Monday, May 13, 2013

Alton Billingsley Looks Back With Fondness At The Time It Was OK To Beat Children In School and How Elvis Presley Caused The Decline of the Nation

At 86 years of age Alton Billingsley runs one of the smallest splinter cults of Armstrongism out there.  He has never been able to draw in members mostly because of his crazy ideas.  It is 2013 and Billingsley still wants to live in the 1950's.  That was the era in the church that so many look back on with nostalgia.  The  church was still "pure" in form and the hippies  had not started taking over the great work of God.  Liberalism had not yet started creeping in. GTA could not keep his pants zipped but all the brethren lived together in harmony and in "world tomorrow" perfection.  All was rosy and sweet. Potlucks, Bible Studies, and three service Holy days were God's greatest gift.  Love permeated the air.

Billingsley writes the following in his new 10 Commandments book.  Yes, its another book about the law.  Nothing about Jesus Christ, but a shit load of stuff about the law and a pissed off god who is incredibly angry.

Billingsley's god, as so many in Armstrongism view their god,  is an angry parent just waiting to punish the wayward child.  He looks back with nostalgia on corporal punishment.

I, the author of this booklet, was once paddled with a long measuring ruler by the principal of the school for fighting another small lad. Another time I talked too much in class and got one swing of a thick paddle. I learned! The paddle was sometimes referred to as “the board of education.”

Knowingly, or unknowingly, during those years there was a general belief by parents in what King Solomon was led by God to write and was practiced: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when his is old[er] he will not depart from it” (Proverbs 22:6). And parents saw the positive benefits from this practice and also supported their school teachers. Often when a parent learned his child had received a paddling at school he or she would also paddle the child at home for their mischief and disrespect of the teachers. As the result authorities were respected and there were few prisons.

Children grew up taking their lawful place in society. Men teachers wore suits and ties and women teachers dressed appropriately setting an example of respect and authority before the student body. From limited personal observation teachers today wear very informal clothing. The Radical Change in Society The scene began changing after World War II with the baby boomers, hippies, beatniks, and others, began making their presence known in a state of rebellion against the status quo. This was brought about due to the change in their home life and desire for change. And with it, paddling in the home and in the school system was for the most part eliminated and so was respect for their elders.

Still living in the past, he starts ragging on "hippies".  How can we forget our own idiotic booklet - "Hippies, Hypocrisy and Happiness."  That stupid little booklet set the stage for Billingsley to write this:

“. . . Hippie trends and values have had major effects on culture by influencing film, literature, music and the arts. The values of diverse cultural and religious adoption, propagated by hippies have travelled wide and far as an accepted norm. Their attitudes have posed many challenges to a conformist society.

“A trademark characteristic of a hippie was their attitude to relieve themselves of societal regulations, free to choose their own way and thereby find the actual meaning of life. An expression of this attitude was observed in their body language, dress code and grooming style. These parameters helped to serve as universal visual reminders of their fight for individual rights.

“The 1960s was a period of intense revolutionary campaigns, starting with the anti-war movement, the black power movement, civil rights movement, sexual revolution, student rights movement etc. In a way, many of these revolutions have set the code for current day campaigns to take on their particular course of action. Hippies shot to popularity due to their adoption of a controversial lifestyle, like communes which are essentially group living. Their advocated a simpler way of life, promoting the concept of non-consumerism and little or no personal responsibility to the society. . . .”
But there was an even more insidious event that lead to the moral decline of this nation.  Elvis Presley!

Music also played a major role in the declining society that went hand in hand with the hippie generation. Music is a powerful mood-swinger; it can move people toward God or toward the devil!

And with what began taking place in the 1950s, and afterwards, in retrospect, it can be seen that music began moving the younger generation toward the devil! And like the Piped Piper, Satan would through the power of wrong music use it to impact all society and began its move after him and lead them into the forest to massacre and dismember them; the forest soon to come will be the Great Tribulation.

Elvis Presley was the forerunner of what has come to pass and set the stage paving the way for the Beetles. Then it became worse with hard rock bands following with very loud speakers in automobiles blasting out blatant sexuality, and then the rappers – “. . . these songs reflect a generalized rage, particularly rage against social authority”

Slouching Toward Gomorrah, pages 125-126, Judge Robert Bork. Many of their songs were very explicit regarding illicit sex and with words of outright rebellion against all authority and lack of respect for anyone. And the younger generation followed them like sheep going to the slaughter with their boom boxes with no respect for the older generation.
It's 2013, there are more pressing issue sin this world to worry about than Elvis and some hippies.  When will these dumb-asses get their heads out of the past and present a relevant message for today?


Joe Moeller said...

Isn't Barbara Billingsley , the MOM from "Leave it to Beaver" the wife of Alton Billingsley?

It would explain a lot!

Typical line from the show...
"Ward...werent you a little hard on the Beaver last night?"

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Douglas Becker said...

At 86, how much longer is going to be able to post those long articles in The Journal?

Allen C. Dexter said...

Old Alton is just that -- old. He won't be around much longer. His brain ossified back there in the fifties. He hasn't learned a damn thing since. Just another Bible reader with a deluded mind.

Anonymous said...

Men these days are abused, degraded, controlled, and exploited by women, and the kids are brats. Who would want any? No wonder whites will be virtually extinct in 50 years.

Sharon said...

Anon 9:30. You sound like weirdo Craig White who is crying about the decline of white men in all the British Israelite nations. He hates all the blacks and Hispanics coming in. Racism is inherent in Armstrongism because of the British Israel teachings.

What's with your hatred of women? From what I gather in all your comments you wife left you and took you to the cleaners. With an attitude like yours I say GOOD FOR HER! She's free at last.

Steve Kisack said...

Joe Moeller said...
"Ward...werent you a little hard on the Beaver last night?"

MY COMMENT: "I'm sorry, honey, I'll be a little easier on you tonight." :-)

Anonymous said...

racism: the desire to preserve the existence of your own people, their heritage, their identity, culture, language, land, and freedoms

anti-racism: treason against your own history, nation and people, while turning your back on their sacrifices

James said...

"As the result authorities were respected and there were few prisons."

Prisons have to do with the industrial prison complex here in America, not by with holding a ruler from a child's ass. Kick backs to judges for convictions keeps the judge, wife and mistress rich from the innocents convictions!

"these songs reflect a generalized rage, particularly rage against social authority"

I say challenge the so called "authorities." Anyone can call themselves an expert, an authority figure, a guru. Rebel and free your mind from the propaganda of religious and political whores!

Byker Bob said...

I see some folks are still trying to figure out what Elvis was all about. Basically, he was one of the first white artists to appropriate African rhythms, making them accessible to a wider audience. This was a point certainly not lost on all the racists prevalent back in the '50s.

Quite honestly, I believe that of all recent social or artistic trends, rock n roll probably did the most to combat racism. It made people who the racists hated cool, and worthy of imitation. That's supposed to be bad???

I mean how would I ever had learned how to dance had I not had an opportunity to furtively watch Tina Turner? For Spokesman's Club dances, all of the WCG teenagers learned the lame WWII boogie woogie at the USO dance steps. And, you got yelled at if you got a bit over energetic even with that!



NO2HWA said...

Anon at 5:20 and 5:22 - I will continue to delete the garbage you spew. If you cant play nice here then get lost. No one cares or is impressed by you.

Joe Moeller said...

Anon immediately above:

Warned by you??


So big boy, you talk big, but this website is somebody else's property and domain. I realize that I am a guest here, why dont you?

Start your own blog defending the cults if you want. Its free, and easy. Stop being a pain in the ass. Realize when you have worn out your welcome. You are not adding anything here for anyone.

People can differ here, and still enjoy the discourse. I read everyones posts as an education to myself. The anthropology of the COG and COG experience is a fascinating one, whether you are still in it, or left it.

Your threat is very juvenile, and in a sense, alarming and disturbing. Get busy living or get busy dying. If this site annoys you, find something better to do. It is a big world with LOTS of people, places and things.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

BB said, "I mean how would I ever had learned how to dance had I not had an opportunity to furtively watch Tina Turner? For Spokesman's Club dances, all of the WCG teenagers learned the lame WWII boogie woogie at the USO dance steps. And, you got yelled at if you got a bit over energetic even with that!

MY COMMENT - BB, don't forget the classic WCG dance that all teenagers learned, THE BUNNY HOP...hop, hop, hop! :)


Assistant Deacon said...

When I was a kid, sitting in COG services in the U.S., I heard all the harangues about youth, and hippies, and Satanic music.

Most of it was based on the arrogant writings and sermons and broadcasts of a hypocrite who indiscriminately dipped his wick in any female he could.

It wasn't until I was older that I realized that it was people like him, and his abusive, incestuous father, who prompted the attitudes and actions of an entire generation in the 1960s and 1970s.

The '60s in particular ripped the United States apart. JFK was murdered, LBJ escalated the war in Viet Nam, MLK and RFK were murdered, riots broke out, and an entire generation realized that those who were in positions of authority simply didn't have their best interests at heart, let alone know what the hell they were doing.

Billingsley ranting about hippies and such accomplishes nothing, because it misses the point and misplaces blame. Young people of that era reacted to what was going on around them. They found themselves in a cultural, spiritual and moral vacuum, and the tired platitudes of their parents' and grandparents' generations were ineffectual.

In many ways, we were the Bundys more than we were the Bradys. That wasn't the fault of the kids, Alton.

Sharon said...

Thanks Ok No2. This woman is NOT afraid of emasculated little guys always have to overcompensate to prove their masculinity. That's why op many women in the Church always disliked Meredith so much. Creepy!

Sharon said...

uh, that should have said
'That's OK No2'

Anonymous said...

It's a thing that the COG leaders "over-try" to prove their supposed masculinity- especially the gay ones in UCG, PCG, LCG etc.