Sunday, November 5, 2017

David C Pack: Listen to Your Heart, Not Him!


Former Member Of WCG, PCG, GCG, UCG, LCG And RCG. Now A Faithful Member Of GCI said...

David Pack, so is Gerald Flurry, is conceited and thinks EVERYTHING he says is "gospel truth". If you try to prove him wrong you end up getting kicked out on your backside.

Anonymous said...

2:32 PM. You were a member of all those groups and now you are in Grace Communion ? It took you all these years to pull your head out of your ass?

Anonymous said...

David C. Pack initially attracted former Worldwide Church of God members by claiming that he was going to faithfully restore and teach everything that Herbert W. Armstrong had taught at the time of his death on January 16, 1986. Unfortunately, the plan seems to have been to pretend to do that only long enough to get people accustomed to going to David's Restored Church of Greed and handing over their money to him. Then, the massive doctrinal changes began.

When David Pack talked about “precision of doctrine” in the past, all he really meant was that everyone had to faithfully pay third tithe or else Dave would throw a fit. “Precision of doctrine” did not mean that Dave had to faithfully follow HWA's teachings. In fact, in recent years Dave went off babbling for 80+ sermons about what he called the “First Dominion” as if he had diarrhea of the mouth. Even more recently, diarrhea Dave deleted it all. What a dungy mess.

Some people looked up to Dave to hold on to the truth, and all he did was dung on them. Now they have to hand over virtually everything they have or Dave will throw a fit. No doubt, some people had no idea how crazy Dave really is. Their inability to tell a true servant of God from a Satan-possessed psycho will cost them dearly. I am not saying that all those who went with Dave deserve this, but they certainly will get it.

Hoss said...

For the remaining slaves of Dave, to quote Harry Callaghan, When will you people stop messing around with this guy? It's like he's holding you for ransom.

Anonymous said...

The book of Psalms often makes mention of the snares/traps of the wicked. Dave with his bait and switch is a snare that some have fallen into.
Daves tyranny was obvious in his government booklet which repeatedly implied (I forget the exact wording) that church government has the right to lord it over members faith.
Any church making this claim should be treated like a leper.

DennisCDiehl said...

Members in these one man show lead churches will never get it until they come to understand the topic of personality disorders and delusional thinking with religious content. It’s a type of person who rises to precisely the kinds of positions we see in these “oxymoron organized COGs.

Anonymous said...

If you watch the latest Behind The Work video produced by RCG, they go so hard to paint the world as this sick, unbearable, and unsafe place to live. The message it sends is that the world is drenched in sin, people are miserable and empty, no one is happy at all and its only getting worse for families.

It then contrasts with the church showing how happy and filled with purpose the people are, shot after shot showing families in the church, appealing to those outside that the RCG is a family oriented and safe place from the world and with all the campus shots and different buildings and goodies that the church has, how it should be the place you want to be in.

This is a bait, for those who want to be a part of something. As a former member, I cannot tell you how many countless times, I have heard those who visit the HQ speak about the church as if there were in a trance, with their rose color glasses on, always holding H! employees in high regards and putting them on pedestals.

The videos make it seem all nice, but those are snapshots and not the overall picture. People there are underpaid and overworked. Lack healthcare and so therefore when they become sick or injured have to fend for themselves. After making minimum wage for three years, I finally got a modest raise only to be laid off or "thrown away" with countless others who were already not able to make ends meet.

Their reasons for laying off almost half the staff? The banks, and the income.

I cannot tell you how many trees worth thousands of dollars, I saw planted, die, taken out and replaced. Each time I thought to myself that is someone's paycheck right there.

Hundreds of trees planted on the campus, and all these buildings, built, for what? For some floors to only have a handful of employees strategically placed there so that it would not appear empty.

At the expense of those now, the pack has placed his bet on a future influx of membership, all guided by his belief that God will bring these people into his fold. But the way he treats his own people even ministers who have strongly urged him they felt uncomfortable setting dates for them only to get chastised. How would God bring frail, contrite in spirit people to this man for him to care for them when he even has embarrassed his own ministers calling them "green" inexperienced in front of the staff?

The reason why people have not left is that they have given everything up to be all in with this man and at this point, they'd rather bear his narcissistic approach attitude than leave in complete embarrassment and hurt.

You also find it hard to prove all things when he changes so much some members have given up following his prophecy and just accept it on a weekly basis, to go back and prove it, would take years because it is so confusing. They cannot think for themselves and have leaned on him so much to dictate what prophecy is in the bible, that they consider him a wonderful and some even secretly worship him. I had roommates who would read the same books as him and follow routines like he did and talk about him as if he were God.

Sweetblood777 said...

It is too bad that the producer of these videos does not allow commenting. If he did it would have a greater affect.

Anonymous said...

Dave must know that he has flushed his eternal life down the toilet bowl.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous 8:20am

Not only has he thrown away his salvation with his lying "prophecies", but finally, he WILL stand before God and answer for the broken lives, especially the suicides in New York State years ago....

Dave will pay. BIG TIME