating for the moment to save himself from being burned at the stake by the church.

Flurry's comments, as were HWA's are comments of faith issues and not factual. Personally I find facts to be incredibly intimidating and anger producing to those of faith , which I still maintain Hebrews 11 defines for us as "The substance of what we hope is so, based on absolutely no evidence."

That is simply not good enough and ranks right up there with Paul saying the reason we need to all speak the same thing is so that there be no division among us." That is NOT any sane reason to speak the truth of anything.

Anonymous said...

I guess HWA felt he was qualified to explain all about sex since to the church sine he and son ser such a perfect example before the church. It is obvious HWA’s family was dysfunctional. Herbert said his wife was cold and frigid. HWA raped his daughter. Ted was reported to have sex with anything wearing a skirt. So, yes, HWA was the one to explain the missing knowledge in sex

Connie Schmidt said...

Missing Dimension illustration ..."Contact with Clitoris, must be made at this point"


After seeing this bizarre book and illustration, , my comment is "Contact with this book and organization producing it must END at this point"!

I served Bob Thiel pork while in LCG said...

I can't wait for Bob Thiel to write his won book about sex. The only position not allowed will be the missionary position because it has Catholic connotations. All other positions must be crooked, in some way or another. The male must have a big thick in his hands at all times waving it heavenward at the moment of ecstasy. Nocturnal emissions will not be allowed because the prophet himself is the only one allowed to dream wild dreams.

Born Again Christian said...

I never knew the WCG had such ludicrous books as this one. Thank God I only attend 2 church services in that cult back in 2003.

Glenn said...

I read "God Speaks Out..." as a junior at my worldly college in 1965 and found parts of it informative and helpful. A girlfriend passed it around to several friends in her dorm. In late 1976 I spent several nights in HWAs house in Bricket Wood where I was able to peruse the books in his library. One of the books was the book written by an MD that HWA had used as the source material for the technical explanations and illustrations found in God Speaks Out... Small world sometimes.

Anonymous said...

I have NEVER met a person, including Flurry, Pack, Weinland and all others, including those in my other religious experiences showed any evidence of a "Holy Spirit" in them different from anyone else.

Not even a psychopath? Wow, that's pretty harsh.

Anonymous said...

Belief at all costs in the face of facts is the typical response of those who must maintain belief over reality.

Some people just have to believe in the Bible. Some just have to believe in the establishment, or Dawkins, or some secular "religion" or guru of their own choosing.

Anonymous said...

Herbert Armstrong said in one of the co-worker letters that the world would be, in his words, "FORCED" to keep the Feast, or face, what he called, "Severe Penalties". His view of "Government" was a dictatorship, and the Church was what, i believe, he viewed as the Army - the deliverers of a government's message, and the Law Enforcement of the Millennium. His militaristic views - which were always on full display (hence Pastor "General") - were in full view, even when it came to things as private and as personal as the bedroom.

This, I believe, is why he was so adamant about the "Two approved positions" that a married couple is supposed to engage in. He viewed the church memberships as "privates" (no pun really intended) of his army, and subject to control even in the bedroom. He took the fun out of it, and brought his "soldiers" (church members) to "horizontal attention", I guess you could say, as one of the approved "positions" a church member (again, no pun intended) could engage in.

I don't know how many sex lives he ruined with his rigid (this is too easy!) views on the subject. I can't imagine how many members of the church wanted to be more creative, but didn't have the balls to try anything different. I hope most people just kind of went along with it publicly, but behind closed doors, did whatever the heck they wanted to do, as it was only their business.

I don't even want to know how Armstrong would have viewed adult "toys". My guess is, if the church knew, or it was talked about, it would certainly have been quite the "buzz" of the congregation.

Anonymous said...

And as far as that stupid illustration goes, I was too young to understand it when I picked up the book as a young person and leafed through it. Since there was no "Front" image, just a cross-section side view, my innocent impression of the anatomy of the opposite gender was quite...... incorrect. Just another example of printing a little bit of truth, and leaving the rest for the imagination to fill in. Something Worldwide did really, really, really well. And I have some puns I would put in this comment too - but I don't want to overdo the double entendres. ;)

Anonymous said...

Why are people obsessed with sex? Is it the new God? Are we going back to sex-worship and Masonry?

Byker Bob said...

Who is obsessed? I guess it’s almost intuitive that if anyone would be obsessed, it would be a biker, right? But as you might have noticed, this is my first comment on this thread.

Studies have shown that as a group, fundamentalists are generally obsessed with sex, because of all their restrictions and taboos. Forbidden fruit and all that. For the rest of us, it’s a normal part of life, for the purposes of procreation and recreation.


Retired Prof said...

Anon April 21 at 6;25 PM asks, "Are we going back to sex-worship and Masonry?"

At first I couldn't understand why you would connect sex-worship and masonry. Then it dawned on me that you were thinking of the simile about a shapely woman: "She's built like a brick shit-house."

Sane Con said...

Armstrongism. micromanaging people's sex lives and sexuality since 1933.

Anonymous said...

Interesting book by HWA.

Hope GRF does not edit it, change it, and screw it up too badly.

Anonymous said...

When I was in LCG I suffered through months of torturous pre-marital "counseling".

The minister made my fiancé and I read this book together as one of the requirements for the green light to marry.

We were both grown-ass adults with children... but we were still forced to read it and give reports of comprehension.

Now that I am free of Armstrongism, I look back on stuff like that and wonder where my brain was. SMH

Anonymous said...

I've heard church people say that oral sex is the same a sodomy.

I've also heard them say you can't have sex on the Sabbath (something about "withholding your foot from your pleasure on the Sabbath").

Then you have Rod Meredith shouting about anal sex and bestiality while my children sit listening in horror.

Oh and let's not for get the GA minister who married his congregant even though she was the age of his granddaughter and in marriage counseling with him (funny how that divorce was church ordained).

And then there are the pedophiles who have had LCG ministerial status and/or other jobs even though they are pervs.

ACOGs have freakish sex issues but still find a way to look down on those "in the world".

They are mentally ill.