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Gerald Flurry to Soon Transport Herbert's Prayer Rock to Petra Where He Will be Made King to the House of Judah

Armstrongism has always produced men who have had extreme beliefs that are on the far fringes of the movement, from what sounds logical at first glance to outright silly beliefs and actions.  None has been more silly and outrageous as Gerald Flurry wandering the backwoods of Oregon looking for a rock that Herbert Armstrong supposedly knelt at.  The sheer idolatry is astounding.

Gerald Flurry has no proof that Herbert actually knelt at this very rock, even so, he has declared this to be the holy stone that Herbert knelt at when he conversed with his god.  When you realize that at least half of the stone was buried in the dirt, it left very little for Herbert to kneel at and rest his arms on or to conveniently use as support for his bible or other materials.  None of that mattered to Flurry though, he dug it up and transported it all the way to Edmund, Oklahoma, where it was originally enshrined in an outdoor garden.

The myths that Flurry has created around this dirty rock is mind-boggling at the sheer stupidity that has evolved around it.

Here is what was said earlier this year in regards to this holy rock:

Herbert at his rock
Not long ago, Pastor General Gerald Flurry revealed exciting revelation about Herbert W. Armstrong’s prayer rock. God built up the Philadelphia era of His Church through the prayers of Mr. Armstrong. That rock represents the beginning of the great Elijah work, which we continue today. It shows the mind-boggling success that comes from a fervent prayer life!
The Autobiography of Herbert W. Armstrong mentions prayer about 240 times—an average of once every three to four pages! That book gives many examples and lessons on how to pray. Mr. Armstrong knew how to get an answer every time he prayed. What power! His formula for prayer was tremendously successful. You can have that kind of success too—if you follow that formula. 
“But if small, it started with a burst of energy and inspiration. First, it started with intensive and earnest private prayer. To the rear of the Fisher farm home was a fair-sized hill. Running over this hilltop for exercise I discovered a rock about 14 inches high. It was in a secluded spot. It came to mind how Jesus had dismissed the multitudes, and gone up into a mountain ‘apart’ to pray—alone with God. I dropped to my knees before this rock, which seemed just the right height to kneel before, and began praying earnestly for the success of the meetings. It became sort of a daily pilgrimage, during my stay at Fishers’, to this, which became my ‘prayer rock.’ I’m sure that I drank in much energy, spiritual strength and inspiration at that prayer rock.” 
That was the beginning of God’s Work—and it started with these prayers at the prayer rock!
Here we see an important part of the formula: This was “intensive and earnest” prayer. It wasn’t routine, drowsy, mumbly, careless, apathetic prayer. Mr. Armstrong put his heart into it! He was sincerely determined to get through to God! 
In 1930, before those “prayer-rock prayers” that changed world history, Mr. Armstrong faced the most serious situation of his life to that point. God used this to begin teaching him how to pray through his trials and tests. It all started at a rock
That is mild as to what Gerald Flurry also claims about this rock.  In their vainglorious idea that they were going to head off to Scotland and gain possession of The Stone of Scone, which they believe Scotland will willfully give to them when the times of trial start, they bought a mansion in England to allow closer access to the stone and to Hill Tara where they expect to dig up the Ark of the Covenant where they believe Jeremiah buried it when he took his daughters of a trip to Ireland many centuries earlier.

That vision apparently hit a big snag when Scotland did not willfully hand it over to them.  this set Gerald Flurry's mind into a tailspin.  What was he to do? Never fear, the holy stone of Herb called out his name.  This holy stone was also a symbol of royalty.  This would be the new stone that Christ would return to when he is crowned King of Kings. Philadelphia Church of God members were told that they are royalty by the very fact they are PCG members.
If you are part of God’s Church, then you are royalty. This is a biblical fact. The Church is called a royal priesthood (1 Peter 2:9). Its converted members are called kings and priests (Revelation 1:6; 5:10)—and they are soon to fill those positions in a world-ruling government after Jesus Christ’s return. Even its youth are called “princes in all the earth” (Psalm 45:16), and its daughters are “honorable” princesses (verse 9).
PCG members are being taught to look upon Gerald Flurry as their "king."
For as long as all our teens have been alive, we have taught that the office of God’s end-time apostle and prophet—pastor general of the Philadelphia Church of God—was synonymous with that of a king, based on two verses in Micah (Micah 2:13; 4:9).
Because Gerald is now King, the symbol of authority has now been moved from the Stone of Scone to Herb's prayer rock:
That understanding was taken to a new level in 2017. Throughout the first half of the year, God revealed in message after message from the pastor general that He had moved the symbol of David’s throne—and even the throne itself—to the Philadelphia Church of God. 
The craziness only gets worse:
For this new truth—in addition to proving God’s existence, the validity of His Word, and the location of His one true Church—there are two other major prerequisites. 
The first prerequisite is understanding the spiritual office that Gerald Flurry fills as the pcg’s pastor general. The fruits bear it out to be the office of an apostle—the highest human rank in the true Church of God. Prophecies about God’s end-time Work also show that his office fills that of specific prophet to come on the scene just before the coming of the Messiah. 
With the purchase of the estate in England, this allows Flurry to transport Herb's rock on PCG's new jet and locate it in England when the time of Christ's return is close at hand.  There no longer is a need for the Stone of Scone.
The other prerequisite is understanding the material contained in Herbert W. Armstrong’s book The United States and Britain in Prophecy—proving the United States and Britain to be the modern descendants of biblical Israel. What is significant about this is that it proves how David’s dynasty survived until modern times—being overturned three times (Ezekiel 21:27). These overturns were from Judah to Ireland, then to Scotland, and finally to Britain. Knowing where David’s throne went, and knowing about the symbol of that throne (the stone of destiny, or Jacob’s pillar stone), is vital to understanding the new truth that has recently been revealed to God’s Church.
God’s revelation that Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock was the new stone of destiny had far-reaching consequences—as Mr. Flurry indicated it would in that sermon. As he continued to explain, the stone of destiny had been the object God used to represent the throne of David. Therefore, a new stone also meant a new throne was being established. This was further emphasized in a sermon just 14 days later. Mr. Flurry referenced the prophecy in Hosea 3:4 that foretells Israel being without the throne of David. He went to the verse in Micah 2:13 that shows how God rules His end-time Church through a human king and how that verse is about the Church fleeing to a place of safety just before Christ’s return. God reveals to the Church about this king just before the Church flees to the place of safety. 
Until 2017, the Church supposed that Jacob’s pillar stone would be present in the place of safety in order to establish the throne of David. But new revelation about the new stone of destiny clarified this verse for God’s Church. With the prayer rock as the coronation stone, the apostle’s office would now stand as that of king—not just symbolically or spiritually as a human leader of God’s “kings and priests”—but as the literal king on this new throne of David. 
 Understand: This throne is still the throne “of David,” as it is still occupied by a physical descendant of David: Mr. Flurry’s lineage traces back to an Irish king. Even Herbert W. Armstrong was a descendant of the Davidic house through the line of England’s King Edward I. And this throne is the same throne of David on which Christ will soon sit.
Can Armstrongism get any crazier?  Oh, just wait...

Gerald Flurry will soon the "father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem and to the house of Judah" and would be the "lawgiver."  Please tell me why the COG needs more laws enforced upon it?
As 2017 progressed, God continued to pour out deeper understanding about the various verses and implications of this new revelation in sermons and lectures from the pastor general.  
Most of these messages were written and compiled to be published in one issue of the Royal Visionmagazine, serving as nearly the entirety of the July-August 2017 issue. The issue shows ample scriptural evidence and basic logic regarding this specific end-time revelation about David’s throne.  
One of those passages is found in Isaiah 22, beginning in verse 20, which discusses an end-time Eliakim. For years now, the Church has applied these verses to the office of God’s last-hour apostle, who would be “A father to the inhabitants of Jerusalem, and to the house of Judah” (verse 21), and upon whose shoulder God would lay “the key of the house of David” (verse 22).
Another verse that springs to life is found in Genesis 49. Verse 1 of this chapter shows that what is contained in this passage is prophecy for “the last days.” Verse 10 contains this prophecy about the house of Judah: “The sceptre shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet [meaning, he would be a Jewish descendant], until Shiloh come; and unto him shall the gathering of the people be.” Shiloh refers to Christ, and the verse would be better translated: until He comes to whom it belongs. David’s throne really belongs to Christ. 
This shows conditions just before the time when Christ returns. A man who represents the scepter just before that time would also be a lawgiver. 
As other Bible translations make clear, the two offices—the lawgiver and the one representing the scepter—are combined into one in the last days. This reinforces what Isaiah 16 prophesied about the throne in the place of safety: The one on it would be known for “seeking judgment, and hasting righteousness” (verse 5), which only would be possible if the throne were at last working in conjunction with God’s law. 
 And it gets crazier still:
The new revelation even tied back to a significant period in pcg history. From 1997—2003, the Church was involved in a legal battle over the rights to print Mr. Armstrong’s seminal work Mystery of the Ages, as well as 18 other pieces of literature once published by him. What started that court battle was the pcg’s decision in November 1996 to print Mystery of the Ages
Back to the connection with the court case. Keep in mind that it was in late summer 2002 that Mr. Armstrong’s prayer rock arrived at God’s headquarters campus. That fall, God revealed some new truth about Habakkuk 2:11, which reads: “For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it.” What was revealed was that Habakkuk (which discusses God delivering His people from injustice in the courts) talks about the “beam”—representing the literary centerpiece of the end-time message: Mystery of the Ages. Thus, the Church would win the rights to Mr. Armstrong’s literature—and all litigation did in fact come to an end on the following January 16 in 2003. 
But in 2017, 14 years later, God revealed more about the “stone” in Habakkuk 2:11. Though the “stone” there represents Jesus Christ, He had given His Church a physical symbol—a stone, in fact—that connected to the Church’s fight for Mr. Armstrong’s literature! This further explains the “double wonder” that Habakkuk 1:5 discusses: This new stone, which symbolizes the new throne, is the first wonder of the double wonder—which the pcg acquired in the final year of its court battle. Victory in this legal war gave the pcg Mystery of the Ages—the second wonder of this double wonder.
How in the world can PCG members sit there and listen to this crap and believe it?  What is wrong with them?
That throne is on this Earth today, under the stewardship of God’s true Church. It is David’s throne. Rulership has transferred to a different son of David. 
Christ’s coming and His overtaking of Earth’s throne is fittingly depicted in a prophecy found in Daniel 2. In a dream that depicted the succession of world-ruling kingdoms, Babylon’s King Nebuchadnezzar saw an imposing image. This figure, as the Prophet Daniel explained to Nebuchadnezzar, outlined the empires to rule the age of man. In his dream, Nebuchadnezzar saw the statue destroyed by none other than a stone. The stone represents the King of the Kingdom—Jesus Christ. 
This is the Rock upon which the Church of God was founded. This is the Stone shepherding the pcgtoday. This is the power behind the Work of God’s one true Church. And this is the Stone that becomes a mountain and fills the Earth. This stone and throne represent salvation for the entire world!  Just What Do You Mean … New Throne?
The Church of God is rotten to the core.  Eighty years of abominable doctrines and outright heresies have produced the climate that allows spiritual degenerate men like Gerald Flurry, Dave Pack, Bob Thiel, James Malm and others who willfully bastardize scripture to fit their own sick purposes.  These men are sick and no more speak for God than Herbert Armstrong did.  Great will be the day when these men are dead and buried and the Armstrongite version of the Church of God movement is no more.



Anonymous said...

They should install it in a Kabba and march around it in a circle.

Anonymous said...

"It shows the mind-boggling success that comes from a fervent prayer.."

If only they could find the sacred Flog-Log
It shows the mind-boggling success that comes from fervent masturbation!

Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry is a minister of darkness and deception!

nck said...

Wow descendant to an Irish king.

I know many people (like lovely Cindy Crawford) who are descended from Charlemagne.
Even more people in my circle descended from Dzenghis Khan.

What a way of spinning a descendancy from a suicidal drunkard.

To just smash any hopeful people on this site. Just be assured that this mind boggling nonsense will and is accepted among the membership with great enthusiasm. Although any scientific study will show that it must also cause depression and cognitive dissonance, since living by delusions, without exception, causes stress in confrontation with the realities of life. So this automatically excludes the leadership of such stress and perhaps even stimulates them to come up with even more shit.


nck said...

"How in the world can PCG members sit there and listen to this crap and believe it? What is wrong with them?"

It is the result of inmense "confirmation bias" and huge "emotional" investments these people have made. Al framed within the true evil and betrayal perpetrated upon them by the Tkaches.

And of course there is that "personal responsibility" that at times just requires a person to say and act on a gut feeling of "enough is enough."

The true danger in Flurry's delusion lies in the fact that it is completely unhinged from everything in reality. Especially that it is unhinged from Armstrongism. To even suggests that Flurryism represents HWA and philosophy he espoused (bad OR good) is an impediment to the people trapped in unhinged cults.

People should learn to use the stakes in the bottomless pits they are entrapped in to actually act and make a ladder to climb out of such pit.


Steve D said...

Flurry has the rock and the egret sculpture, but the Catholic Church has The Sandals of Jesus Christ and the Shroud of Turin. Catholic relics were used to attract tourists to raise money. Perhaps this is what Flurry could do when the money flow starts to dry up. Perhaps he can buy a statue of a confederate leader and melt it down and recast it into a statue of HWA. It can show HWA stepping out the Gulfstream Jet, waving to us. Visitors, standing below him, of course, can look up in veneration at him. Then they can walk through the HWA museum and don't forget to stop at the gift shop, in the lobby of the auditorium, to buy puzzles of photos of the auditorium (great for the kids on those trips to the F of T), key chains, and books (don't forget the purple hymnal). Edmond, OK could become a mini F of T site for upper income people. Flurry can then shake them down for money and even give them short rides on the new Gulfstream jet. As Stanley Rader reportedly said when he first visited HWA in Pasadena, "This is a gold mine."

jayrard said...

Just thinking, isn't that rock now an idol?

Anonymous said...

What will happen when Gerald Flurry dies before this new "revelation" comes to fruition? Will PCG be satisfied to accept his son, Steve, replacing him in this prophesied role? Per this scenario, is it Flurry himself, or the "spiritual office that Gerald Flurry fills as the pcg’s pastor general" that is prophesied to be king until Christ comes?

It just seems awfully brazen and silly for them to put this scenario out there when we all know Gerald Flurry is going to die before any of this happens. I would think at his age, and increasing frailty, Flurry is unlikely to last too much longer. What if he dies in the next few months? How will they explain it? More importantly, how accepting of this change to prophesy will the members be? It's a rhetorical question, I know.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Flurry will eventually die. He will not be on a throne. He is a con artist to a bunch of gullible people.

Anonymous said...

6:11 AM, He sits on a throne at least once or twice a day. I even have a throne in my bathroom.

Anonymous said...

This is utter craziness and anyone who goes along with this needs to give their head a wobble.
I would go as far as saying other leaders of the various COG organizations should too speak out about this craziness. But they won't.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday morning I was watching TV and Flurry's Key of David program came on. I watched it for a few minutes. In the intro they showed the egrets, crystal chandelier, etc, before he launched into world events prophecy- 'Herbie style'. It's obvious he tries hard to convince those disaffected by the WCG's demise that he's assumed Herbie's mantel.

The prayer rock would be a fitting headstone for Flurry's grave. It could be sculpted into the shape of a six-pack of Cult-45. Wouldn't that be special?!

Byker Bob said...

Horribly distorted prophecy came to Herpes W. Armstrong as he was doing a Weinstein on Dorothy. Because the prophecies did not and could not ever come to pass, HWA had to work deflections in so that the brethren would not realize that he was a false prophet and leave. As these incest-based prophecies continue to be unfulfilled, we are going to witness all manner of craziness amongst the followers of HWA, whose lives of asceticism and misery have been based on intense belief that they would experience their fulfillment in their lifetimes.

This Flurry thing is probably even tame compared to what other "leaders" will do when they finally realize that they are going to die without HWA's long "delayed" apocalypse ever kicking in. They should have based their lives on the gospels and writings of Paul rather than on esoteric interpretations of the works of St. John the Revelator.


Porcelain Throne Flurry said...

Gerald "Flushed" Flurry, David "I Hate Everybody" Pack & Gerald "I'm Better Than You" Weston are all liars and their cults will fall away into nothing leaving behind members who will look back and realize they wasted their lives on those knuckle-heads!

nck said...

Commenters here know so little about Armstrongism that they call the swans egrets.

I'm really annoyed by those criticizing the cherry picking armstrongists while at the same time nudging others into cherry picking from the bible, as if there is a core or summary in said book.


nck said...

The weazel Tkach is golfing from the proceeds of the 3 milion dollar copyrights sale to this cult, so that the delusionist was able to amend the text about prophets in the end time, contrary to HWA's teaching and graft his own phantasies under the guise of religion.


Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry got stoned too many times in his beer-guzzling days.

Now, Gerald Flurry just has rocks in his head.

Drunks are known to babble nonsense.

Most PCG members are just there for the sexual immorality, and don't care what nonsense Gerald Flurry makes up.

Anonymous said...

So, if a child molester prays near a rock, that makes it holy? Who knew?

Anonymous said...


Philadelphia Church of Fraud

Gerald R. Flurry bought the copyrights to 19 writings from the Worldwide Church of God under the apostate Tkaches, including Herbert W. Armstrong's last book called Mystery of the Ages. This supposedly proved that GRF was HWA's true successor. Then, Gerald Flurry edited and changed HWA's writings so they would not expose GRF's serious doctrinal changes. It was like the Devil selling the copyrights to Satan. The dark side was always in control of the copyrights after the death of HWA in January 1986. Thousands of people who did not go along with the Tkaches' great apostasy of January 1995 and its massive doctrinal changes did go along with Gerald Flurry's massive doctrinal changes and perverting of everything that HWA had taught.

The apostle Paul's double curse for perverting the true gospel of the kingdom of God by replacing it with a “new commission” to cause division among the COG people, plus the curse in the biblical book of Malachi for turning the hearts of the fathers and the children against each other, is coming down heavily on the irresponsible, unfaithful, sexually immoral, self-righteous ignoramuses in the PCG.

Restored Church of Greed

David C. Pack was too late and too poor to buy the copyrights to Herbert W. Armstrong's writings from the Worldwide Church of God, so David Pack claimed that he was not foolish enough and wasteful enough to do that. (If David Pack had been able to do that, he would have claimed that it proved that he was HWA's true successor.) So, David Pack tried to re-write all the old Worldwide Church of God literature in his own words. This supposedly proved that DCP was HWA's true successor. Then, David Pack began to make serious doctrinal changes, and actually deleted some of his own books that he had written so they would not expose his new and massive doctrinal changes.

Granted, David Pack was more cunning and deceitful than most could imagine. Being unable to tell a true servant of God from a demoniac like psycho Dave Pack is leading many RCG scam victims to complete and utter destitution. Having lost all their worldly goods to the RCG scam, some victims pathetically seem to think that they might as well go along with all of Dave's massive new lies now and lose any spiritual goods that they ever had as well. With their money and possessions all gone, some RCG destitutes now think that having integrity and courage, and standing up for the truth from the past, no longer matter.

Continued below...

Anonymous said...

...continued from above.

Lying Fiction Cult

Ronald E. Weinland was too lazy and useless to do anything even resembling work, so he went straight to play writing prophetic fantasy fiction books. Ronald Weinland does try to imitate Herbert W. Armstrong in his own very small way by doing a relatively small amount of travelling, shopping, and dining out.

Some silly women might like all the daydreaming and fantasizing in Ronald Weinland's family play cult. They could even be Ronald's pen-pal while he was in prison. And the prison part was actually true, unlike all the other cult stories.

African Demon Cult

Robert J. Thiel was mentally challenged, had delusions of grandeur, and began to think of himself in terms that were “not realistic.” While trying to start his own money cult business, Bumbling Bob got outwitted and basically taken over by more experienced scammers from the country of Nigeria on the continent of Africa. Bob Thiel had foolishly thought that the pagans had little bits of prophetic truth revealed to them by the demons, and he was determined to waste his life chasing after them.

Of course, the idea of looking to demons and pagans for truth is the exact, diametrical opposite of what Herbert W. Armstrong had taught. But then, what do any of the current false prophets have to do with anything that HWA had taught?

RSK said...

I dont know how Flurry has followers when this kind of nonsense is being spouted. What's left of the PCG membership must have a very low IQ, or at least have willingly traded it for fanaticism.

nck said...


I recommend the work of Kahneman and Tversky on the workings of our psyche.
We may be in the same trappings although perhaps on a different scale.


Anonymous said...

Gerald Flurry is almost as kooky as the mainstream media lie machine. If you listen to them you are still controlled by a cult that brags of their control of your mind, your media, your culture, your government, and your universities. I suspect herbie was in bed with the same cult, and used by them as well. He was openly known to be very close to these people and visited them often and knew some of their leaders personally.

Anonymous said...

HEY!! This is Gerry!! You all fall down and worship me RIGHT NOW!! Or else I will call down ROCKS on your heads! I've already prayed over them too! Is this any way to receive the Apostle and Profit--I mean Prophet? You get on your knees and repent of your rebellion RIGHT NOW!

Anonymous said...

I bet herb just made up the story of the prayer rock, like the other stories in his autobiography, which nobody can ever prove but which Flurry takes as the gospel. I thought GTA said half of it was made up. Regardless, there is no proof there ever was a prayer rock or if Flurry got the right rock.

Glenn said...

Whatever remnant of sanity Gerald may have had just floated out of his ears with this stupid, stupid announcement. Everyone left in his organization must be completely crazy.

Anonymous said...

Glenn on November 27, 2017 at 1:25 AM said...“Whatever remnant of sanity Gerald may have had just floated out of his ears with this stupid, stupid announcement. Everyone left in his organization must be completely crazy.”

Many old people in the PCG were completely crazy--completely SEX CRAZY! Many old sex maniacs, sex perverts, and predators went to the PCG for their own selfish and immoral reasons. They did not seem to know or care what evil “new revelation” noise Gerald Flurry made droning on in the background as long as they got what they wanted and were really there for.

Gerald Flurry whined that no WCG ministers had gone with his PCG, so he set up all sorts of arrogant, abusive, power-hungry scum as local leaders. They got to pass off their own satanic abuse as the government of God. The PCG was a predator's paradise, and that is why such people liked it. Those who were utterly unfit to be in any leadership position whatsoever suddenly got to pass themselves off as ministers.

Sylvia said...

None of you know what you're talking about. By their fruits you shall know them. You're all full of hate. That's not of God. Check yourselves.

Anonymous said...

None of you know what you're talking about. By their fruits you shall know them. You're all full of hate. That's not of God. Check yourselves.