Sunday, May 12, 2013

Bob Thiel: Visions of Fatima Will Help Bring In The Endtime

Bob Thiel, the non-ordained self-appointed prophet is back with another amateur video.  The crooked bookcases are back.  The door in the background still is a nice touch along with crooked bookcases.  Such a beautiful backdrop. I love the 2:30 section where he holds a picture up in front of his face while he tries to read from his own book about the Visions of Fatima.  The belching spirits seem to be gone though.

This video is tied in to Bob's book on Fatima.  For a guy who comes from a  cult that discredited the Catholic church in everything, Bob gives credence to the visions of Fatima.  He thinks this vision will lead to the end time because the Pope also has recognized Fatima, and we all know that this Pope will soon turn into the anti-Christ.

Remember that Bob is also, in his own mind, a world recognized authority on the Mayan prophecies.  Bob seems to know more about the prophecies of the 
'pagans' than he does about Jesus.  Jesus gets the short shift in all of Bob's writing and videos.  Jesus still seems to be an embarrassment to so many in the COG.


Anonymous said...

Why couldn't Jesus' mother have been an attractive young woman?

Theil is being disrespectful to a picture that is possibly a good rendering of Miriam.

Anonymous said...

As typical of all COGs, they hate people who honor Mary. Sure we are not supposed to worship her, but there is no problem honoring her in certain ways. COGs dislike many other things Christians honor, such as Christmas, Easter, and the cross itself. Again we do not worship them but use them as symbols of Christ. Funny that the COGs use the same calendar system as everyone else, yet certain months have pagan origins. COGs are hypocrites of the worst kind.

Joe Moeller said...

We used to have a girl in High School named "IMA".

She wasnt "FAT" though!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Glenn said...

A governor of Texas had a daughter named "Ima Hogg." There is no truth to the story that she had a sister named "Ura."

Glenn Parker

Anonymous said...

I still have to wonder how many of his own books he has boxed up in his garage.

Anonymous said...

It's not about Jesus, it's all about ME.

-- Lord Six Pack.

James said...

The background of the bookcase and door being off several degrees from level reminds me of the old 1960's Batman series.

I guess the character in this video is named the Joker?

Anonymous said...

He can't be the joker of the Pack; that's a different COG :-)

Anonymous said...

What if Jesus mom was a total Jewish hottie, like Sarah Silverman or Natalie Portman? Stranger things have happened.

Anonymous said...

The art of prophecy is very difficult, especially with respect to the future -- Mark Twain.

Anonymous said...

Nuns run bald through Vatican halls, pregnant, pleading immaculate conception--Bruce Springsteen.

Byker Bob said...

Fatima? Wasn't that the name of Ahab's girlfriend in Ray Stevens' 1962 smash hit "Ahab the Arab"?

Alton Billingsley would just go ballistic over this, but Ray Stevens ROCKED S.E.P. in Big Sandy that summer!