Saturday, February 23, 2013

Dave Pack Takes Advantage of LCG's Financial Crisis

Dave Pack got the best of Rod Meredith today and is proudly boasting about it.  Ever since he was banished from Meredith's presence he has been on a warpath trying to outdo Meredith in everything he can.

Because of LCG's current financial crisis and the fact that they got kicked off of two Canadian networks, Dave swiftly moved in and inserted his TV program it their place. To bring the point home Dave makes sure to point out to Meredith that RCG has been ENORMOUSLY BLESSED financially.

As God continues to enormously bless His Church, The World to Comewith David C. Pack is expanding its television reach by 118 stations in February, March and April, in both the United States and other parts of the world.

Some background. Many may be aware that The Living Church of God (LCG) is suddenly losing most if not soon all of its national Canadian TV coverage. However, LCG has also abruptly canceled its powerful Sunday nationwide ION slot in the wake of public announcements about financial difficulties.

Therefore, on March 10, The World to Come now moves from its Wednesday morning slot to LCG’s Sunday 6:30 a.m. (ET/PT) slot. This makes our program available to all 88.6 million households covered by the ION Television network and satellites nationwide!

Then Dave sticks the knife  in even further and gloats that his program is now covering Charlotte, the home of LCG.

Furthering this major U.S. media expansion, The World to Come will also begin airing (in high definition) across the country on The CW Plus network starting Sunday, March 17 at 6:30 a.m. (ET/PT). The CW Plus affiliates reach 16.2 million households in 110 smaller designated television markets (out of 210).
Also in the U.S., the expansion includes (1) Charlotte, NC, on WAXN TV64 at 7:30 a.m. on Sunday, March 3 (also high definition). Other new independent stations include (2) Cincinnati, OH, on WSTR MyTV beginning Wednesday, March 6 at 6:00 a.m., (3) Harrisburg, PA, on WLYH CW beginning Wednesday, March 13 at 6:00 a.m. and (4) St. Louis, MO, on WRBU MyTV beginning Sunday, March 17 at 6:00 a.m. These cities reach another nearly four million households. (The World to Come now reaches almost exactly six of every seven U.S. television households.)

Note that Dave is also covering Cincinnati.  He thinks he has a field ripe for harvest in Charlotte and Cincinnati with all the COG members living in the two areas.

Then he twists the knife in even more in poor Rod's back:

While the big splinters (including LCG) are pulling back Internet advertising spending, we are pleased to announce that our already large Internet advertising budget has been increased by 57% in 2013. This week alone, we had just under 300,000 downloads. But, since we are the largest biblically based publishing operation in the world, much of this tremendous traffic is non-paid organic.

Dave only has one competitor in the COG out there. That person is non-ordained and self appointed prophet Thiel.  Thiel claims he has reached more people with his message than any other COG.  So who has reached more? Dave's numbers are just as inflated as prophet Thiel.  Both are lairs since the broad majority of viewers they think they will have will NEVER watch their programs.

Then in one final jab at UCG (who can’t get the money together to expand their TV production area) Dave lets loose with this:

Imagine the scope and size of God’s Work when it completes in 11 weeks its much-needed, multi-million-dollar Headquarters building being constructed without bank financing.



Velvet said...

"they got kicked off of two Canadian networks,"

Which two? As of last week, Spanky was still bleating away as part of the CoG Splinter Bloc on VisionTV (two hours of poor quality World Tomorrow knock-offs, interspersed with a yelling Filipino Moonie knock-off and a church service that spotlights roughly half the African immigrant population in the Greater Toronto Area); with great big yellow caution/warning disclaimers in front of each one, which is something I note that the World Tomorrow was never subjected to.

That means TW must have been kicked off of Miracle and CTS; getting dropped from CTS is a massive burn, no two ways about it, though that station has recently had a lot of trouble lately; they have even resorted running a truly hilarious because it's so heavily censored version of The West Wing, and a lot more secular movies, so I think that channel is on the way out anyway.

The Miracle Channel, with one or two exceptions. features nothing more nor less than the dregs / scum of the religions of this earth however, IMO. (Hint: LCG's TW is not one of the exceptions.)

Were they dumped because of Spanky's latest rant on anointing? That was the episode I caught last week, and given the kerfuffle with Thielogical Bob, I take it that's a recent one.

Anyway, Spanky was going on and on about anointing for healing and how his splinter group does true anointings that really work...which is hilarious and ironic, when you factor Bob Thiel into the picture.

Spanky did NOT however give the usual disclaimer that I always heard growing up, that of course medical aid was necessary for physical ailments (emergency/physical repair/God helps those who help themselves); but I have often and loudly debunked the Evangelicals' blatant lies that "Senior changed the healing doctrine in 1988" (I, and several of the other children in the Victoria congregation, would not be alive if that was even remotely true) so I will not revisit the evidence again.

I would lay money that the fact that Spanky went on and on about true anointings and total healings, without saying a word about using doctors when necessary, is what got him the boot. I would be interested in knowing which two channels he got dropped from though.

Assistant Deacon said...

"...powerful Sunday nationwide ION slot..."

Please. Hyperbole, again.

Note that in order to tweak the noses of the LCG and UCG brass Dave had to buy other stations to get into Charlotte and Cincinnati, since, you know, "powerful" ION doesn't have stations in such places.

Anonymous said...

Soon Pack will be one of the largest splinters and he will be going through the same things that LCG, PCG, & UCG are going through. He will be bloated with "ministers" and staff. In a financial crisis (debt). Those that leave him will form their own groups and take members away from RCG. What goes around, comes around....

Douglas Becker said...

Dave Pack had a fast for more money.

Roderick Meredith is having a fast today for more money.

Gerald Flurry needs more money.

Dennis Luker needs more money.

That's not the whole list for sure, but it's a trend.

When these cults could fast and pray for anything, they do it for money. They could have asked for anything, but their treasure is in treasure.

We can think of some things they could have fasted and prayed for: Repentance, love, kindness, humility, knowing God as Father and one thing they never seem to getting around to fasting and praying for --


Douglas Becker said...

Here's my sentiment: Acts 8:20.

Anonymous said...

Velvet, do you think anyone actually listens to what these TV preachers say? They probably discontinued his broadcast because he was too boring not because anyone objected to something he said. Once I left the TV on after the morning news and a religious broadcast came on. I jumped to turn it off but then listened longer. The people (2 of them) were smiling and not warning of gloom and doom. Then they brought in a guest to speak about some missionary work in Africa with film footage of African villages. It actually was a little bit interesting, instead of just one elderly person droning on and on.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Canadian executives kicked LCG off the air immediately after watching Meredith's Internet presentation, which clued them in to his religious extremism that he so carefully hides on his TV show?

If so, it's kind of a major cock-up on Meredith's part. HWA had the "in public, let's pretend to be legitimate" formula down pat, but Meredith seems to be a very poor imitator, and/or the recipient of some very bad counsel.

Joe Moeller said...

Well here in Cody, WY , I see that Packs program is coming on station KCWY Channel 13 at 1:30 in the morning on Sundays.

It is sandwiched between an episode of "The Three Stooges" and an episode of the old Rod Serlings "The Twilight Zone".

Very appropriate lineup I think! Cant imagine what the other cowboys are thinking when they come back from a round of massive beer drinking down at the "Silver Dollar Bar" on Sheridan Ave here in Cody on a Saturday night, and then turn on their TV sets to see a train wreck lineup of this on the television.

Heck, watching a lineup of Moe/Curly/ Larry, Dave Pack, and Rod Serling might even get them to swear off drinking.

So maybe this is a good thing!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Joe Moeller said...

The spooky anagram strikes yet again!

Dave Packs "Restored Church of God" anagrams to the following---

RE: Fought Scorched Rod

I believe that the anagram scrambler is more prophetic and accurate than Bob Thiel's Catholic Prophecies!

What say ye?

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

The funny thing about all of this is, that while they brag about all of the stations they are on, where are the results. If you plot measurable elements of effectiveness against the time they are telling us we have left, there is no time for anything of any consequence to happen before the end. None of the ACOGs have even come close to approaching HWA or GTA in their zenith, and frankly, though they had more fame and recognition, even they were not cutting the mustard in terms of reaching the world in the manner that Jesus described in the great commission.

Some do have bragging rights. Some are doing better than others. But, it is all moot in terms of accomplishing the great commission. Real Christianity is actually doing that, and quite systematically, as false teachers comply with the Gamaliel syndrome.


Anonymous said...

That Pack guy is solidly on Team-Satan. He pretends not to be, but so did Judas.

Head Usher said...

Bragging rights. Do "true" christians exercise their bragging rights? Whatever.

Is that what Dave Pack's church really all about for Dave? Sticking it to Meredith over an old grudge? Trying to show Meredith up for having fired him so long ago? I hope not. I mean, we all know it's not about following any god, but we can all hope it's not about using a lot of relatively innocent bystanders as pawns to help him settle an old score.

Velvet said...

"Velvet, do you think anyone actually listens to what these TV preachers say?"

Anon, were you ever a member of the Church? I agree for most people, the green hanky nonsense goes in one ear and out the other. The ex-WCG ministers are a breed unto themselves however, as even a cursory reading of this blog will reveal.

I don't listen per se...but I do tune in, just to see how the splinter groups are perverting the very truth they claim to be holding fast to; I try not to keep any blunt objects handy, but sometimes it's all I can do to keep from chucking the remote at the TV!

Regardless, there have been a few court cases up here, where parents have denied their children medical care (these were either JWs or SDAs, I think only one of them was an ex-member of the Church); so the false churches have at least taken a pretty strong stance against "faith healing."

You really have to hear Spanky's rant to appreciate how far he's gotten from the straight and narrow path, though; ditto with the Packatollah and Six-Pack; NONE of them keep the truth the Church taught when I was growing up; UCG comes close sometimes, but their bad fruits and unBiblical governance speak for themselves.

Velvet (the spambot won't let me post)

Velvet said...

"Is that what Dave Pack's church really all about for Dave? Sticking it to Meredith over an old grudge?"


Velvet said...

"Some do have bragging rights"

Oh, really?

Because from where I'm sitting, even your faith without works theology disagrees, Bob.

Byker Bob said...

Who says I believe in faith without works? Or, did you base that conclusion on stereotypes as opposed to actually knowing me as a person, what I do and don't believe, and how I conduct my life?


Velvet said...

I base that on your statements to that effect on the Shadows of WCG forum, and on Jeff Miller's blog, as well as Ambassador Watch's comments section, between 2007 and 2009, Bob; if your stance has changed since then, I sincerely apologize, and stand corrected

(Though I have had Evangelicals/professing Christians in the Church proudly tell me that they were saved by faith without works, and that this was/is the "right" salvation. I respectfully disagree, and I hope I respectfully disagreed at the time.)

Velvet said...

Er, that should be Jeff Miller's blogs; he burned through what, four, during that period, didn't he?

Byker Bob said...

Yes, he did. He shared a lot of good information there, and though I agreed with much of what was presented, it was not "driving" me, so to speak. I agreed with what I could agree, remained silent on some of the material, and tried to tactfully disagree with the stuff I found not to be sound or credible.

Also, the time slot during which I was active on that blog was at the very beginning, when God had opened my very closed mind, and was coming back into my life. I still felt like arguing a lot. Now, I realize that opinions are good, discussions are sometimes helpful, but argument nearly always ends up being counter-productive.

You've made us aware in another post that you read your Bible, and I also read mine. What happens in our minds and lives as a result of that is totally up to God and what He does in the transformation process within our hearts. Arguments can tend to mute that process, which is why I've abandoned certain blogs and forums where people seem to have a constant need to do that. I don't want to retard anyone else's growth process, and I'm not about to let them retard mine.

I'm here on this blog because Gary keeps us informed as to what is going on in ACOGdom, there is obviously still toxic, life-ruining activity happening, and I like to give input supporting ethical accountability, and the questioning of unfounded or inaccurate theories with which the ACOGs spike their otherwise Messianic Jewish theology.

Thanks for your kindness, and the opportunity to provide an update. Best wishes, and ultimate success in your continuing studies!


Anonymous said...

I can imagine Meredith giving some advice to Pack: "Give it some time Dave and you'll find yourself where I and my church are now!"
Pack tgen reacts, "It can't happen Rod!"
Meredith exclaims, "Really?! I'm sorry Dave, but your mentality reflects that of a stubborn child lacking imagination! Just wait for it! You've already sown the seeds for your own demise!"
"How do you know this?! You don't know what you're talking about old man!" Pack retorts.
Meredith sighs, "I've just lived longer than you Dave that's all. Hell, you don't have to get to my age until you figure it all out. A few more years should do the trick...if you're lucky. Then you'll see! Just like Solomon put it 'There ain't nothin' new under the sun' and you're following the same route so many others have already taken before you--including Armstrong and myself--that'll end up where you never thought it would...division, despair and death."

Anonymous said...

Byker Bob said: "The funny thing about all of this is, that while they brag about all of the stations they are on, where are the results."
In LCG's case, they are getting exactly the results they are seeking, namely, responses. This meets LCG's primary mission to preach the gospel to the world as a witness. The problem is that this is something Jesus never commanded us to do. He commanded us to go and make disciples. I challenge anyone to find one shred of evidence that Rod Meredith has the slightest intention of doing any part of the Matthew 28 Great Commission. LCG is expending its considerable resources doing something Jesus never told us to do, and not doing what He did tell us to do. And they expect God to bless their work? Rod had even gone so far to say something like "We are not growing, but we aren't doing anything wrong. We are preaching the gospel here, preaching it there, spending a huge percentage of our money, getting thousands of responses. If God doesn't want to call people that's His choice." Translation: We are not growing but it's not our fault, it's God's fault.

Velvet said...

"He shared a lot of good information there,"

Do you really think so? Every time he met a scripturally-based refutation of his pagan idol-worship that he could not refute with sound doctrine, he just deleted the whole blog and created a new one! Not to mention the brainwashing tactics he engaged in on the forum.

Hardly the acts of a forthright and truly converted Christian!

Neither was Jeff sending me nasty private messages on the forum, every time I posted, telling me I was "offensive to Christians and Christianity." When I called him out on his arrogance for that, he forced Becca to send me the those messages instead.

Or the group of them specifically gossiping about and slandering me on Jeff's blog, AFTER he had blocked my IP address so I wouldn't see it--all things hidden will be brought to light, however, and by the grace of God, I WAS shown what they were doing.
Not to mention the outrageous (and at one point, literally possessed) reaction of his brother Russell to post all of (what he thought was) my personal information on the Internet, in response to the insinuation that I knew who "J" was. Although I didn't at the time I made that remark. It only came out after all that happened, that he was a Baptist hireling over two congregations. Which speaks volumes, after all his time spent mocking and deriding what he referred to as "Christian social clubs."

But, that's OK, the Miller brothers will get their second chance, just like the rest of us who will be coming up in the Second Rez, God willing.

I honestly don't think Jeff helped much, though, Bob; towards the end, his Bible-banging (as opposed to Bible-reading) histrionics (especially when he was trying to proselytize those trying to deal with the UCG split) just made things MORE divisive, not less; but then again, we all know who the author of confusion is, and God even found a way to use instruments of the Devil's deception to call me back to the truth.

"I like to give input supporting ethical accountability, and the questioning of unfounded or inaccurate theories

So do I, Bob, which is why I will step up to the plate every time, and say absolutely, when the splinter groups, or assertions made in the comments, are not true to the Church/congregations of the Church that I was born and raised in.