Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Bob Thiel: Is He Ready To Declare Himself Another Elisha?

God's most important man (after Davey Pack), worlds foremost authority on prophecy, all things Mayan and Chief Overseer of the Continuing Ed Church of God is all excited that recent excavations may have discovered Elisha's home.

Notice however, the very first line where Bob makes sure to point out that Elisha had a double portion of the Holy Spirit.

This is the same thing that Bob uses to legitimize his apostate splinter cult.  He claims an LCG elder doubly blessed with a double portion of the holy spirit.

When one is doubly blessed one MUST start their own church even when they are not ordained.

There is a report that a dwelling of the biblical Elisha, who asked to be granted a double-portion of God’s Spirit from Elijah (2 Kings 2:9-13), has possibly been found:
July 23, 2013

TEL REHOV, Israel – During 16 years of excavating Tel Rehov in the Jordan Valley, archaeologists uncovered a 3,000-year-old, well-planned city.

They also found a unique building that might have been the house of Elisha the prophet…

During the excavations, archaeologists discovered a special room inside the house with a table and a bench. They also discovered a pottery shard with the name Elisha on it, dated to the 9th century.

The discovery has led some to believe this was the room of the prophet Elisha.
Towards the end of the posting Bob has this:

Elisha was made a prophet of God to lead after Elijah no longer was fit to be the leader (see also Elijah: Past and Prophesied).

As we get closer to the end, it is interesting that archaeologists continue to find more evidence of biblical peoples, places, figures, and events.
 That all translates into Bob speak as this:

Since Rod Meredith was no longer fit to lead the church I had to step in and take matters in hand.  Even though I am not ordained by the laying on of  hands, I have been doubly blessed by an elder so therefore I am a legitimate leader in the Church of God.  As we get closer to the end God will further legitimize me in my position as he unveils more archaeological items and scriptural references.


Byker Bob said...

It's great once in a while when these guys come up with a legitimate history lesson. Those are really, really, really scarce in Armstrongism. The problem is, they always apply them to themselves, their work, or their calling, and there is a disconnect. Totally inappropriate, totally presumptuous!

Here's a novel approach for all you boys wantin' to play a game of Bible: Why not allow God to make the connection rather than doing it for yourself? Let Him call attention to you as His servant! Of course we know why they all hype themselves. God won't do it FOR them because he has nothing at all to do WITH them! And, Thiel, if you disagree with that, kick back for a bit, and allow God to prove me wrong.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Thiel needs a double dose of meds.

Anonymous said...

Matzos must have some kind of ego virus in them is all I can tell...

Anonymous said...

wait a min. thiel claimed he had hands laid on him.

Painful Truth said...

To the lake of fire for the heretic Bobby Thiel!

Anonymous said...

Found a 1963 quarter in my yard when I went home to visit. My grandfather stopped by the house in 1963 so I bet this coin belonged to my grandfather. Must have fallen out of his pocket on a visit.

Anonymous said...

"Why not allow God to make the connection rather than doing it for yourself? Let Him call attention to you as His servant!"

This is what Jim Jones did.
And to "look to the fruits", Jim Jones surely did many good works.

Anonymous said...

Since the "holy spirit" is a fictitious thing to begin with, it doesn't matter how many "portions" of it one has, including zero. If you're an idiot, then you're an idiot, and a million "portions" of the "holy spirit" don't change a thing.

Byker Bob said...

"This is what Jim Jones did".

I would recommend that you and anyone who might have been deceived by your ignorant statement read the Wikipedia article on Jim Jones. Many surprises, many similarities to someone else we know was able to fool people. Even some influence from the Seventh Day Baptists!

Next time, you may want to do a little more research. ;-)