Sunday, May 19, 2013

Dave Pack: The Gold and Silver Are MINE! My god Says So!

Dave Pack has been particularly ticked that people are not jumping ship from the various groups to his and bringing their money with them.  That disturbs him more than their presence does.  His first priority is money.

To reinforce that mindset, Dave claims that Haggai 2:8 pertains to him.  Since he is his god's only true COG leader and therefore the rightful steward of all tithes and offerings, the money that COG members are giving to their own groups are technically his.  It's his the money that belongs to his god and therefore rightfully is his, since he is the only TRUE leader on earth today.

Haggai 2:8: “The silver is Mine, and the gold is Mine, says the Lord of hosts.”
The Hebrew for “silver” by implication means “money.” “Gold” can also mean “precious metal.” This is an important message to God’s servants carrying out His end-time Work. God is saying that He controls (owns) vast financial resources and can provide them for His Work. In fact, He will do this in part simply because all of God’s tithes and offerings are going to one place. God is saying that He is going to redirect funds that are currently being stolen by leaders who will soon be removed from office. God will take care of the needs of His Church. Also realize that this message is to the remnant. Caught up much more deeply in the world, and in the everyday coveting going on there, they must be reminded that everything on Earth belongs to God. They must return to sacrificing for His Work as we all once did under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership.


Corky said...

They must return to sacrificing for His Work as we all once did under Mr. Armstrong’s leadership.

Turns out that all that sacrificing was for nothing. It's all gone, sold! Where's the money? Where is the promise of his coming? Gone...gone - it's all gone. So, who wants to do it again?

Want to give your time, money and property to someone else because you have nothing else to do with it? Fine...but expect nothing in return because that's exactly what you're going to get.

Oh, I forgot, it's "the way of give", yeah, you give, they get - got it? No, probably not. It takes a while for some folks to figure out something that is so extremely complicated as making someone else rich at their expense. Evidently being conned and robbed takes some folks longer to figure out than it does for others.

Jesus said to sell everything and give it to the poor but that's too socialist. Instead, sell everything and give it to a parasitic preacher-man because that's what Jesus meant to say, right?... Right?

Byker Bob said...

What an incredible barrage! I can't recall anything even remotely like this from any previous time of exposure to Armstrongism.

He may actually attract new members through all of this, but it's a moot point. There are horribly cultic elements to Armstrongism, that simply cry out for correction, yet Dave is actually proud of having preserved, restored and presided over them.

This can't have a happy ending. I just hope God chooses to minimize what looks as if it's going to be a really serious train wreck. Even worse than Weinland.


Douglas Becker said...

Sacrifice for a liar, thief, false prophet, narcissist, nutjob, sociopath, con artist?

Not going to happen: I am trying my very best to avoid those as well as psychopaths. I've attempted to inoculate myself with Dr. Phil's "Life Code". You should too.

For those who believe in God, it should be clear that Davey is not of God and rather is on the other very dark side, assisting Satan the Devil in any way he can to destroy any remaining freedom and sanity of those who are weak, vulnerable or mentally deficient.

Even after decades in Armstrongism I'd never even heard of Davey Pack until I saw postings about him here. He's WAY down the ladder of hell to even be noticed by anyone but a niche, including, but not necessarily restricted to ministers in other ACoGs who think they can have a spiffy salary in the RCG (not having checked history very well).

And God will continue to ignore him, just as He has been doing. Maybe, he won't be resurrected at all (seeing as how those of the House of God are already being judged) and simply be burned up 5 billion years from now when the sun goes all red giant on us. Actually, radiation will burn all life from the planet in 10 million years, but no one should much worry about it.

Davey is making an ash of himself.

Assistant Deacon said...

When I was part of the WCG, I remember thinking, quite sincerely, that I should be careful about what I thought or said or did; that I shouldn't be presumptuous about my belief, or about speaking for God, or acting like I knew more than I did.

The reality, however, is that clowns like Pack do it all they want -- and get away with it. They aren't struck down. They aren't punished. Armstrong died old, surrounded by wealth and opulence. Alone, yes. Broken family, yes. But he wasn't struck down and prevented by some supernatural act from spewing lies on God's behalf. Garner Ted behave like some modern-day Caligula, and cashed in his entire life. Pack blathers on "in Jesus name" and gets away with it. So does Flurry.

So, for that matter, do scoundrels and straight-up con men like Mike Murdock, Tood Coontz, Robert Tilton and others, who look straight into the camera, lie shamelessly in God's name about how sending money to them will bring people God's favor, and live in opulence while those who send them their money struggle with day to day problems.

God doesn't strike them down. They get away with it, just like HWA did, just like Pack does, just like Flurry does. I'm not sure what that means, but it doesn't seem to jive with the scriptures they claim to represent.

That's why much of Christianity, quite frankly, smacks of little more than a scam. Gimme, gimme, gimme, and shut the hell up.

No thanks. Never again.

Anonymous said...

If the leader of your cult owns a nice house that he hasn't sold... but he tells you to sell YOUR house and give him the money... it doesn't take a great deal of brain-power to figure out that he is knowingly conning you.

Douglas Becker said...

My cat seems to have taken it upon himself to start a series to prove morals and ethics are based in biology.

In the end, we will probably find scientific evidence that the terrible behavior of Pack (Flurry, Meredith, Weinland) is a biological imperative over which they have no real control -- it's just the way they are and they simply cannot change.

Don't blame God: It's in their DNA (or in what's left of it; Warning: Alcohol strongly promotes unsocial behavior!).

Anonymous said...

I wonder if alcohol can be blamed for the United Church of God's pro-stalker stance.

Or, is it because the Council of Scumbags in charge of the UCG worship a man who liked to rape his daughter?

Maybe some of both?