Saturday, December 16, 2017

Gerald Weston on Yoga

Video update to the yoga comments instead of the entire mind numbing sermon

"This is something the church should not legislate on..."   but...

God Weston makes it quite clear on what LCG members should do concerning Yoga.  While he does not explicitly say what to do, the implications are very clear.


nck said...

What an uplifting, hope filled, broad minded, universal mind speaker this person is.
Surely comprehending the magnitude of creating the complex universe and its manifestations, the intricacies of the human character, mans aspirations and hopes. Surely prepared to bear the responsibilities of ruling the motion of many universes and be delegated the powers of creativity and creation. To rule matter and energy.

Yeah, go attack slim women trying to combine many tasks in a complex world through body movement like yoga or men with beards trying to get a grip on the now!

Get a grip Gerald!


nck said...

Actually he is right about "asking the correct questions."

It is ok to do yoga is indeed a stupid question.

One should ask. Is is harmful in any way to me or others and does the practice of it impede my relationship to God(s)?

St Francis of Assisi greated "brother sparrow". Others might feel to greet the sun in the morning.


Byker Bob said...

I knew I was in trouble the minute I checked the running time of the video and saw that it ran for over an hour. Jerry didn't get around to yoga during the first three minutes, and I wasn't going to allow any of the zombies to waste over an hour of my time, which is always especially limited and precious during the 4th quarter of the business year.

I wonder why ACOG ministers somehow always have some pronouncement on every little bit of minutiae? When it comes right down to it, the ability to consider facts and to make decisions is not permitted for ACOG members. All is legislated from the top down, and not by God, but by men claiming not only to speak for God, but to have His authority.

Yoga has been proven to be effective and beneficial in keeping aging bodies fluid and functional. I personally do not practice it, so have no dog in this fight. But, there are those who would probably insist that it came from Nimrod or the Babylonians, and that therefore Christians ought not to indulge in it, despite its benefits and the fact that it is not used to worship pagan gods or demons today. Ah well, since the majority of the general population no longer smokes, I suppose these guys need to continually find other evils to attack.


Anonymous said...

I suppose LCG members should not use the number 0 when doing math, as doing so will expose them to unhealthy influences from Hinduism and Islam.

David Rickman said...

Geraldine Weston is weird.

Anonymous said...

What a hypocrite! Weston knows that some of his top LCG staff are big fans of chiropractic treatments, which were originated in the 19th century by D.D. Palmer, who called his practice "a religion" involving the movement of spirit forces through the human body, and said that he got "from the other world" his ideas for chiropractic treatment.

Palmer's Religion of Chiropractic

If it's OK to make a non-religion out of Palmer's chiropractic religion, which many at LCG HQ have done for years, why is it NOT OK to do the same with yoga?

Hoss said...

Getting as close to the line or cliff edge as possible summarizes my impression of members' attitudes when I was in the WCG...

Connie Schmidt said...

Thiel, Weston, Weinland, Pack and Flurry should indeed practice Yoga and learn to view and contemplate their own BELLY BUTTONS!

DennisCDiehl said...

In my first sermon in Greenville, where I replaced Gerald , I mentioned I had my belts in Karate, up to Third Degree Brown Belt. (Got transferred to SC before I could finish the Black Belt which, while my Japanese teacher said I had the attitude for but not the experience) I noticed kids turning to their parents bug eyed and later learned that Gerald had forbidden or spoken against taking Karate probably for the very same reasons as yoga etc. Now I tell them it's no biggy and probably good for the kids. LOL

The students of Bob Jones University protested outside the Karate studio I went to just across the street from the College as being a pagan religion in disguise.

When in Ohio, I got a frantic call from a mom who said her daughter was being sent home from school until the principle could ascertain if the girl was in a religious cult. I called him to ask what (the Hell) that was all about? He said he was concerned because she spoke of having to leave school for "Suzuki Lessons", which of course were at the time a method of teaching violin and piano. When I informed him of this, he said..."Oh, nevermind then" in the tradition of Rosanna Rosanna Danna...

Byker Bob said...

There's probably some justifiable fear within Armstrongism that kids would study martial arts so that they could defend themselves against their parents who practice the child-beating principles. Obviously, teenage proficiency with firearms would be regarded in much the same way.

There is in fact a lot more that is taught by the masters other than sequences of kicks and punches. Self-restraint is taught, channeling of anger, respect, and human dignity. Honor. I can't imagine why professing Christians would object to the instilling of such values, other than the possibility that a student might switch focus, and behave in a certain way not because "Mr. Armstrong said...", but because "Master Lee taught me...." That is simply unacceptable in an Armstrong world, where one is compelled to single-source.

Others have observed that Jerry Weston was a logical pick as successor for RCM because he, too, is all about control. He may be more eloquent and polished in expressing it than old Rod, but his illegal evaluators are correct. He is all about legalism and control. Not a step in a positive direction for the movement.


Helen Wheels said...

I like how it is that from HWA on down, with that "hire the chauffeur that drives away from the cliff" story, from anti-holidays, anti-makeup anti-football and anti-everything else that someone could come up with some way to tarnish, to this Gerald Weston sermon, Armstrongism has always taught its membership to be afraid of the line, because the line is a cliff, and if you step over it, you don't get any more chances.

But the thing that makes me "curious," is the tales of David, who displayed the exact opposite approach and attitude, and yet was called, "a man after god's own heart," and in the NT, it even says the spirit of god is not one of fear...

But I guess it only makes it harder to take advantage of people if you don't teach them to be fearful, submissive sheep, so its better for the ministers to cherrypick the fearmongering parts of the bible and concentrate on preaching that.

Anonymous said...

Typical Armstrongite/Meredithite tool. Everything is satanic and evil. While I have no interest in yoga, I know people who have had serious back issues that are now walking free with no pain at all. When will these men ever shut up and deal with Jesus instead of thousands of esoterical comments directed at a select few who deep down could care less.

Steve D said...

I think it is the arrogance in these leaders who think they have to have an expert opinion on everything. I also think that they are intellectual cowards. Sure, they can preach to their group on this or that subject. But, could you imagine if they sat down with a really well educated person on any of these subjects and discussed their views with them? Imagine RCM sitting down with Norman Geisler or Walter Martin to discuss some of the unorthodox teachings of the WCG. WCG members in the audience would come away thinking that their guy did great in the debate. Anyone with an objective assessment would think that Geisler and Martin wiped the floor with these intellectual lightweights who cherry pick passages, take them out of context and twist the Scriptures to make them appear to say what they do not say. As long as the WCG leaders stay in their tiny bubble and are not challenged, they can sound educated.

Byker Bob said...

What you suggest, Steve, actually happened. Garner Ted participated in some of the John Ankerberg debates. The results were as you predicted that they would be.

Years ago, on another forum, we watched Jared Olar simply dismantle Bob Thiel's defense of "True History of the True Church", but of course Bob has continued to spout the same silly nonsense without batting an eye.

Belief is a funny thing that way. People almost apply it in an "If you build it, they will come" or clicking your heels and repeating "There is no place like home" sort of way. You hear phrases like "loyal to a philosophy". There aren't a heck of a lot of real seekers of truth.


Anonymous said...

David Icke is more accurate than either Weston, Theil, Malm or BB.

Byker Bob said...

Fortunately, Adolf, nobody values your opinions! Woo Woo! Outa' Tinfoil?


nck said...

Is it not so that the Lords, Rama, Shiva and others are mentioned in the List of Heroes in Genesis?

Not that it signals an endorsement of Yoga but at least the ancient mesopotamian scribes must have had a copy of the Baghavad Gita and be familiar with the philosophies of their neighboring cultures.

The ascent of man, agriculture, trade, cities, the exchange of philosophy, East influencing the Roman empire through Xenobia. In the Sri Lanka national museum Roman coins are
on display.

It cannot be the ultimate purpose of the almighty to strike down the hipster yoga community through a claim that Jesus was not brought up just miles from the principal trade route of the Eastern part of the empire, where his father was an architect (on the level and the square). Of course the Jerusalem temple priests were struck by the wisdom of that kid from the "countryside" speaking about purpose and fulfillment. Young Jesus must have observed with wonderment that incredible stream of consciousness passing by his young mind on a daily basis moving north south, east west trading goods and ideas.


Anonymous said...

The uneducated and the desperate resort to the bandwagon fallacy.

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons why I left LCG was that I got tired of all of the "experts". No matter what the subject there was always an "expert" putting their uneducated opinion on the matter. This one upping, I'm smarter than you mentality really got on my nerves. It was rampant, not limited to the ministry or even the men. Not saying everyone had this attitude but almost every conversation had at least one person butting in with a serious superiority complex. Where's the humbleness? Where's the meekness? Not in LCG that's for sure.

Anonymous said...

My experience during the 1970s was one of members constantly going over the line. Any excuse or pretext, and off they went.
The ten commandments were viewed as the ten suggestions.

Anonymous said...

I Watched the video and thought he had a good approach. People are just trying to find fault will the churches of God. Remember satin is the accuser of the brethren.

Anonymous said...

Remember satin is the accuser of the brethren.

Satin may be the accuser of the brethren, but cotton-polyester blends are a sin. (Deuteronomy 22:11)

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons why I left LCG was that I got tired of all of the "experts". No matter what the subject there was always an "expert" putting their uneducated opinion on the matter.

Just take a look at the Tomorrow's World website. Most of their "expertise" could be had by reading Breitbart or World Net Daily, but even the Breitbart and World Net Daily aren't as ignorant as the Tomorrow's World writers.

However, I would say that it's good that they are so quick to share their bogus "expertise." When you see how ignorant they are in understanding world affairs, it's easy to see that they shouldn't be trusted about much more complex and important matters of Bible prophecy and doctrine.

Anonymous said...

Where have you been, Anon 4:02?
Breitbart and World Net Daily are already the go-to places for Gerald Flurry and some of the other splinters. They especially cite World Net Daily in their articles. Don't you take advantage of all Redfox's research over at Living Armstrongism? He's been lambasting them for getting all their opinions from those hard-right sources for months now. Mark Armstrong is another one. You'd think he was Steve Bannon's son instead of GTA's

nck said...

"Satin may be the accuser of the brethren, but cotton-polyester blends are a sin. (Deuteronomy 22:11)"

That is a hilarious comment in relation to those who were there in the seventies.

I agree somewhat with the anonymous that in a way the speaker is admonishing people to think for themselves instead of being laid out the law yota by yota.
It is still not a Fontainebleau or MIT management leadership course but he is trying, I can see that.

I am being confronted with this at present where some of my kin are refusing to take medicine (for minor but potentially dangerous injury) while non in the church ministry are advising them directy in that direction. It is just 50 years of biased teaching that leads them to "think for themselves in this way."

I was making some fun on the yoga and I see he cuts some slack if people mmight decide the yoga movements are helpful for their back problems or something. It is just his reasoning "for having been to one session and it wasn't for me .........AAAAAND BY THE WAY DO YOU RESEARCH on its demonic origins blah blah blah........)

Also the Hairraising 70 year old argument about birthdays and the beheading of John the Baptist comes up. Man please. When I was young and my enlightened mother let me go to my friends birthdays NONE OF THE KIDS BEHEADED EACH OTHER, although they might have liked that on occasion.

PUHLEASE those black suits in the syrian deserts. Are they celebrating birthdays of the slain journalists and aid workers??

I agree. Keep it simple. Acknowledge your kid's day of birth. Stop it at age 10 for my part. But don't draw John the Baptist in the discussion with a head on a platter.

My pastor used to make a little fun of the "health food people in the congregation a little. Of organic being healthy he stated that cobra poison was organic too.

He also said that the bible says that the weak and downtrodden (or something like that) were chosen.....but that it no where said that it was to remain that way.......


Anonymous said...

Gerald sounds so incredible ignorant.

What in the world would make him think that yoga was a sermon topic?!?

The point of pastoring is to equip members with knowledge of scripture. After that, if they've done a good job teaching, the members should be trusted to use that knowledge to make good decisions and live Christian lives.

LCG ministry must know that they are epic failures in this regard and therefor feel they need to micromanage ever nook and cranny of their members lives.


They look foolish and trite.

Anonymous said...

Doug and Scott Winnail both have some kind of advanced health science degrees from (real) universities. Jeff Fall has actually been to med school.

I'm sure they had to take anatomy and physiology. I'm sure they know how excellent yoga is for strength, flexibility, stress management and pain management.

But yet, they sit in silence and listen to Gerald ramble on about the detriments of yoga like a fool.

How do they do it? Is it the paycheck that comforts them? The power? The control? The fear?

One things for sure, they've sold their integrity and intellect for fools gold. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure they know how excellent yoga is for strength, flexibility, stress management and pain management.

That's not Gerald's point. To Gerald, what good is mortal pain management if as a result you must undergo the pain of the Lake of Fire?

Anonymous said...

Wow, this guy gets really worked up about men wearing necklaces and having hats on backwards. He sounds like those ultra orthodox jews he was ragging on early in the video.

Anonymous said...

It is well known that Jerry also believes you shouldn’t have sex on the Sabbath. This man clearly doesn’t get the “do not add too or take away from scripture “ command.

Rules, judgement and punishment are his life!

Anonymous said...

I actually saw how he constantly derided a young man for wearing hats inside the house, actually took some from him and refused to give them back.

Ironically, he was the son of the associate pastor under GW, and his wife was often in tears over the way their son was treated.

I saw plenty of what he did to kids, my own included. He drove my “perfectly fit the mold of the ideal AC student” child out of the church through his over controlling of every aspect of the youth in our area.

Tragically, GW sees himself as a young person advocate since he was involved with SEP and other camps over the years, but was really clueless having no children of his own to know a cookie cutter approach just doesn’t work on every child.

the Ocelot said...

Like Elvis once sang,"Yoga is as Yoga Does". Or in this case Stupid is as Stupid Doers

Anonymous said...

GW sees himself as a young person advocate since he was involved with SEP

Even Rod Meredith felt he had to remove GEW from LCG youth programs. Too many "good kids" were becoming discouraged by Weston's harsh approach, even while Weston very politically looked the other way when ministerial kids broke the rules.