Sunday, July 21, 2013

Mr. E. W. King Says True Worldwide Church of God Members Should Be Called Zadokites and That All Detractors Are SOB's

Mr. E. W. King is back again with another important message to  the lost remnant of the true Worldwide Church of God.  This time he reveals that an angel has spoken to him and given him a Canticle called the Song of Beauty to the Worldwide Church of God.  Even though this a vitally important message to the true church, King says he can not reveal its full message.  That kind of sounds like that other delusional narcissist from Wadsworth.

*What you are about to read are portions of [revised from the original] the “Song of Beauty to the Worldwide Church of God” revealed to and written through Mr. E.W.King.  This is part three of the revelation. Part one was published on July 15th 2013 and part two on July 17th 2013. Part three was published on July 18th 2013. A powerful revelation for the saints in the Seventh Church era. A revealing of the “new song”. (Originally published in its entirety to a very small group on February 17, 2012) It is not yet time to reveal the entire message but through much prayer Mr. E.W.King believes that he has been instructed by God to reveal part four of it now on July 19th 2013. To be studied carefully. 
He is sounding just as stupid as Dave Pack is with all this secret revealed knowledge that the dumb sheep don't get to hear.
One of his messages is that true WCG members should be called Zadokites  after Zadok the priest.

He also has a name for those that mock him (like me) that he calls "sons of Belial."  I guess that is SOB for short.  :-)
All true Christians in the true Worldwide Church of God [COGSR] are called the Zadokites [the Zadok or Zaddikim]. The Zadok of the Old Testament from the line of Eliezer replaced the descendants of Ithamar as the leading priests. The developing role of Jerusalem as the exclusive center of Israel’s worship furthered the position of the Zadokites. Zadok was also a faithful servant to David of old. His loyalty was not forgotten even after David’s death.
Now the “sons of Belial” simply means “the worthless ones”. There are many worthless souls out there who just do not care about the only True God. They reject their own Creator and mock Him. Church of God ~ Speaking to the Remnant is mocked every day by the sons and daughters of Belial. The INFIDELS are children of Satan and we simply ignore their stupidity. “And what concord hath Christ with Belial? Or what part hath he that believeth with the infidel?” [2 Corinthians 6:15]  The “three nets of Belial“ could be seen as “the ignorant”, “the defiant” and “the wicked”.


Anonymous said...

These morons are just ripe for the picking. Good job, as usual.

Anonymous said...

Well he can call me an SOB all he likes, but he'll be doing it looooong distance! ;-)

Anonymous said...

"...through much prayer Mr. E.W. King believes that he has been instructed by God..."

False Prophet: "MR. E.W. KING felt the power of god instructing MR. E.W. KING to call MR. E.W. KING's followers 'Zaddikim.'"

Son of Belial: "How sure are you any of that is true?"

False Prophet: "MR. E.W. KING is absolutely sure of it because of the feeling MR. E.W. KING had."

Son of Belial: "I'm not convinced. The same "evidence" cannot function as the inspiration for a claim AND as its proof."

False Prophet: "That is because you are an ignorant, defiant, and wicked infidel and an agent of satan. MR. E.W. KING will ignore your stupidity."

Son of Belial: "How sure are you any of that is true?"


Particle Physicist: "I suspect there is an undiscovered particle that has the properties of the theoretical Higgs boson."

Son of Belial: "How sure are you any of that is true?"

Particle Physicist: "I spent 30 years and $8 billion to see whether it was true or not, and the evidence for it was statistically significant."

Son of Belial: "Oh. I was just wondering."

Particle Physicist: "Can I help you with anything else?"

Son of Belial: "Nope."

Anonymous said...

Those remaining faithful to the Worldwide Church of God should be properly labeled The Samaritans, they are nothing more than fake Israelites, pretending to be ones but all they have are fake imitations. Those who woke up from the trance and left WCG should be called the Ruthians, just like Ruth, left the cultic fake Christianity to embrace an enlightened set of beliefs.

Redfox712 said...

My advice to anyone taking E. W. King seriously:

Run away from him. Do not walk. Run.

Anonymous said...

This must be the summer for overarching , awesomely important, in my next installment, please go back and read, I can't quite tell you yet what amazing truth I have, bovinely excremental announcements by bored fake ministers.

Douglas Becker said...

Sure wish these Olde Testament Christians could even make it to the first century Pharisees!

Stuck in the past... so sad.

[Those who are stuck in the past have no future!]

Joe Moeller said...

Sounds like the names from the 1960 movie "The Time Machine"

In fact, I had a dream last night too, and these should be the name of our church people today too!...

In the movie, our time traveller to the futuure, is horrified to discover that people , known as the Eloi, are little more than free range livestock to the master Morlocks (who live underground) , who raise the Eloi and cannibalise them.

I, the most high potentate, Joe Moeller, do hereby declare from henceforth, that Pack, Flurry, Meredith, Thiel and King be known as THE MORLOCKS, and that their followers be known as "THE ELOI".

I am now going to bed and "sleep it off"!

Luv ,
Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

COG types also have a tendency to get stuck in the future which never quite gets here as advertised....

Byker Bob said...

Back when I was in high school, space exploration was really hot, and the man on the street was caught up in speculating as to whether there might be life on the moon, or Mars. Obviously, this seems quite ignorant now, based on what has been discovered.

There were frequently cartoons featuring the Martians, or people claiming to be Martians in newspapers and magazines. Amazingly, some of these latter day prophets basing their worthless garbage on WCG theology act quite like those cartoon caricatures of olde.


Anonymous said...

sounds like DCP?...yep, they're obviously listening to to the same spirit......

Anonymous said...

Hey, anon. As a experiment, leave the C out of Dave's initials. Do you see a familiar abbreviation for a condition often referenced by WCG members and ministers?

Jus sayin'

Anonymous said...

Sounds like hes been reading some of the Dead Sea Scrolls commentaries. Both phrases are common to those.

Anonymous said...

Demon Possession?

You see it in their eyes, the mirrors of their soul.

Corky said...

Sounds just like Paul's vision of the third heaven - wonderful, but was forbidden to reveal it to his followers. So, "trust me, I wouldn't mislead you, why it has not even entered the thoughts of man what God has prepared for him - trust me on that, it's gonna be great".

Byker Bob said...

I wonder if EW King lives in an area of the country where mushrooms with purple rings around them grow in the cowpies.


Anonymous said...

Since he lives in the mountains the mushrooms grow out of bear or deer patties.