Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dave Pack Shuts Off Access to His "god" For One Day

Dave Pack moved his little cult HQ into it's new administration building the other day.  His entire church showed up to move him in. The amazing thing is that his god's work was only shut down for one day.  That's a miracle in it's self!  For one day his god had no access to anyone in the  entire world. How shameful of the RCG to inhibit it's god so!

Of course, in typical Dave style, this is the most awesome building ever built by ANY of the COG's EVEEEEEEEEEEEER!  It is unparalleled in the universe and is the epitome of perfection as it witnesses it's perfect design to the citizens of Wadsworth.  Thousands of Wadsworthians will soon be joining Dave's cult because of this.

Church members of the RCG should be encouraged that hundreds of thousands of dollars in furnishings had to be bought to keep Dave's high standards on par with Herb's.  That's tithe money that the poor and widows scrapped to send in so Dave can have a new mahogany desks, fine art and plenty of silver and gold in his office.  State of the art flat screens tv's audio equipment are being outfitted in his office.  No expense had been spared.

Soon Dave will be gloating about his other new buildings that will be completed by fall time.  Those pussy boys in LCG and PCG cannot accomplish anything or do anything as well as Davey can.  Woo hoo!

Also, we officially moved into the new Hall of Administration building on Monday and everything went extremely well. Incredibly, God’s Work was only “down” for one business day. The building has already turned out to be much more beautiful—and functional—than anyone anticipated. We are still receiving furniture, hanging pictures, finishing certain “touches” here and there—and of course unpacking. The thought that three buildings will be in place and complete before Thanksgiving on a magnificent campus has all of us inspired beyond words. Perhaps also before Thanksgiving we could be announcing a beautiful fourth building—the Student Center.

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Pack had a very nice "Crystal Fundraiser" so he could buy a duplicate Steuben piece, like HWA's, for his office . He paid $25,000 for it. Well the Church paid for it.