Thursday, January 25, 2018

I Have To Admit Self-Appointed COG Prophet Is Now A Legitimate Church Prophet

There is one true qualifier of a legitimate Church of God prophet and that it is breaking up families.   This has been especially true of all of the latest COG prophets/apostles/church leaders. All latter-day COG prophets have this one thing in common.

Almost-arrested, but not arrested, Elijah, Amos, Habbakuk Thiel is now in that same category.  He is breaking up families in Africa now.
With the 2 hours of our meeting in Mulozowa’s home, I touched Many subjects and true repentance. One of the attendees decided the next Day not to go for her baptism. Plus another girl was still young but she wanted to be baptized. I did counseling to  her and she noticed the real meaning of baptism and its importance. Since she was still school girl, she decided to wait and not to be baptized at this moment. This girl is a wonderful girl. Her parents did not want her to keep sabbath while the whole family are keeping Sunday. So they chased her out of their home if she has decided to join Continuing Church of God. But the girl accepted our teachings and moved out of their home simply because she wanted to follow the truth. So this girl is now in Mulozowa’s home. I am still thinking how we can assist this girl and if there is a way how we can assist her to continue with her school will be great.


James said...

Unbelievable. He repeats the same mistakes as the wcg and that other cult thiel belonged to.
Driving the children away from their parents. What's that scripture say?

He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents; or else I will come and strike the land with total destruction."-Malachi 4:6

Thiel is doing the opposite!

Anonymous said...

Thiel has to be dumber than a 2x4. These people are conning him out of money and he is falling for it. Now they expect him to pay for her education just because she is joining CCOG?

Gordon Feil said...

To be fair, this isn't Thiel breaking up a family. This is the girl's parents kicking her out. They don't have to do that m

Gordon Feil said...

To be fair, this isn't Thiel breaking up a family. This is the girl's parents kicking her out. They don't have to do that.

Anonymous said...


To be fair, if the girl had not been sucked into the lies of Bob Thiel, then she would still be at home.

Anonymous said...

This little girl is in Malawi, now staying in the CCOG minister's home?

Bwana Bob should do some research. He will find that the government of Malawi provides free primary education, and provides inexpensive secondary education for as little as USD $30. The cost of education is far less of a problem than simply gaining access to the insufficient number of schools. Only around 40 percent of girls in Malawi have some secondary education. Only 1 percent finish college. One might reasonably suggest that a Sabbath-keeping church should preach the Gospel and welcome people of every level of education, rather than follow the CCOG's example and pay for some members to gain secular education while leaving others to pay for their education on their own.

How much would you like to bet that the CCOG "pastor" in Malawi needs to get a laptop computer for this girl, and maybe even a car to take her to and from school?

Anonymous said...

Butthurt Bob isn't very Internet-savvy.

Radson Mulozawa in Malawi has been a CCOG pastor since early 2017, if not earlier. Well, let's search online for Radson Mulozawa in Malawi.

His LinkedIn as of today lists him as with "Tabernacle Christian Church":
Radson Mulozowa on LinkedIn

In January 2017 he reached out on Facebook to Alcott Ministries:
Alcott Ministries

He doesn't have a long Sabbath-keeping history; in October 2015 he was interested in "Rebuilders' Tabernacle"
Rebuilders' Tabernacle

Wouldn't it be interesting to find out how many churches have Pastor Mulozawa as their pastor?

DennisCDiehl said...

There's enough scripture in the NT spoken by Gospel Jesus and Paul to justify all the leave your family, father, mother or mate and follow "the truth" for everyone's church needs.

Anonymous said...

How common is the name "Evans Ochieng" in Kenya? Someone named Evans Ochieng wrote this piece for Infinite Fellowship Ministries toward the end of 2017:

Divine Engineering - Access Point of Spiritual Technology

Maybe "Evans Ochieng" is the "John Smith" of Kenya. Or maybe Butthurt Bwana Bob is being played. Interesting.

Hoss said...

The extract of Evans Ochieng's letter appears in Bob's weekly letter. I didn't notice any consoling words from Pastor Bob regarding the plight of the young girl.
As Dennis noted, the Gospels and Epistles contain scriptures relating to the friction that can be caused in such instances. The "homebreaking" here differs from the reports of COG-engineered breakups that result from such as "unapproved" marriages and PCG's "no contact" policy.
In my own case, after I started counseling with WCG ministers, I left home at a convenient time to avoid the anticipated domestic problems in joining the WCG.

Connie Schmidt said...

Surely Bob needs to ask for a Jet Plane so he can better serve these remote African brethren better.

Byker Bob said...

Wasn’t this Evans Ocheing dude some prominent elder over there in Africa who administered “laying on of hands” on Bob, adding authority to his ordination as a prophet?

As for the young girl, Armstrongism always tries to make paradigms out of one-time occurrences that they lift from context in their “here is a precept, there is a precept, everywhere a precept, precept precept, Old man Armstrong had a farm, e i e i o” manner of Bible study.


Anonymous said...

1) How old is this girl? Does any one know?

2) Thiel probably means well but he is deluded. One personal tragedy leads to another.

Anonymous said...

As I recall, Herbert once said he could not preach the gospel in some parts of Africa because the people couldn't even read or write. So how could they read the Bible? So how is this girl going to learn anything about salvation now that she is out of school?

Anonymous said...

I do recall Herbs WCOG saying that in some African countries, only men were called. The reason given was that women were not mentally strong enough and financially independence to survive in such a harsh environment. Bob should give thought to this point of view.

Byker Bob said...

Che Guevara did a lot of work attempting to convert African nations which were emerging from colonialism over to communisim. Because of certain aspects of the African mindset, he found this to be impossible, gave up on the project and returned to his native Cuba. Although there are African nations, there was no sense of nationalism. Also, loyalties were very confusing in their definition. Che could not obtain a passionate commitment to the communist ideology as a singular solution to African poverty.

Communism obviously is an ideology, and not a religion. However, the practical applications of religions and ideologies are similar enough so that evangelists can learn much from the attempts to introduce communism in Africa.


Anonymous said...

The religion of Africa is tribalism. Meaning the tribe owns its members lives and people have no rights. It's the same as the Herb culture, except that Herbs members can secretly exercise some 'self ownership' and private interests outside the church. Members also leech off a prosperous society that is not based on tribalism.

Non of this exists in Africa. The African rubbish dump is the true physical manifestation of Herbs church culture.

Hoss said...

Herbert once said he could not preach the gospel in some parts of Africa because the people couldn't even read or write

There was an account in the PT about a man in Africa who somehow encountered the WCG and thought this religion/teaching/whatever would be good for his village. The man contacted Pasadena and the situation was assessed. Yes, there was a literacy problem; the decision appeared to me as if Pasadena concluded there would be no ROI (Return On Investment). However, in another part of Africa, a minister reported that African converts started giving their children names like Herbert W Armstrong and Plain Truth.

I do recall Herbs WCOG saying that in some African countries, only men were called

Not sure, but I did correspond with a single male member in Malawi years ago. He told me they didn't have a "not enough girls in the church" problem, as African women traditionally took the religion of their husbands