Friday, February 11, 2011

COGaWA (WCG2)Premiers It's Website

WCG2/Church of God a Worldwide Association has its new official web site up.  You can follow along as little Joel talks about his superfantastic trips around the world and Ralphie talks about single life.  Such fun!


Anonymous said...

Follow Horoscopes? You may not be who you thought you were... Posted by Joel Meeker on January 28, 2011

Daily horoscopes are far more accurate than any utterance of various end-time prophets.

Joel Meeker on January 28, 2011, you are exactly what I always thought you were...

Black Ops Mikey said...

Notice they have a toll free number, but I'd bet it's not a tool free number.

And anyway, my website's better than your website.

I disprove British Israelism... once and for all -- and it isn't even finished yet.

No wait!

The CogWA's website isn't finished yet! There's nothing really there over there. Pretty though, if you like brown.

Black Ops Mikey said...

So the question is, are people in Armstrongism so abused and trivialized that many of them are suffering from PTSD?

Ministers who continue to downplay people under the glass ceiling of the paid ministry may want to consider doing what Herbert Armstrong did: Bring armed guards with guns with them when they go to their church group.

As we have seen in Egypt recently, people have tired of autocratic despots. Revolutions result. The CoGaWA is just such a revolution.

Keep in mind that as people are treated as collateral damage without any thought of the rights of individuals, stressing them with lies, deceptions and hypocrisies, someone, somewhere, when you least expect it, may have decided that you have made his day.

And as the ministry and administration have spent decades in the position of tempting God, does any rational person think that there may be an intervention on behalf of the abuser, or will nature just take its course as an equalization for the Karma built up over years and decades?

Something to think about, huh? [Not that we would want you to remember what happened in Living. Just sayin'.]