Friday, July 12, 2013

Davey Pack: God Sent His Servant But You Are Too Stupid To See Its Me!

Words fail me.....
Your leaders once claimed to be searching for God’s servant. One was sent. Yet humanly I am no more special than any of you. God’s pattern of government starts with one leader. You once believed this. You also once professed to know an apostle when you saw one—meaning by the fruits. Just like you did not ask to become a minister of Jesus Christ, I did not ask for my responsibilities. Who would? But God’s flock is before us, along with the greatest Work the world has ever seen.


Anonymous said...

I think you need to know that Dave has a group of people monitoring this site and is not happy with the ridicule he is receiving. This blog is a topic of conversation at his headquarters. My cousin works in Wadsworth and is privy to the conversations.

Anonymous said...

But we do know your fruits, Dave. Completely bananas.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should consider not making such a fool of himself???

Miguel de la Rodente

Anonymous said...

Dave Pack is a jack off. No one in their right mind could ever believe this pack crap. It is at this point suicide becomes an option for the deranged.

Anonymous said...

I think Pack appeals to the least educated out there....people he can manipulate, people that don't truly understand what the bible says.

I guess the big give-away is, the idea that there is one man at the helm of God's Church. There is NOT a single man in charge of the entire Church. There never has been, never will be. People that hang on to the whole "government" doctrine are the same ones looking for a human leader.

Head Usher said...

"Yet humanly I am no more special than any of you."
Dave Pack poops, just like the rest of us. But that's where his "humanity" ends. His poop smells like roses! Yes, Dave Pack is humanly no more special than anyone else, but spiritually he's WAAAAAAY more special than you are.

"...the greatest Work the world has ever seen."

Dave Pack, god's appointed false prophet, fool, and target for ridicule. We're not happy until you're not happy.

Byker Bob said...

I'd like to thank anonymous 9:07 for sticking his or her neck out to give us that information.

Couple of quick things. Dave Pack has really created a situation that is evolving into "showdown at the OK corale". He has, as much as humanly possible, made himself unignorable.

If God is truly behind him, a little mosquito of a blog can do nothing to derail God's plan. In fact, our words here could not possibly dissuade one person from joining up with Dave, if he truly has the witness of God behind him. If he is doing what he is doing presumptuously, and without God fighting his battles, then our words here would take on a different perspective, and one could see where he would be concerned.

I would suggest that Dave concern himself solely with what Father God and Jesus Christ think of him, because if he is of God, that's all he really has to worry about.

If by some miracle, we here are on the wrong side, and Dave is everything he has bragged about, in less than two months, we who believe we are holding a Deut. 18:20-22 charlatan accountable and warning others about him are all going to be dying in car accidents, getting cancer, facing financial ruin, and probably suffering a sudden onslaught of violent halitosis, B.O., and gas. Oh, the pain!

Dave has made himself into the Armstrong problem's latest lightening rod. Let's just see what, if anything, happens. At the very least, he knows that he's got some overseers who will hold him accountable.


Anonymous said...

Uh oh said:
"My cousin works in Wadsworth and is privy to the conversations."

Now you need to understand that Dave will construct a way to find out who your cousin is who has such close privy to the conversations. Dave has been know to send fake inside letters to some he suspects and when the comments end up on the Net he knows who did it. He puts a little discrepency in their copy and they fall for it when they share a copy of the one with the discrepency in it that Dave is looking for.

Anonymous said...

Assuming we are on the wrong side and David Pack is on the right side? I have read so many comments on this site that they would prefer to be in the lake of fire. I think I would also be one those who would prefer a lake of fire than be under David Pack. Between the two hells, the lake of fire is a better option.

Anonymous said...

Dave lives in the very small world between his ears. To my knowledge he has never sat in the presense of an educated theologian to explain his views of himself, the Bible and his church to someone who might be able to set him straight. He lives the cloisterd life of a feudal lord as noted by others.

When he refers to the 6000 year old plan of God and the Garden of Eden as if true, he reveals an ignorance that has no place in this day and age. Dave's theology would fit better in the 19th Century.

Dave's Church sliver is built on sand and a house of cards with half the cards missing. He is a serious minded person and given to hyperbole to say the least. I am sure the average psychologist or psychiatrist down the streey from him would love a session just to hear him talk about himself. Someone could get a PHD on the mind and delusions of a religious zealot and Bible reader if they tap into the underbelly of RCG.

If the Religion Editor of the Akron Beacon Journal still visits this site, there's your story.

DennisCDiehl said...

Reposted from a posting further down because I want readers to read this.

Dave has created a TERRIBLE Dilemma for any suck up fake minister that wants in with is 35 requirements. Now we know the process. He could have at least kept it to himself and in house but this will prove to be his biggest blunder of all. Well except from thinking he is spoken of in the Bible or Haggai had him in mind in the 500's BCE.

Dave wants the glory days back. This means that anyone that wants back also wants those days of pay, cars, respect not earned (there were many very sincere and respectable men and wives in WCG in my experience. You just never heard of them and they have since disappeard in disgust and lessons learned) and such.

I love "Are you willing to be an Associate Pastor?"

Dave was made an associate pastor under Steve Botha in NYC because of Dave's antics and offenses to people in Buffalo. Finally WCG had had enough of DCP. Ask Steve how well Dave was willing to be an Associate Pastor. Read Dave's won autobiography where he moans and bitches about his unfair reduction in RANK to an associate Pastor.
DAVE NEVER DID WHAT HE DEMANDS NOW OF OTHERS. I think his sub conscious mind wants revenge.

Steve told me when I asked how Dave was doing. He said, "Oh..fine...and he'll go back to his old ways when he gets free of this."

Prophecy comes alive.

Douglas Becker said...

That's just it -- these false prophets give us scrap and try to force us into having to wait for their false prophecies to go belly up and float downstream like a dead stinking fish.

We have enough experience now though to call it what it is and have full confidence that this whole thing will become a spectacular failure.

Oh, and that bit about being concerned about what God and Jesus thinks about the false prophet -- well, that doesn't wash because neither of them spend any time thinking about these scoundrels (but keeping record for karma to strike much much later -- although you have to admit a failure like this one will generate its own instant karma).

The Universe will maintain order: It's just a matter of time entropy will set in and Davey Pack will completely disappear from the scene, never to be remembered ever again.

Douglas Becker said...

God’s flock is before us

Ready to be fleeced and eaten.

It will be amusing when Wadsworth turns against him (oh, sure, it's all smiles now as the City looks forward to an influx of revenue, but when that doesn't pan out...).

Allen C. Dexter said...

What a circus! I was there during those early "glory days" of the sixties and seventies. We were not all that united and my whole department was gotten rid of by GTA because it was a hotbed of contrary thinking to what the top demanded everyone sign onto.

Pack doesn't realize that as soon as his promises don't pan out, the latent doubts and discontents of these genuflecting and mentally disgraced new ministers will come roaring to the surface. They'r going to be plum pissed off.

It's going to be interesting to watch this all play out. I guess that's why I come here every day to see what new madness is on display. It's quite a comedy show.

Anonymous said...

Government(Lordship, dominion, rule) occurs 4x in the bible and three of the verses has to do with Christ reigning in the kingdom. True church not in the bible at all. Jesus Christ is to be the foundation of an assembly,but this is not happening. Church is supposed to be assembly (ekklesia-called out ones)has caused bias. These ministers are supposed to be servants and not overseers. Any assembly saying they are the only ones with the truth are contradicting what the word says about bringing the house of Israel and the house of Judah, the two olive trees, into one fold (not a building)...Christ himself is doing this throughout the four corners of the world and they are not in RCG. If you are there you are infected and need to come out of Babylon. Come out from your dances, talent shows, monthly fundraisers. Consider your ways. Mr. Pack you are in the world more than you think. If you had God's spirit you would preach what Christ preached and would not be spending time pointing fingers at other ministers calling them enemies of God and persuading them to join you. What hypocrisy! All in the name of lucre.

Byker Bob said...

In a small way, we here get to be God's "Loss Prevention Unit". As I alluded to before, just imagine if we had been able to move about amongst William Miller's people back in the 1800s! Think of what it would have meant to those people, and the suffering from which they could have been spared!

I also wish that in some way we could have held Herbie accountable as members' children were being mercilessly beaten, people were suffering and dying because of his medical teachings, farmers were going bankrupt, and the brethren were distracted from planning their lives, education, and careers leading up to 1972-75.

I know that people criticize mainstream Christianity and lump them in with Herb, but at least the mainstream teaches their members and families to live within and enjoy the present blessings of the Christian life without micromanipulating their lives, and generating fear by pretending to be the gatekeepers for the place of safety and the Kingdom. That is perhaps the most damnable practice of the Armstrong problem!