Thursday, January 20, 2022

Petulant Prophet of Possibly's Shouts Out "I WAS CORRECT!"


Today, the greatest prophet the Church of God has ever had, the Chosen One whom the Bible describes as coming in the last days to lead the truly faithful into the kingdom where they will reign as gods, welding power and authority over the deceived masses who survive the destruction of 2/3rds of humanity, let the world know that he is also the most accurate prophet the church has ever seen! Everything he says comes true!

For the last several years the Great Bwana to Africa and 304 Caucasians has written "books" about what failures the incoming President/Vice President will be. Given the fact that 90% of the "prophetic" mumbo-jumbo he pukes out are just direct quotes from mainstream and conspiracy ladened blogs and websites, he is bound to find at least one thing wrong with every elected official we have and then claim to be accurate.

Joe Biden took office one year ago. 
Which was within a day of my book, Biden-Harris: Prophecies and Destruction, getting published.
Has the Biden Administration fulfilled any warnings in that book? 

A reader here made a comment on another posting that accurately sums up how our Petulant False Prophet operates: 

By the way, for those seeking insight into how the Petulant Prophet of Possibly's works, notice one of his newest articles: Have published COGwriter warnings about Joe Biden come to pass? What Bob doesn't tell you is that over the years he has made strikingly similar comments about Hillary Clinton and other public figures. Throw enough mud against enough walls, and eventually some of it will appear to stick. But if the Joe Biden book from which he quotes is allowed to count as fulfilled prophecy, his Hillary Clinton book must be allowed to count as failed prophecy. You can't have it both ways. That is, unless you are Bobaniah, living in your own delusional Bobbylon.


Hoss said...

Exactly! Bob follows the safe strategies of putting place bets on favorites, "a bob (2 shillings) each way on a two-horse race", and aiming at the broad side of the barn with a blunderbuss full of grapeshot. And there's Bob the redicter who can explain something after it happens, and pull out a reason for it.
A problem I find with his one man band is that he must also explain non-prophetic doctrines as well, where I feel he does a poor job at eclectic "logical" cherry picking.
Not that he isn't useful; I found a number of his extra-biblical references useful, but generally I disagree with his interpretation...

Anonymous said...

As someone that has never been that much into prophecy I can honestly say that trying to interpret prophecy is absolutely laughable.

Anonymous said...

An alarming number of celebrity boomers (latest= Meatloaf and Louie Anderson) have been dying off over the past x number of months. We haven't seen reports on similar numbers of high profile deaths amongst boomer ACOG ministers. Wonder what Bob Thiel makes of this. Not that it would be of great import, since Bob's prophesying is more couched and nebulous than Nostradamus.

DennisCDiehl said...

Bob has the deeply psychological need to say "see! I was right!" (...About something anyway...) I think I'm right about noting this 😁

Tonto said...

Thiel --- Take a back seat. You are a minor league prophet compared to ME! Evaluate these prophecies and see if they do not all come true!


+++ The USA budget deficit will increase.

+++ United States Interest Rates will increase in 2022.

+++ Joe Biden will be deceased within the next 12 years.

+++ There will be a new Pope in the next 12 years.

+++ One of either Pack, Flurry, Weinland, Kubic, Franks, will be replaced in the next 12 years.

+++ There will be a magnitude 7.0 Earthquake this year.

+++ Covid will continue to exist for as long as there are humans

+++ Prince Andrew will never be the King of England, nor will Prince Harry

+++ Joe Biden will not be elected President in 2028

Anonymous said...

Tonto, what you fail to understand is that you aren't prophesied to be a prophet. Bob has latched on to an Eastern Orthodox writer from the 13th century, who warned against an end-time leader who would rise from the Pentapolis and oppose the Orthodox and Roman churches.

Bob lives in Arroyo Grande, a California town that is also known as one of the "Five Cities" (English for pentapolis) in his region. He seriously points to that as one verification of his status. So, Tonto, can YOU point to any medieval Orthodox bishops who have prophesied your rise as a prophet?

As a side-note, what's perhaps funniest about Bob's eisegesis regarding pentapolis is that Sodom and Gomorrah are two of the five cities in the Bible's actual Pentapolis. Yes, by Bob's own testimony, he is the modern Sodomite prophet!

Anonymous said...

Bob writes: "Is the end near for the USA and its British-descended allies of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom? Yes." Exactly what is the "end", Bob? 2/3's are dead? How anxious are you, Bob, for the bombs to drop? Will the West meet its fate by 2028? (Replaces Hoeh's(?) ...the West will be through by 1972).

Incidentally the 2/3rd's prophecy, Zechariah 13:7-9, appears largely fulfilled beginning when Jesus was smitten, because Jesus referred to this prophecy (Matt 26:31; Mark 14:27).

Anonymous said...

Dr Thiel's mantle has now fallen upon Dr Tonto's humble shoulders:
He can now tell the future by safely extrapolating existing trends.

Anonymous said...

"A Bob (2 shillings) each way ..." Do Americans talk like that Hoss?

Zippo said...

Anon 9:27 - did Bob's diligent quotemining really find such a prophecy? If he did, it blows this game wide open! I thought Bob's claim of romish importance came from an off remark by Rod Meredith!

Anonymous said...

Thiel maybe a whack job but one thing he's not afraid to speak out against Biden or others in the gov. like most of the cogs.

Anonymous said...

Thiel maybe a whack job but one thing he's not afraid to speak out against Biden or others in the gov. like most of the cogs.

Are you serious? Thiel's teachings make him Biden's best friend. Genuine patriots oppose Biden and are willing to take actual steps to fight against his policies, and even to prepare for further erosions of freedom in the USA. Thiel, however, collects "conservative" people but then tells them that God doesn't want them to do anything to stop or even to oppose what Biden is doing.

Hoss said...

Anon 1209 asked Do Americans talk like that Hoss?

My brother does, but usually when reciting less-funny sketches from Monty Python. I've been around a bit - the "A bob each way" was a quote from a British friend. Actually, a bob is only one shilling, I was thinking of "As silly as a two-bob watch" - a saying of an Australian friend.

"see! I was right!"

Remember PCG's "He was right!" claim about HWA? I did a few parodies of that years ago over at Painful Truth. Perhaps a few Bob-centric remakes would be in order now.

RSK said...

Are they? I've gotten the impression they're all increasingly parroting conservative media talking points.

Anonymous said...

Was this 'Dr' Thiel's PhD thesis:
"Faux Prognostication by Extrapolating Patent Trends to Bamboozle Schmucks in a Cultic Setting"

Hoss said...

Anon 932: His PhD is more of a scientific genre. You might be referring to his ThD!

Interesting that Bob, presenting himself as a Philadelphia remnant COG prophet would claim scholarship by adorning his moniker with the ThD rather than PhD. But, due to granter of his ThD has been questioned, perhaps he feels the less said the better!

Tonto said...

Maybe Thiels "three letter" claims after his name should really be "A-D-D" , as in attention defecit disorder!

Anonymous said...

I don't believe in church eras. The messages to the churches within the ancient trade route of Greek Asia Minor cities outlined in Revelation indicate basic attitude patterns, and each and every one of those patterns are, and have always been present in any given congregation simultaneously and all at once. The membership of the Armstrong churches have never been monolithic in their overwhelming brotherly love. There were those who had lost their first love, those who held steadfast, those who commited idolatry and sexual immorality, those who were spiritually dead, pillars who had brotherly love, and those who were luke warm.

The ciircuit of churches were listed in the order in which John would most likely have visited them if setting off on a mission from Patmos.