Thursday, February 29, 2024

Philadelphia Church of God Video On New Archeology Exhibit

It is a shame that a splinter group that is considered one of the more dangerous and spiritually damaging Church of God's, ends up producing such slick propaganda works that have the potential to draw in new members. However, the track record shows this does not happen. All of the opening slick dramatization and entertaining music goes out the window once Gerald Flurry opens his mouth. 

James Tabor had this to say on the Ambassador Alumni site:

"This was just released today, the Exhibit opened on Sunday…really impressive. I have to admit, my heart was strangely moved, thinking back to our days of old—1968—Six Day War and the beginnings of the dig. I taught the first group of AC students going over in 1969, a crash course in Modern Hebrew! I hope you will watch it…love to hear if your heart strings were struck…especially by the music.

I hasten to add that the “flurry” of feelings I feel have nothing to do with Gerald Flurry…to use a bad pun…and all his foolish declarations over the years of his own Prophetic role, sitting on David’s throne and all the rest. My sense came rather from thinking back to the days of the DIG…and now things “felt” after the Six Day War in those amazing times...Gerald and I were classmates together, in the same classes, from 1968-1970...though we were not close friends. So the emotions I feel are tainted with a saddness for the ways he has both reflected some of Mr. Armstrong's vision for these efforts in Jerusalem, but also so drastially attached them to his own personal vision of himself--like so many of the self-declared "successors" of the movement..."


Odessa File said...

I wonder what those Israeli dig archaeology officials think of G. Flurry's claim (along with same claim of Dave Pack's), both vying for title of super Elijah/or prophet/or new leader of the entire bible/etc.

Maybe Flurry wants Netanyahu's job! Maybe Dave Pack wants it. Would either of them allow women to serve in Israeli Army...& what would either guy do about Gaza burkahs...would Flurry or Pack start wearing an honorary kippah or yarmulke & tallit? Would they grow long curly Hasidic payot sideburns?

Steve D said...

On another subject: If I recall, HWA was a fan of Elbert Hubbard. He mentioned Hubbard in his autobiography. I watched a documentary on this man and there were striking resemblances between the two. Of Hubbard, it said:
He craved the spotlight and needed to be in charge.
He had a background in advertising (Larkin Soap).
Was married and with children, but met his "soulmate", had an child with her, later divorced his wife and married his soulmate.
He was critical of other writers.
He took the writings of Emerson, Whitman and Thoreau and made them his own.
He wrote an essay, "A Message to Garcia" which urged people to do what they were told. Businesses and military distributed this message to workers and soldiers.
He broke all the rules,but became famous for writing an essay promoting the rules.
He could break the rules, but others couldn't.
At the end the narrator asked whether he was a huckster a prophet or a salesman. But he was true to the man he thought himself to be.
Fascinating to see the commonalities between these two men.

Anonymous said...

STRONG DELUSION was involved with the PCG fraud.

Satan's false prophet Gerald R. Flurry used, or rather misused, Herbert W. Armstrong's name and photograph to trick former Worldwide Church of God people into joining his satanic imposter cult called the PCG.

Slick productions suckered people into the PCG cult and then satanic abuse drove many of them right back out again.

There is a good reason why the PCG has been in decline for over twenty years now.

Anonymous said...

Imagine listening to 34 years of boring babble from Gerald Flurry about how great he thinks he is.

Imagine putting up with 34 years of abuse from the godless, wicked, and malicious perverts that Gerald set up as fake PCG ministers, elders, deacons/deaconesses, and members.

The “short work” that Gerald said his PCG was going to do has gone on for far too long.

Anonymous said...

.. and it worked on you, eh?

Anonymous said...

Archeology Exhibit: An ancient fossil called Flurry.

Gone like a freight train..... said...

I disagree with the Tabemeister on one point. No sadness here! I love it when Herbie's successors reflect poorly on Herbie's vision. It tends to underscore how wrong and stupid that vision always was! I mean, that crap was why I left in the first place, so a reason to leave still exists today! Buenos caca!

Anonymous said...

The Hebrew University doesn’t care about Flurry and his archeological digs. They’ll just keep taking the members tithe money he gives them. Anything to prove that he is part of HWA’s work with Benjamin Mazar, through his grandaughter Eliat. Anything to tie David and Solomon to his Celtic Throne, the throne that Flurry himself is going to present to Christ at His return. This church and cult are idolatrous with their rocks, stones and throne. It is very dangerous.

Anonymous said...

oooh...surly burly Flurry petitioned to have naughty video removed...Mr. 1984 himself

ok or was it Israeli dig people who strongarmed Youtube for removal

Anonymous said...

4.03, Wikipedia quotes Hubbard as saying "that prison is "An example of a Socialist's Paradise, where equality prevails, everything is supplied and competition is eliminated."
I always believed that God allowing Israel to be enslaved in Egypt was the implementation and smashing of this false god. Yet today's elite have this same goal as the best selling book "You will own nothing" by Carol Roth points out.