Monday, December 11, 2017

COG Numerologist Still Claiming HWA and GTA to Rise Again To Prophesy To The Nations and Kings

The world reacts to Herbert Armstrong's second coming.

For the people who think the Church of God produced sound theology and theologically educated members, this is for you:

Divine Arithmetic

If Herbert W Armstrong is who he said he is:
the endtime Elijah who restores all things;
the Zerubbabel who finishes what he starts;
the Philadelphia apostle sent to the 6th Church Era
--since there are only 7 such messengers,
and the last two are the Two Witnesses--
then HWA must "rise" to again prophesy,
to many nations and kings.
And surely be aided to garner many disciples, 
with revived 'Joshua' GTA, 
mercifully granted the opportunity
to set an example of repentance to all Laodiceans.

Only God can predict and bring about such an outcome.
All self-proclaimed 'Elijahs' and psudeo-'Two-Witnesses' are in for a shock.

Geoff Neilson
Cape Town
Dec 2017
This is just as stupid as Dave Pack saying that the first person to be resurrected by Jesus Christ will be Herbert Armstrong:
Mr. Armstrong literally will have the honor of being the first human being, at the end of the age, to be resurrected from the dead. Now, there have been other people resurrected in different ages, but I’m talking about resurrected from the dead to go on within Christ’s government to a position of enormous authority. I just find that easy to understand. 


Anonymous said...

ole Geoff was a regular contributor to the Journal in the letters dept.

he always made the math work.....

haven't heard much of him in a while...glad to know he's doing well.

I served Bob Thiel pork while in LCG said...

Geoff has made so many outrageous claims over the years that he has made a fool of himself, just like Bob Thiel. Two of a kind. Both liars.

Connie Schmidt said...

It appears that the "NEILSON RATINGS" coming from Geoff are not very accurate!

Anonymous said...

These ministers aren't truly honouring Herb when they put him on a pedestal, it's his lies and compromising with Gods laws that they are exalting. They love the tyranny and oppression that he unleashed on church members. Herb was a Stalin with religious window dressing. To this day, his ministers are little Stalins. Such is church culture.
Christ's instruction to not lord it over members like the gentiles do, is metaphorically spat on.

PS BB, why call my Adolf?

Dennis Diehl said...

"I just find that easy to understand"

The mentally ill always do

Sweetblood777 said...

If this were to happen, it would indeed be a mind boggling miracle.

Scripturally though, if there is to be a special person first to be resurrected, it would be King David, and certainly not Kim Jong Un Pack.

I have my doubts whether HWA would even be in the kingdom. His demonic deceit continued to the day of his death, and even though he had the opportunity to sue the author of 'HWAs Tangled Web' which speaks about his incest of over 10 years with Dorthy, he never said a word. To me, this was a red flag that he was indeed guilty of this act.

We have no idea of whom will eventually be revealed as the two witnesses. If the pass examples of choosing prophets is any indicator, it will not be any minister of any of the cogs. The two witnesses will kill many people and most today do not have the stomach for that. At the speed that prophecy seems to take, most of us are not going to be around anyway.

Gordon Feil said...

What arithmetic?

True Bread said...

Impossible.....I'm Zerubbabel....!!!

I Hate Valentines Day said...


Retired Prof said...

True Bread, your 1:52 comment suggests why you chose that monicker. You have a rye sense of humor.

DennisCDiehl said...

Personally, I'm sticking with being Spartacus because it is easier to spell and I want to look on the bright side of life.....

Byker Bob said...

The ACOGs are a veritable Rappaccini's Garden. They build up a tolerance to poison in their members so that the members can no longer recognize it as such, and believe that everyone outside of their group is poison. It's one of the factors that could make people idolize Hitler.


nck said...

Since I am here to teach you are to adress me as MR E. Babble On.

About idolizing Hitler. Of the about 1000 movies made in "Germanies" Holylwood" only a handful dealt with labeling others poisonous or were meant to frighten. Most movies served escapism and presented an idealized view of things. In one movie about a young socialist boy choosing for Hjugend the opposing german communist youth groups were portrayed as misguided but not as poisonous. A shame the allies banned these movies for serious study. But as with a lot of material banned by the allies much of it came way too close to our own culture and human experience. Therefore it was branded anathema and evil, since it came so close to "normalcy".


Byker Bob said...

Just as there is confusion with Zerrubbabel, there is suddenly confusion over Adolf. Posters are wondering if they are Adolf, or calling people who are not Adolf "Adolf". For the record, Adolf is the anonymous racist and anti-semite who lauds Hitler, and cites white suppremacy "authorities" like Kevin McDonald in his posts, or praises the "it's alright to be white" movement. There is no confusion. John is not Adolf, and neither is Steve D (they've both been called that, possibly by Adolf himself, but we can't know that for sure because Adolf always posts as "Anonymous".)

It's good and right to assign screen names like "Mr. Evilution" and "Adolf" to help shed some light on some of the more bizarre fruits of Armstrongism, for the benefit of those who wish to move forward.


Anonymous said...

It's justice to restrict your Adolf label to a specific comment rather than loosely throwing it around.

What About The Truth said...

This is just as stupid as Dave Pack saying that the first person to be resurrected by Jesus Christ will be Herbert Armstrong:

The story of how Mr. Pack came to this conclusion is far more enlightening than his conclusion of it happening. It started with Mr. Pack and a few of his well trained men heading to Jerusalem to build the prophesied third temple. He would accomplish this by compelling all the Jews the world over to bring him all their riches (Billions) for the funding of it. He would supervise the complete build himself. The appointed governor - a Zerubbabel type would be none other than Benjamin Netanyahu. Jesus Christ would sit in the back of the temple unseen the whole time period even through the Antichrist sitting just in front of him when his time comes to sit in the temple. As a few months went by, he had to make a few "little" tweaks to the story. Now, he wouldn't be building the temple and Jesus himself would be coming to the true temple which is located in Wadsworth, Ohio residing in a column of fire. HWA would not be resurrested until Christ repositioned himself in Jerusalem residing in a angelic built temple. HWA would be the governor (Zerubbabel) of Judah. Again, after a period of weeks the story had to get a few more very "little" tweaks. Now HWA would be resurrected when Christ first comes to Wadsworth and will head the gentile gospel portion of the great work while Mr. Pack and the Son of Man will go to the all the House of Israel. After a number of weeks, the story had to get just some more very minor little tweaks. Now it goes something like this............ - well, you can just read it all in your own bible.