Monday, November 5, 2012

James Malm: Is It Sin To Eat The Ox In The Ditch On Saturday?

Malm comes up with some real mind-bogglers every once in a while and this is that time.

It seems a group of COGWA member decided to have an ox roast at a Church members farm this past summer.  What better way for a small group of people to fellowship than around a shared meal.  There is one problem with this picture for the Apostle Malm and his acolytes.  These idiots (in Malm's eyes) apparently cooked this ox on the sabbath and every TRUE believer knows that no one is to cook anything on Saturdays. Even worse Malm accuses these members of digging the ox up from the pit on Saturday.  Oh they misery! Oh the sabbath breaking!

The Malm writes:

This year 80 people from at least five different states attended the annual ox roast held on June 30, 2012, at the Harper farm in Parkersburg, West Virginia. Not even the furious derecho (ugly storms with tornado-force winds), power outages and low gas levels could keep the determined ox-eaters away this year. Despite the lack of electrical power, everybody enjoyed themselves, the ox and the fellowship.

Services began when Ron Kelley, the guest speaker who pastors the Greensboro, Hickory and Raleigh, North Carolina, congregations, asked the attendees if they had a fire in their belly.

Then local pastor Bill Jahns gave a sermon about confronting the challenges of life.

After services were over, everyone prepared to eat! When the ox was finally out of the ground, where it had been roasting in a fire pit, everyone was able to partake of the excellent food. There was no doubt in the minds of anyone attending that this year’s ox roast was a great success! Josh Travers
After using Isaiah 1:13-20 to beat them up with he has this to say to the apostate sabbath breakers.

The people who trample all over God’s Sabbaths and sin by compromising with the commandments of God are at best lukewarm for God and his law and at worst complete apostates.

Jesus Christ is going to spue such people out of his body and corrrect them until they repent.

Repent quickly my dear friends, the beloved of the Lord; lest he correct you and turn your pride into angish.

Malm's small group pf acolytes are equally appalled at the sickening behavior of these COGWA members:

Very fitting that it was an ox. Literally throwing an actual ox in the ditch so that they could pull/dig it out and then eat in on the Sabbath.

Another adds:
James, I see this sentence was inserted in your posting about the ox roast, “On the Sabbath, they dug a pit and roasted an ox in it”. Now, I see some of that sentence in the caption of the picture in the article, but not the ” on the Sabbath” part. You inserted those words, which is misrepresenting. In my knowledge of how this process works, all the preparations are made on Friday; the ground is prepared, the meat layered, etc. in the ground where it cooks all night and into the day. It is removed and served at the meal. Careful attention must be given to what is stated, contrary to what that implies to you, lest you influence through deceitful words.

Apostle Malm responds accusing them of digging the meat out to eat.

Your concern to detail is appreciated. However they had no concern about the impression they were giving that ALL of this was on Sabbath, so should not be startled if they are seen as doing this on Sabbath when they implied that they were. It is up tp them to clearly state what they are doing in order to abvoid any appearance of sin. 

And this does not mitigate the deed of digging the meat out and breaking the command against the matter Lev 16:23 And he said unto them, This is that which the Lord hath said, To morrow is the rest of the holy sabbath unto the Lord: bake that which ye will bake to day, and seethe that ye will seethe; and that which remaineth over lay up for you to be kept until the morning. James

Another acolyte is incensed at these sinners actions so The Malm responds:

Even if they did make all the preparations on Friday, it cooked on the Sabbath, which is still prohibited. How clear does it have to be? It is one of the “loopholes” created by Jewish tradition to think that, so long as the cooking fire was started before Sabbath that it is then ok to cook on it….really?

This was buried in the earth. It was not only cooked, it was dug out of the earth on Sabbath.
The Malm is so pissed at COGWA and UCG that he has this to say about how God is going to destroy them in his soon coming tribulation.

It is COGWA and UCG etc, that is wickedly sinning in shopping on God’s Holy Time and polluting God’s Sabbath. As God destroyed Israel for polluting the Sabbath; he will also destroy COGWA, UCG, LCG and the other corporate COG Groups [in the very soon coming tribulation] for committing the very same sins. James


Anonymous said...

Malm's religion is bullshit. It is folk like him,who get way too much press, and that make a mockery out of spirituality.

Of course, he can use the fairy tale Bible to justify any weird and stupid position he wants to take.

Head Usher said...

Oh, those naughty people wickedly sinning. His uberselfrighteousness and overwrought damning judgmentalism is great comedy. He could take his show on the road.

Anonymous said...

God surely has appointed James Malm as the Miss Manners of Sabbatarianism.

And surely, the Hokey Spirit has inspired him to use such phrases as, "the very soon coming tribulation", and "repent quickly"

Malm refers to the sinners who "dig out the ox" to eat.

But similarly, Malm is constantly pulling crap out of his ass for his acolytes' consumption.
Oh wait- he actually pulled it from the Bible, LOL!


Douglas Becker said...

Yes, and there are people who are convinced the world is flat, the center of the Universe, people live inside the earth and come out of the North Pole in flying saucers, demons are coming from off-planet to earth through a star gate at the bottom of the ocean and British Israelism.

No wait.


Anonymous said...

I assume he is under the mistaken impression that the Israelites cooked the manna for the Sabbath on Friday. I suggest he go back and study it again.

Byker Bob said...

The only safe way to keep the sabbath, according to Malm's law, would be to have an on-off timer biologically implanted within your nervous system, to go off automatically during the twenty four hours which he assigns to the sabbath.

One of these days, one of these legalists is going to pronounce that the sabbath relates directly to Jerusalem, and that one must calculate the exact time period which that happens to fall into wherever you happen to be during that time. In the land of the midnight sun, surely the legalists must calculate some sort of sabbath for themselves, so why doesn't Malm do this for his time zone?


Assistant Deacon said...

"Jesus Christ is going to spue such people out of his body and correct them until they repent."

Someone needs to introduce Malm to this Jesus Christ fellow, for surely the two have never met.

Jennifer said...

Malm writes:

"Rhodes and Denny were and are, extreme sexual libertines, especially as regards homosexuality."

WTF is he talking about? The literal meaning of this statement is that Rhodes and Luker have open marriages and lead bisexual lifestyles. While I have no stake in Armstrongism anymore, and no idea about Rhodes or Luker either way, I would guess that both of them, while red-blooded males, are prettymuch still reactionary conservatives in today's sociopolitical climate. They CERTAINLY wouldn't qualify as libertines according to the "polite" European society whose debauchery we don't hardly try to compete with even today.

This guy holds himself in higher esteem than anyone else on earth, yet he styles himself in the mold of HWA (a man who he claims to detest along with the rest of humanity excepting only his miniscule cadre of brown-nosing acolytes). Part and parcel with this is the same inane writing style of HWA, which is 1 part the overbearing puffery of a 19th century salesman, and 1 part straight-up yellow journalism. (Personally, I suspect he's got a secret hard-on for HWA.)

UCG, contrary to it's doctrine, has no problem with suing other people. If Malm keeps his sensationalist internet tabloid going, eventually he's going to be slapped with a hefty financial judgment for libel and defamation of character. Hopefully either this or his failing health will take this man's daily drivel off the internet soon.

Surely James Effing Malm, a "man of god" and so "zealous" and "observant" of every jot and titillating detail could never be guilty of "making shit up." Except for every chance he gets. What a hypocrite. I don't think I could come up with a more detestable mixture of personality traits.

Anonymous said...

Malm makes me laugh with his Pharisee ways. He has been having server trouble with his websites this weekend (again), but demands, for the world to see, that his web host to not work on the problem until the Sabbath has past, even though Malm himself is on the Internet 24/7.