Saturday, July 6, 2019

New Video: The Cult No One Seems To Remember

It is fascinating that a young person sees through Armstrongism when the adults refuse to.

I wish it were true that "no one remembers", but sadly there are still damaging splinter cults of the mother church that are far more dangerous and potentially deadly than
the Worldwide Church of God could have ever imagined.

Well done!


Anonymous said...

WOW. That was amazing.

Anonymous said...

Bravo! I like the video on homeschooling. This is another trait of the ultra-right in Armstrongism to hole school their kids so they are trained to not use their brains and make decisions that they can evaluate after hearing both sides. Its the same tired worn out young-earth garbage.


"Few have the intensity and production value of Armstrong's cult". Something really struck a nerve in this young girl while researching for this video. Instead of a verbatim repeat of Wikipedia through out, there was at least some perceptive and honest thought.

Anonymous said...

I grew up in WCG from the sixties undel the collapse. There was nobody homeschooling in those days. That really didn’t start taking off until
The 90’s. If you were, that was ultimate fringe even back then.

Anonymous said...

There is no reason why home-schooling can't teach kids to think.

Schools don't even teach people formal logic unless you go to university and take a philosophy course. It should be taught in grade 5. The system just doesn't want people to know how to think for themselves. It's all brainwashing.

Opinionated said...

The wcg and the now daughter whores are liberals in that they always wanted someone like god to take care of them instead of taking personal responsibility for themselves.

Anonymous said...

One has to ask is a very large cult United COG going the way of the dinosaur. They seem to have another split on their hands over was the God of the old testament Christ in the new testament I would not think if they are the body of Christ they keep having all these problems that were answered 2000 years ago.

Tonto said...

ANON at 5:21 PM is correct. Virtually no one was homeschooling in the 1950s to 1980s period.

A more reasonable complaint would be that children were denied vaccinations and proper medical attention.

She mentions that "cults are a dime a dozen", unfortunately for followers, the cost is much more than just a dime!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous July 6, 2019 at 6:17 PM said..."There is no reason why home-schooling can't teach kids to think. Schools don't even teach people formal logic unless you go to university and take a philosophy course. It should be taught in grade 5. The system just doesn't want people to know how to think for themselves. It's all brainwashing."

So true! Another skill that should be started early in the middle years is critical thinking. But, like you said TPTB don't want anyone thinking independently and coming to different conclusions that TPTB oppose. It upsets the herd mentality, which is part and parcel of cult group think.

Anonymous said...

@5:21pm - you are wrong about that. Although I had already left the WCG some time previously, my family members were still attending and wanted to home school their son. This was in the 1980s. I talked them out of it because I was taken out of school when I was a teenager growing up in the WCG and that was the late 1960s.

Byker Bob said...

I can’t imagine how much worse my life might have been if this abominable tool of homeschooling had been prevalent in the old WCG while I was in my school years. I probably would have enlisted in the USMC!

Prior to checking the comments for this entry, I had read Bob Thiel’s latest complaints on his so-called lack of freedom of speech. It is ironic indeed that a very controlling religious movement which does not believe in or practice the freedoms noted in our Constitution and Bill of Rights would complain about their disappearing rights to preach their anti-freedom message. Historically, that message has been about “God’s government on Earth” (their euphemism for themselves). They have taught that Jesus will soon return to establish Armstrongism as His government for ever and ever and ever.

Home schooling was used in Armstrongism to control the offspring of members. It was a deliberate attempt to prevent young developing minds from learning to think for themselves, and to learn to make their own decisions. Back in the day, there was even speculation about parents choosing spouses for their children in the millennium.

Bob Thiel and others from the Armstrong movement don’t like it when the government seeks to do to them what they believe is their right to do to their members.

A pox on all of them and the arbitrary authority which they pretend to get from God.


Anonymous said...

Homeschooling is what you make it. It can be good or bad. Depends on the teacher.

Byker Bob said...

Exactly, 3:17. Most of the people in ACOGs are there because they are ignorant and were easily deceivable. That is exactly the type of homeschool teacher who would inflict damage on a child, and ruin his or her life and future. Want proof? Even today, the bogus Ambassador College degrees are lauded by the splinters, and those who have them are sought for positions of leadership. Ambassador College was basically HWA’s attempt at homeschooling the young people from his church. We were tracked and developed in our local church areas and through SEP and later YOU, not unlike Hitler Youth.

DIY is good in some areas, and can save time and money. Real schools have separate teachers, experts and specialists for each subject. What parent is qualified to even assist his or her children in their homework from a public school, let alone to teach them in depth on each of the required subjects? There is also the matter of social development, learning to interact with one’s peers. In an Armstrongite household, homeschooling is nothing more than repression, employed to achieve deeper programming.