Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Satan Attacks God's Most Significant And Fastest Growing COG Ever To Exist In Christendom

Voted the most beautiful 
World Headquarters of a Church of God 
for 10 years in a row!

Satan has attacked the world's most mind-boggling Church of God in the history of Christendom. Satan knows that "work" must be stopped and will resort to any thing he can to inhibit the most amazing COG to do its job of preaching some kind of "gospel" to the world. However, even Satan himself can't quite figure out what that "gospel" is. Is it a message about some kingdom to come or about Bob himself?

We have been impacted a bit by COVID-19 here, but not the way most would guess. 
One of my company’s employees, who had COVID in early 2021 before she began to work here last May, again got COVID-19 in 2022. Because of that, the man that does nearly all of the formatting of CCOG literature has been partially sidelined to help make up for her being out for nearly two weeks now. 
Anyway, we hope she will be available to come back next week, and we can be able to get more CCOG literature ready for printing.



Anonymous said...



DennisCDiehl said...

Don't wish her a speedy recovery or bestow a double portion on her Bob.

Anonymous said...

Hope Bob and his team know not to eat any beans during the pandemic. I understand that you can catch the virus from the flatus of colleagues and loved ones, or just the random silent cheese cutter in the elevator.

Tonto said...

Sign on his business proclaims Homeopathy. Needed to be added is SOCIOPATHY as well!

Anonymous said...

Sign on his business proclaims Homeopathy. Needed to be added is SOCIOPATHY as well!

Are his homeopathic products able to enhance his patients' sexual performance? If so, does that make Bob HOMEOSEXUAL ?

The W.A. said...

This snip raises some questions.

Are all the employees of his "company" CCOG members?

Is his "company" really a church HQ? Is it both? What is the tax status of his "company"? Is this like the AICF inside the old WCG?

Anonymous said...

"Fastest growing church" ?!?! That is hilarious 😆😅🤣

Anonymous said...

Anyone who promotes homeopathy is not to be trusted with theology or any other field of study.

Anonymous said...

@6:01 ~ Hey, watch your language, buddyboy! I'm from the Echinacean Era of God's Church. We are recognized as true end times Christians by our devotion to the fact that our bodies are temples. In order to fulfill the end times mission, we must be strong and healthy. You can only help others from your strengths, so we are devoted to health and physicsl fitness except on the sabbath. When Dave Pack owned the vitamin store, he was part of our era, but sadly, due to his own ego, he went off and started his own Armstrongism franchise. You can surely see from his example what going off your vitamins can do. It actually ruins your mind!

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to inform you, 10:35 AM, that Butthurt Bob's body is a Mayan temple. Before 2012, though, we misunderstood him when we heard him talking about his church. We thought he was saying, "It's mine!"

Anonymous said...

By the way, for those seeking insight into how the Petulant Prophet of Possiblys works, notice one of his newest articles:

Have published COGwriter warnings about Joe Biden come to pass?

What Bob doesn't tell you is that over the years he has made strikingly similar comments about Hillary Clinton and other public figures. Throw enough mud against enough walls, and eventually some of it will appear to stick. But if the Joe Biden book from which he quotes is allowed to count as fulfilled prophecy, his Hillary Clinton book must be allowed to count as failed prophecy. You can't have it both ways. That is, unless you are Bobaniah, living in your own delusional Bobbylon.

Anonymous said...

Just messin' with him,12:34, because I know he reads here. Glad you joined in. Did you know that the Mayans were such extreme partiers that they actually took enemas with their alcoholic beverages to avoid side effects like vomiting? Seriously, though, I really feel badly for anyone who is so unlucky as to contract Covid, whether they are ACOG members like Bob Thiel's people, or your average person on the street.

Was listening to talk radio today, and there was a discussion about what happens to some Covid victims as they recover and the senses of smell and taste (very much interrelated) return following their illness. A growing number have shared that these senses are horribly distorted until experience retrains them, which is requiring months for normalization. It's not nearly as bad in the breakout cases for the vaccinated, but in the worst cases, meat smells rotten, and candy tastes like a solvent or gasoline. It was described as taking a lot of the joy out of life. If I were not vaccinated, that alone would make me reconsider.

Anonymous said...

...and, disconnected from mature multitude of counsel, the Church of Bob drifts further away from what HWA and RCM taught:

Jesus the Adopted Son

(no, he's not referring to Mary's husband, Joseph)

Anonymous said...

The Band released an album back in 1968, called "Music from Big Pink", so named because it contained the music composed by them as they lived communally in a big pink house in upstate New York. The album was huge, and influenced many musical trends of that era.

Maybe Bob Thiel should put together an Afro-Caucasian punk rock band called "The Flailing Hands", and release a CD called "Music from Little Pink". Imagine the animations he could do for the video! Art work includes crooked paintings and intentionally hideous curtains! First single to be released is "Screw the NFL!"