Sunday, January 21, 2018

Adam and Eve Were Not Able To See Their Bodies Till Their Lights Went Out

More fun from Robert Petry.  One thing for sure, the Armstrongite mind is a terrible thing to observe!  Here is a Church of God mind interpreting scripture.

As Adam and Eve romped in the Garden of Eden and got a little frisky, they were unable to see each other's bodies and therefore did not know they were naked.  Their bodies were so dazzling bright they could not see each other as they had sex.  Talk about "blinded by the light!"  It wasn't till Eve plucked that voluptuous, firm, ripe, apple, and they both took a bite, letting the sweet juice run down their faces, did they gain the ability to see each other's bodies.  What a shock!  All because of that apple!

This is a simple question also. But, it is the simple that confuses and befuddles the human mind with it’s attitude of “being so superior” and “self-knowing.” Here’s that simple answer, first without explanation.
Before they sinned they could not see their bodies. So, if they could not see their bodies they could not have known they were naked.
How could that be, you ask? Well, they could not see their bodies, that’s why. Why is that so hard to understand? Because you are using a normal, carnal human mind in rebellion to the Creator in order to try and understand the simple teaching of the Bible. Even Paul speaks of the simplicity of the Evangel.
OK, here’s why they couldn’t see their bodies, and what happened so they could see them clearly. At that moment, they knew they were naked.
Let me ask you this question. If you believe what the Bible says, and IF you “know” what it says, can a human being LOOK at the Father in all His power and glory? If you don’t know the answer, then no wonder you don’t know what happened to Adam and Eve. You are truly ignorant of the Scriptures.
Let’s look at the obvious, after understanding. For, before understanding the answer lies hidden right before our eyes. Once you “understand” this, it will jump out of the Scriptures at you clearly. You know, like those moments when we say to ourselves, why of course, I knew that, I just never put it together before.
How then did Adam and Eve realize they were naked?
Adam was formed first.
“YHWH Elohim formed man of dust from the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.”
Later, Eve was taken from the side of Adam. The normal translation says from a “rib” but the implication is more from his side than just a rib. Be that as it may, they were formed as adults, with certain knowledge and ability already built in. Language and basic knowledge so they could communicate. Now, here’s a key part that tells us what happened. That is, IF we use a stable mind and not the double-mind of unconverted mankind. Here’s the statement:
“… Man is the IMAGE of Elohim, and the mirror of His glory.”
“… let US make man in Our own IMAGE.”
Well, what was that image like? Well, speaking of YHWH, we have a beautiful description.
“Thou art CLOTHED with honor and majesty. Who COVEREST Thyself with LIGHT AS WITH A GARMENT.”
Adam and Ever were also of that image. Although not of the same quality, their original bodies were COVERED with LIGHT, that is, with a GLORY like the glory of the Father!”
So, what happened to make Adam and Eve see their nakedness? Very SIMPLE. The MOMENT they SINNED, they LOST their glory, or LIGHT covering.  i.e. Their “clothing.” They now were fully exposed. No longer did they “glow” as does the Father and His Son in light. That light also kept them warm, but no longer.
The end result was the Father had to make physical clothing for them, to replace their clothing of LIGHT. Now, they saw their shame, for the clothing reminded them they had lost the LIGHT. Now, they would die, fulfilling the punishment spoken over them: The day you eat thereof “dying you will die.”
So, the moment they sinned, they lost their LIGHT and GLORY, and began the dying process till they finally died.
Adam and Eve did not fall. That is a totally pagan doctrine and teaching. No, they SINNED, just as Scripture says. That SIN of rebellion brought on the process of dying, in the same day.
Before they sinned they could not see their nakedness, or understand how it could be misused, for they were “blinded by the light” which covered them. But, partaking of the tree of the “knowledge of good and evil,” they now knew the evil ways things could be used. Before that, they could not understand the evil part. After their sin, they could no longer see their light, only their bodies. And, so it is with all the rest of mankind until this very day.
YHWH’s plan for all of us is this: To help us REGAIN the LIGHT. A method to reverse aging and death, pain and suffering.
So, my friends, LIGHTEN UP!!


Byker Bob said...

(Sigh). Not everyone is capable of understanding a university-quality dissertation. There are different layers of gurus, all of whom have credibility amongst their own peer-level readers. Rob Petry (wasn’t he married to the late Mary Tyler Moore?) probably comes off as being very credible and accessible to about 80% of the members of the Armstrong churches. We must take into account all of those who find David Pack, and Ron Weinland, Gerald Flurry, Bob Thiel, Geoff Neilsen, James Malm, and Wade Cox believable to the point of turning over up to 1/3 of their pretax income to them, observing their dress codes, shunning Laodicean Armstrongites, and allowing them to excuse the constant flow of inaccurate prophecies. Gary is quite correct. This is a poignant example of the terrible Armstrong-infected mind. In fact, paraphrasing an ancient public service spot message, “This is your mind! This is your mind on Armstrongism! Any questions?”


Anonymous said...

Seventh Day Adventist have been teaching this for many years. Nothing new here!

Connie Schmidt said...

They could not see their reflection in a pond or a brook? Nonsense.

Anonymous said...

This is in the same story book about an omnipotent creator deity who could not find Adam and Eve hiding from him after they discovered they were naked and put on some camouflage.

Thomas Munson

Anonymous said...

"This is a simple question also. But, it is the simple that confuses and befuddles the human mind with it’s attitude of 'being so superior' and 'self-knowing.'"

Guess Robert's talking about himself and his own attitude?

"Why is that so hard to understand? Because you are using a normal, carnal human mind in rebellion to the creator in order to try and understand the simple teaching of the Bible."

And what sort of a mind does ol' Robert have that enabled him to "understand" this bullshit? What makes him believe his mind is any better than anyone else's? Guess it must be that attitude of "being so superior" and "self-knowing" that he was going on about before.

And what sort of a sadistic creator shoot himself in his own foot by creating something and then immediately sabotaging it so that it would be incapable of understanding anything he himself wanted it to understand, and averse to doing anything he himself wanted it to do? A very sick creator indeed.

"Let’s look at the obvious, after understanding. For, before understanding the answer lies hidden right before our eyes."

By all means. And the obvious is that the bible is a MYTH! The answer lies hidden right before his eyes.

The Kitchen's Need Some Bacon said...

Well, if the SDA's teach this then they are just as stupid as Petry.

Allen C. Dexter said...

What hole did Petry suddenly crawl out of. I don't recall hearing his name mentioned for at least fifty years now. Oh, well, he has to be as old as dirt, like so many of the rest of us. He won't be blathering too much longer.

Anonymous said...

I love how he qualifies everything by stating that if you don't see it his way you are inferior, carnal.....

well, he's being carnal by accepting the premise that there is something shameful about the human body...God created man (sans clothing) and suddenly creation became "very good", nothing dirty or shameful about it.

it's sin that makes us ashamed, makes us want to hide ourselves from God (and everyone else)...

you could say that our clothing is our scarlet letter.....

Hoss said...

In GTA's version, which he speculated in a sermon, as soon as Adam laid eyes on Eve, they were off in the bushes, being fruitful.

Byker Bob said...

What, they’re no longer satisfied with conspiracy theories, and now have to turn to science fiction? What a stretch!


Anonymous said...

Did Adam have to pull the light down in order to urinate or defecate? Or, did he just pee and poop right through his "clothing of LIGHT"?

DennisCDiehl said...

Petry doesn't sound very "bright"

Anonymous said...

Thomas Munson is clearly the parent who, as soon as he's finished counting, goes straight to the spot where the little child is hiding instead of bumbling around the room "searching" for the ecstatic little child whose feet are peeking out behind the curtains.

Near_Earth_Object said...

My alternative view: Genesis is an allegorical account based on ancient Semitic cosmology. Adam may have been an actual person or he may have been an allegorical reference to all of mankind. There is word play involved in the ancient Hebrew.

If Adam were an actual person, and I think he probably was, Adam and his descendants were neolithic Middle Eastern hominids who fell into haplogroup J. We know the latter because of research done by Spencer Wells of the National Geographic Society. Adam had whatever sentience people had before the image of God was given. When God stamped Adam with ("created")Imago Dei, Adam acquired an advanced sentience capable of spiritual understanding.

This also means that Adam was not the progenitor of all mankind biologically but may represent mankind allegorically and spiritually. He was the biological progenitor of a small collection of Middle Eastern clans, also haplogroup J, that are reflected in the Table of Nations (Clans) in Genesis 10.

Genesis contains both theology and anthropology and it is not ease to tease these apart.

Adam, because of his recent emergence from the hominid level of sentience at the time of the events of Genesis, was unfamiliar with the concept of nakedness as a state with social implications. Hominids used to chase around naked all the time if the weather was good. But someone introduced Adam to the concept of nakedness with social ramifications.

This will stir controversy but most people are not descended from Adam. The world was already populated when Adam was created. Celts were already living up in south Russia. There are clues to this in the book of Genesis. I am descended from Adam because I am part Jewish.

Can you imagine the reaction if you walked into an Armstrongist congregation and told the Europeans in the audience that not only are they not descended from Israel but they are not even descended from Adam. But they are descended from Y-chromosomal Adam who was a Black man who lived in south central Africa around 250,000 years ago. This is when modern man appeared on earth.

nck said...


That is what all Europeans think happened because it is official kindergarten curriculum.

Don t know if you meant "american caucasians" instead of "europeans" especially the species of the evangelical persuasion.


Anonymous said...

Personally I don’t see what the problem is here. I’ve speculated myself that it was possible that Adam abd Eve were clothed in light reflecting the righteousness of God prior to their fall. It’s not unlike how we Christians shall be clothed in Christ’s righteousness and be like Him when He returns for we shall see Him as He is i.e. pure, eternal Light, Love, Life. :-)

"1-EX- sheeple" said...

the Q here is Who TOLD you that you-Adam-were naked?? doesn't say anything about his nakedness
being revealed by the loss of a divine covering.