Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The COG Chicago Congregation, went so far as to find out where segregation would be when Christ returns

 The COG, Chicago Congregation, went so far as to find out where segregation would be when Christ returns, apparently....

These were done by the Chicago Worldwide Church of God in 1965.  

You will notice as the illustrations advance from tribal draped Blacks in the first picture to the Asians in kimono's in the second looking like they are wandering, to the emergence of chosen ones, always illustrated as whites, all going steadily forward in their Sabbath wear, to the first-class white people in their long gowns and tuxedo's heading off to the marriage supper with the Lamb in the last picture. 

To see the charts more clearly check it out here.

ht: SHT for the charts


Anonymous said...

I remember these charts. Looking back I realize how stupid we were. Thank God I no longer believe that Armstrong bull shit!

Anonymous said...

the book of Revelation clearly states that only 144000 out of all of the 100s of millions of the children of israel will become first fruits, and given their history of exalting themselves, that is fitting...

indeed: "Esaias also crieth concerning Israel, Though the number of the children of Israel be as the sand of the sea, a remnant shall be saved:" Romans 9:27 and "And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be abased; and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted." Matthew 23:12

the british israeli worshipping cogs are in for a nasty shock...

c f ben yochanan

RSK said...

Sidon lived a long time to found Tyre in 2750BC and Carthage in 814BC.

Anonymous said...

the book of Revelation clearly states

No, it doesn't. Very little is "clear" about Revelation, which is why there are so many varying prophetic interpretations.

God is omnipotent, so mention of the "innumerable" multitude is obviously a figure of speech. Yet the same people who will agree that God's power will let Him number the multitude are often the same ones who deny that the 144,000 (12 x 12,000) may also be a figurative expression.

One point does seem clear, though, It is precisely those who believe that they have it all figured out, the ones who are comfortable with their knowledge and their doctrine, who will be most shocked by what Christ reveals at His return.

DennisCDiehl said...

The first hurdle is the nonsense that Noah was 500 years old when he started having children (Gen 5.32 ) and 600 years old at the time of the non-historical worldwide flood (Gen 7.6). That any Shem, Ham or Japheth ever existed would be the next stretch. Add to this the accepted fact that there never was a Moses or an Abraham and are merely literary constructs, perhaps Archetypes written into tall tales by the Priests in the captivity of the 6th century BCE to give a cultic people a huge pedigree and the rest is moot.

The migrations of humans and origins of whole nations of people is not the simple linear Biblical formula at play. It is much more messy than that. It is well understood the Egyptians were the Neolithic cultures that existed in the Western Sahara when it was lush and green in the 11,000 to 5000 years BCE and then were forced to regroup around the Nile Valley when it went desert due to climate change in 100 to 200 years.

Anthropology beats Biblopology every time.

Anonymous said...

which is why i also quoted Romans 9:27, which the apostle Saul, who saw the Kingdom of Heaven, wrote in quotation of Isaiah...

the bible is only unclear to those what do not want to accept what it says as factual, which is why prophecy is continually fulfilled...people persist in a state of denial, hence the prophecy doesnt fail...

here we have Daniel 11:20-45 being fulfilled before our very eyes; we have Revelation 16:9, Isaiah 11:11, yes, and even 2 Peter 3:3 all being fulfilled before our very eyes and we still refuse to believe, and desire the benefit of the doubt; and why?

it is even Written that when Christ Himself Returns there will be they what try to battle Him, and they what will refuse to keep His Holy days...

it is the human condition, indeed "The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9

c f ben yochanan

Anonymous said...

In Revelation it says 144,000 plus a great multitude. There also appears to be two sets of 144,000. The first is from the twelve tribes of Israel, the second is merit based as in the parable of the talents. It's only this latter group that returns with Christ on Mount Zion, hence a higher status group.

Hoss said...


Ellen G White wrote that she had a vision of the 144,000 "standing in a perfect square".
But 144,000 is not a square number -- maybe she was speaking figuratively...

Anonymous said...

3.50 PM
So everything is a 'figure of speech' or 'a figurative expression' and if anyone has a firm belief, they will be 'most shock' by what Christ will reveal on His coming.
So we can't be certain of anything, including 3.50 PM figures of speech and his figurative expressions.
So we know nothing about everything, and even that's uncertain.

Anonymous said...

Good! 7:14 PM is starting to catch on!

Anonymous said...

144 is the 12th progression of the Fibonacci sequence when zero is taken into account!
A number of divine significance!

Ripley Johnson said...

Anytime I see a discussion about the book of Revelation it seems like a bunch of people at ComiCon arguing about the final season of LOST and who Jacob really was.
That's how Herbert got everyone in the first place.
The real Mystery of the Ages is why people can't just let a book be read and accepted for what it is...purposely vague.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the modern writers of church literature, how many times was a booklet rewritten,and edited, and edited again. Many of the times with a new slant or agenda?? It’s always been in human nature to write in our favor and agendas. How can anyone possibly think BIble scripture could be any different? It’s written by men. It’s a bunch of stories with agendas.

Near_Earth_Object said...

This is Hoeh's attempt to map the "table of nations" onto modern races and nationalities. But the designation "table of nations" is an added gloss - I am not sure who added it - it is in some Bibles and not others. The Bible text itself states that these are actually the "clans of Noah."

Hoeh's model is invalidated by modern anthropology and genetics. (I am not sure where Hoeh got most of this. Much of it is not found in the Compendium. I have only seen it in is article about the "races of man." That article is very poorly documented. The article's validity seemed to hinge on Hoeh as a recognized authority rather than research. It is impossible to try to validate his views.)

A case in point: the Canaanites are placed in the Black branch of mankind but modern genetic research demonstrates that the Phoenicians were haplogroup J - the same haplogroup as the Jewish people. This is also a strong support to the idea that all these people in the so-alled "table of nations" are closely related and are haplogroup J. This means that they are exactly what the Bible says they are - the "clans of Noah" - not the races of mankind. The world was already broadly populated when these clans came into existence in the late Neolithic.

The fact that one Noahic clan, Mizraim, migrated to the west of Palestine and gave their name to the nation of Egypt does not mean they are the progenitors of modern Egypt. In fact, he modern Egyptians are mainly haplogroup E - which greatly pre-dated the Neolithic "clans of Noah."

The Clans of Noah migrated around the "Isles of the Gentiles" - probably the coastal nations around the Mediterranean - and left traces of their presence among already existing, indigenous nations. For this reason, references to them are found in Classical History but this is not an evidence that they are the progenitors of mankind.

Anonymous said...

They say Noah had 3 sons.
They say each of Noah's sons had married a different race/pigmentation woman ….If the women were already of different races/pigmentation, then how can Noah's clans have produced the races/pigmentations we see today? If inter-marriage was sinful, and if the flood was to provide a reset of humanity, why did Noah's son's and their wives escape the punishment? Surely, the god would have been able to restart all races once more from the perfect Noah just as he/it allegedly did with Adam and Eve.

nck said...

Interesting stuff all.

I like that 4:27.

Why would god have destroyd the inhabitants of the earth for a "supposed" reason, only to have the first family after the flood have "integrated" relations already? Good stuff.

I'm so stupid to only be able to contribute that I saw this Assyrian chick got beat big time by a Sister of Ham at the Mannassah Open. 6-2 6- 2. Which doesn't add up to 666. The Jehovah Witness god is a benevolent god for the "single mum", at least this time.


nck said...

Bronze age leaders did "date widely" since they had not "lost the art of conversation."


I have stated before that it bothers me that these historical journals seldom to never go into the dna detail like NEO does. It is therefore hard to make an argument about and compare current peoples and "ancient bone in the earth" research as compared to research focussed on "current peoples" comparing with "current peoples" living in a certain part of the planet.

Regarding the elites, they have always bred with elites from hundres of miles away. From the early bronze age until the former Ms Markle.


RSK said...

I enjoy NEO's genetic commentary. Especially since I'm neckdeep in some genetic homework myself.
I do know that modern preservation methods (of the past two centuries) invalidate many ancient remains for DNA testing though, which can be infuriating. At the digs I worked in the 90s, we were always being told to try to avoid applying adhesive to bone fragments (to keep them from disintegrating) if we could, for that very reason

nck said...

It should be done RSK.

Someone 2000 years from now might just argue that most Europeans stem from the USA because of dna haplogroup similarities. While the "bones" suggest migration the other way around.

Let us know if you are related to Pharaos. Or perhaps a genteel crop producer from "the West".

I love the "Who do you think you are" series on tv. Although the US version is somewhat of a marketing tool for the stars and the British version somewhat akin to "social engineering." Nevertheless interesting stuff to see how ALL present people are cunning survivors of fate.

You were at "Tel Hazor"?

If often refer to that dig as the "AC-Rothchild" dig to get under everybodies skin here, while grinningly stating the facts. Results of that dig are online. It got Tkach his meeting on the Royal Yacht Brittania before it was decommissioned and of course HWA talking to Lady Di. But hey let's focus on the science. My wife is hooked on "Bones" but I hate that series on "wide screen."