Friday, January 26, 2018

Celebrity Chef Tony Brown of Spokane Is Former COG Member

Inside Eyvind, the next project from Ruins' chef-owner Tony Brown 

A feel good story for the day!

"The idea of a celebrity chef, I think, is completely ridiculous," Brown says, laughing at the cheffy hashtag #truecooks and the associated (though totally impractical) line of apparel. "That stuff to me is just bullshit. ... Maybe I'm selling myself short, but my job is to cook for people, and they give me money."
His no-bullshit perspective has been shaped by an unusual journey to this point. Born in Eugene, Oregon, he was raised inside the conservative Worldwide Church of God, described by some as a "doomsday cult," and he left home at 15 (after his family had moved to Spokane). He dropped out of high school a year later, got his GED, started at Spokane Falls Community College and found himself working in kitchens. He later got married and moved to Chicago, where he continued cooking and studied architecture at the Illinois Institute of Technology. They had a daughter, moved back home to Spokane and promptly got divorced, Brown says.
It is always great to read these stories considering the church used to preach from the pulpit that anyone who left the church would never be successful in life.  God would remove his blessing from them and they would be forever punished for their bad decision.

Read the entire story here:  Inside Eyvind, the next project from Ruins' chef-owner Tony Brown

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Anonymous said...

I guess it depends on your definition of success. Certainly his marriage wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Great story! I wish him the best.

Just ignore little Debbie downer above. The troll doesn't like him getting a divorce but will slobber all over HWA who also was divorced. Herbie still can do no wrong.

Anonymous said...

he sounds like the rebellious type....gotta do it my way.

leave home before being able to provide for himself, dropping out of school, but going for the GED....marry, have a child, divorce..

so now there is a little girl growing up in a broken home.

yeah, he's quite the success....

he might make a lot of money, but that is temporary....

he will die one day, and all he'll have to show for his life is a lot of material things, none of which will matter.

but, that IS the way of the world.

Connie Schmidt said...

For those that are curious, yes, he does have pork on the menu...

Anonymous said...

You couldn't possibly know me that well based on my one statement above. HWA also failed in his marriage. As well as many many other things. We all see what we want to see don't we.

Retired Prof said...

7:45, growing up in a broken home is not a complete disaster. Later on that little girl will have the same advantage I did. Whenever I mess up, I take advantage of the excuse, "It's not my fault. I grew up in a broken home."

Anonymous said...

okay, so you think ur example is typical? for your one example of success i can name several example of failure...#statistics101

c f ben yochanan

Byker Bob said...

Like HWA, 7:45. Isn’t it strange how so many people who were attracted to WCG ended up fitting the description of their idol?


Anonymous said...

' many people who were attracted to WCG ended up fitting the description of their idol?"

and therein lies the problem BB....people that are followers of a man are destined to fail.

so many churches hold up HWA as the final authority on everything....I heard a minister say once that he didn't need the bible because he had HWA's writings on everything...pure idolatry.....had he not left the group, we would have.