Monday, January 10, 2011

Did A Lot of the UCG Ministers Jump Ship Too Quickly to COGaWA?

I am sure many of the ministers that jumped ship in the last several weeks are now wondering if they made a wise decision.

Herr Pinelli announced at the COGaWA conference that only around 35-40 of the ministers that left UCG would be on salary.

This splint is nothing like when UCG split off from WCG.  UCG had months to plan their break-off.  UCG Texas and other groups were set up months in advance to facilitate the breakaway group.  While behind the scenes shenanigans went on behind UCG's back, COGaWA planners did not have the same amount of time to think this entire process through.

Five thousand members now will have to support 40 paid ministers and HQ staff.  They also have to support the Latin America groups that jumped ship with Leon Walker.  UCG was subsidizing the South American's big time.  Now those five thousand COGaWA members will be supporting them too.

I am sure Rhodes and crew are laughing their heads off at that one!

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DennisDiehl said...

I would vote yes. Seems 2/3 of those who bolted will not be employed. I imagine due to the concept of "I'm a minister. Of course they will hire me," many will have second thoughts when nothing emerges for them to do. Unless one delivered a good share of a local church to the new organization, I can't imagine there is much use for most in practical fact.

I can also imagine that endeavoring to return saying, "oops, I made a mistake and want my old job back," will go over like a lead brick to UCG leadership. Not a few of those guys don't have a compassionate or understanding bone in their body.

I can prove it, but I won't.