Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ron Weinland's Sister Speaks Out About Her Twisted Brother

Recently Ron Weinland's mother, sister and her husband left Ron's cult because of his lies.  His other sister that left the COG years ago is now getting  reconnected with her estranged family.

Ron is typical of the sick pigs that run the various splinter cults, particularly they  larger ones.  These sick men destroy families, wreck marriages and send members into financial ruin.  I have a feeling we are going to hear more and more about these despotic pigs in the months ahead on how they are ruining marriages and families.  With any luck we might see some of these other pigs in jail soon too!

She wrote the following on the False Prophet Ron Weinland- Don't Drink the Flavor Aid:

Jacque says:
Hello. I got into so much trouble last year when I posted that I’d pretty much decided to not ever come here again. That was when my brother’s end-time prediction was May 27th. I wrote at that time hoping that it might be an encouragement to someone to know that I once fell for the Armstrong point of view, got out, and survived it. I was never a member of my brother’s church, but didn’t speak out against it for purely selfish reasons. My mom, sister and brother-in-law were members and I didn’t want to alienate them further from me. When I posted last year, I falsly assumed they wouldn’t find out. That is when I found out that Ron and many PKG members do follow this blog. It took quite awhile for my mom and sister to talk to me again after that…but I never gave up on them. We live in the same town, so it was really hard. Ron never directly contacted me, he just did his thing through mom. I don’t have to tell any of you how manipulative he is. Anyway, why I’m writing now is to tell you all that I am so happy that I now have my mom back and actually am getting very close to my sister and brother-in-law. I’d also like to encourage all members that are contemplating leaving to run as fast as you can. Believe me, I know how hard it is for you, I’ve seen my mom, sister and brother-in law struggle….but I’ve also witnessed them getting stronger daily. I am so thankful for them and that the fallout from my brother’s twisted “teachings” hasn’t taken a bigger toll on them. I see them so much happier now. Angry, and rightfully so, but more peaceful than I’ve seen them in years. Thank you Mike for making this site available to folks that really need help seeing my brother and his wife for what they truly are.


Joe Moeller said...

I watched a documentary about Charlie Manson last night.

Many of the "family" , now in their 60s related what it was like to be seduced by Manson, the hippie culture, and Manson's strange world views about race wars, the Beatles communicating to him through the "White Album", and that the "Family" would end up ruling the world after an apocalyptic war.

What was strangely striking to me, was that Manson actually was more coherent and logical than Weinland in some ways! LOL! Actually, both used the same techniques of mind control, submission and the breaking down of ego, along with unfulfilled promise for the future.

Will Weinlands group just go away. Oh, it will have a decline, perhaps a severe one, but followers of Manson still carried on for several more years, including Lynette "Squeeky" Frohm who was still doing Manson's bidding from prison some 6 years later, and who made an attempt to kill President Ford in 1975.

Sandra Good is still a devoted follower some 44 years later, here is her info from wikipedia...

"Good was paroled in early December 1985, after having served nearly 10 years. Unlike many of the Family members, Good still professed total allegiance to Manson.

After her time on parole ended, Good moved to Hanford, California, near Corcoran State Prison, to be closer to Manson, although she was not allowed to visit him. On January 26, 1996, she and George Stimson began a pro-Manson website,[9] on which they claimed to have the true source of Manson thought. She also supported Manson's environmental movement."

So, IMHO, Weinland, like Manson, will still have a few followers for the rest of his life, and perhaps even after he drops dead. Ron only needs 10 tithe payers to be supported. Sadly, as human history of cultic leaders show, this will happen.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

James said...

Mike is a stand up guy and my hat is off for his efforts. I salute the man for taking on this evil son-a-bitch ron weinland.

James said...

No offense to his mom in the above statement. She did what was right when she tossed ron to the side of the road.

Anonymous said...

'Tis remarkable how strong the resemblance between Tim the Enchanter and Ron the False Prophet in this particular *entirely* non-photoshopped image...

"Follow [Ron Weinland]. But! Follow only if ye be men of valor!" - Tim the Enchanter

Byker Bob said...

Probably the most salient part of Jacque's post was the admission that Weinerdude actually did or does read "Don't Drink the Flavor Aid".

And that being confirmed, isn't it logical to assume that some of the other wolves read what we have to say about them here, and on other forums and blogs? Sometimes we may limit ourselves by thinking that our comments here only alleviate personal angst, but it now becomes plain that in our work here, we are having greater impact than we might have imagined. I personally believe that assisting people in leaving toxic cults is doing God's work.

So, here, here! Let's raise our glasses against evil forces, singing "whiskey for the men and beer for my horses!"



NO2HWA said...

BB: I know for a fact that Pack's cult monitor us as well as Flurry's. Another butt-wipe COG leader also monitors us and has threatened legal action against me, resorted to all kinds of harassment by one of his lap-poodle ministers in the Midwest, and filed an order with Google to find out who I am. The arrogant ass that is his minister actually contacted the church were I volunteer and told them to tell me to shut down this blog. They laughed in his face. Fucking idiot!

Byker Bob said...

Wow, Gary. And they have the gaul to use the term "persecution".

I'd just take it as a guage of how effectively you utilize this blog to educate and communicate.

I hope I don't have to worry about going to church some Sunday and have someone come up to me and ask, "Hey, are you Byker Bob? It seems you left too many clues on an anticult blog about what church you attend, and some seriously deranged people have been threatening us!" My response, of course, would be that assisting people in leaving toxic cults is part of my personal ministry!


Anonymous said...

One would think the cults would be happy about being attacked on the blogs. After all, they could count it as being persecuted for righteousness sake, and it would give them warm, spiritual fuzzies!


NO2HWA said...


When these asses contacted the church where I volunteer they said that I was embarrassing them and that I was making fun of them. Can you believe it! Such thin skinned pussies.

If they actually believed with their whole heart that what they teach is true then thy would not flinch one bit. They would claim their martyrdom status. That’s what HWA did. At least he had the balls to go on and do what he wanted regardless of what people taught.

These pussy guys are so impotent that they get their lace panties in a wad when someone says “boo” to them on the internet.

Deep down, I think these pigs know they are fraudulent worthless piles of shit and they are embarrassed for getting called out all the time.

When I explained to the church where I volunteer who these guys were and the cultish filth that they teach, they were appalled. They knew about the WCG but did not know about the hundreds and hundreds of splinter personality cults that popped up over the decades.

All I can say right now is there are some things down the pipeline that are going to expose some of the cult leaders on what kind of miscreants they really are. COG members are sick of their marriages being broken up, families destroyed, being thrown into financial ruin with fraudulent tithing and offering requirements, grandparents separated from their grandchildren, and much, much, much, much, more.

Their days of hiding on their compounds and mini campuses acting as unaccountable dictators are over. The internet has assured that and they CANNOT stop it. They can shut one of us down and another is going to take its place.

It is going to be an interesting 2013/2014!

Anonymous said...

I have three family members who left Pack's church because he was so mean and nasty to them. All he wanted was their money.

Anonymous said...

Jacque's comments are indeed heartwarming and it's very nice to hear she is reconnecting with family members.
Tearing apart the relationships between family members and friends is one of the saddest results of these offshoots of the WCG.

There are several instances of this I'm personally familiar with caused by the United Church of God, and I hear it's even more prevalent with Pack's and Flurry's groups.

I concur that these blogs are helpful in providing information about the destruction these Armstrongist splinters cause.
If there were this type of easily accessible information in HWA's era, it sure would have stunted the growth of the WCG!

But the drama still plays on, and although it's now an era with more easily accessible information, the members remaining in the Armstrongist splinters are more entrenched - most of the less indoctrinated members have flown the coop by now.

Anonymous said...

With some ACOGers living in the outskirts of society and having plentiful ammo and guns and planning to fight off imagined future marauders, it reminds me of how fortunate I am to have left Armstrongism-

Although sadly, many others have not been capable of doing so.

There's nothing like aiming a gun at those who your church tells you are "influenced by Satan"!

Especially if they don't want to starve. How naughty of them!

It's the "End Times", and time to get all "AK-47" on their asses, just like HWA and Jesus would do!

Joe Moeller said...

When a Church is led by a sole , unaccountable persona, it opens itself to being a target.

A church that has diversified leadership, and no "spokesman for God on Earth" then reduces itself to doctrinal debate as a challenge. No one is going to be offended or "take you to court" or "call your church leader" or doctrinal debate.

No, the reactions that you have received NO2HWA are the result of bruised EGO TRIPS, that require everyone on Earth to bow to them in every single way. Attacking them is on the same level of blasphemy as attacking God!

Why are they so afraid? Shouldnt their greatness be self evident? I mean, you could write here on the blog forever that Ice Cream tastes bad, and everyone knows that it tastes good and would just laugh.

Im am positive that you would print any contra-opinions from ANY of the cult leaders in response to an article or accusation here. Im sure that you would gladly print a Q & A session with any of them, and give them full and equal time.

Its called accountability, and the sooner the so called "servants" understand where their true place is on the pyramid, the better. They are accountable to us all, and not the other way around.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY


I recommend Jacque and her family who are now ex-members of Weinland's cult to seriously consider getting in contact with Dr Phil to see if they can get together with him on the show to speak about the horrible ordeal they've gone through and hopefully warn others out there about this cult and others like it!!!

NO2HWA said: "...All I can say right now is there are some things down the pipeline that are going to expose some of the cult leaders on what kind of miscreants they really are...It is going to be an interesting 2013/2014!"

I can't wait!!! :-)