Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meredith Misses Writing First Member/Co-Worker Letter In Ages

Richard Ames has written to the members of LCG letting them know that Rod is too BUSY to write the latest coworker letter.  With his rapidly declining health, there may be more to the story than "being too busy." Ever since Rod jumped ship from LCG he has never missed an opportunity to write about how awful the world is, that gays are ruining everything, and that LCG is the most awesome COG ever!

Ames starts off by praising Rod and his outstanding leadership of the LCG.  Given that LCG is embroiled in power struggles and deep issues at the Charlotte offices Ames congratulations carries a lot of background baggage with it.
God’s Work continues to grow and expand under the leadership of our Presiding Evangelist, Dr. Roderick C. Meredith. We thank God that Dr. Meredith continues to demonstrate zeal and vision at age 83. He administers the global operations of Tomorrow’s World and the Living Church of God and daily communicates with ministers and brethren around the world from his office here in Charlotte, North Carolina. His passion for fulfilling the Great Commission continues unabated, and he inspires all of us to “press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 3:14). Amidst his many scheduled activities and projects this month, he has asked me to write this month’s letter to you brethren and co-workers.

With the pointed and stinging rebukes that Dave Pack has leveled against LCG recently because of their shrinking television program, Ames wants everyone to know how great it all is.  You will also notice that Meredith cannot discuss Jesus when that is the dude he claims to partially represent

As you have seen announced in our July-August 2013 Tomorrow’s World magazine, the Tomorrow’s World telecast will now blanket the nation of Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) countries. These programs will feature Russian-language voiceovers. We are excited about this new “open door” for the preaching of the gospel. The first two telecasts will be Dr. Meredith’s “How Can You KNOW God?” starting on July 24, followed by my telecast “Vital Keys for Bible Study” on July 31.

Ames then continues on to channel Meredith.  A letter to the membership could not be adequate unless sex was part of the conversation.  The more gay sex they can talk about the more money they hope to bring in.  So far it hasn't worked for them.

I hope most of you had the opportunity on June 30 to watch Dr. Meredith’s live on-line Tomorrow’s World Presentation, “Prophecy and the Decline of the Western Nations.” He powerfully indicted America and those nations supporting and promoting same-sex marriage. Shockingly, the U.S. Supreme Court on June 27 struck down the Congress-legislated Defense of Marriage Act. As Dr. Meredith has proclaimed, the Supreme Court of Heaven will not be mocked by men and women rebelling against the laws of God! The history of the world has demonstrated that civilizations decline, decay and self-destruct when they reject the Ten Commandments and the nuclear family. The Roman Empire was one case in point. Read my Tomorrow’s World magazine article “Rise and Fall of Nations” (July-August 2002) on our Web site.
Twenty-nine of the 50 U.S. states currently ban same-sex marriage; in another five it is not legal but not explicitly banned. Twenty states directly ban “same-sex civil unions” meant to approximate marriage. Will their moral strength remain strong? Or will the wave of immorality undermine even these states? This Work has warned—and will continue to warn—our Western nations that, if they will not repent and turn to their Creator, God will judge them with severe punishment. The prophet Jeremiah spoke of our end-time and referred to the Great Tribulation, a time unique in all history, when the American and British-descended peoples, descendants of the ancient patriarch Jacob, will be punished: “Alas! For that day is great, so that none is like it; and it is the time of Jacob’s trouble, but he shall be saved out of it” (Jeremiah 30:7). Why will God punish our nations? “For I have wounded you with the wound of an enemy, with the chastisement of a cruel one, for the multitude of your iniquities, because your sins have increased” (v. 14).
If the above is true, they why does LCG continue to mock their god by the continual adultery by members and some of the leadership?  The sanctity of marriage is not a top priority in LCG. They need to clean up their own house before they start throwing stones at others.  they have been spitting this same message for over 25 years and people are sick of hearing it.

Ames then launches in on how the Russians hate us and will over power us.  That the  entire world hates Manasseh, ad naseum.

Then he starts in "reason" and how thinking contributes to a godless society.  I think this is a knee-jerk reaction by LCG towards the thinking LCG members that have been leaving the fold over the last several years.  People are using their brains, reading the Internet and logically thinking through the message of Meredith and they have been left wanting.

The entire letter is yet one more long process of death, damnation and gloom.  It offers not hope and cannot talk about Jesus except to say this:
Jesus also declares the genuineness of true freedom: “Then Jesus said to those Jews who believed Him, “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free” (John 8:31-32).

If LCG actually paid attention to Jesus and really understood what he taught then LCG would not be so fear based in all of its work.  Who wants to read stuff that is constantly filled with damnation and death?  That is what every single letter,  booklet, magazine article and TV broadcast dwells on. If you are so screwed already, then why not enjoy life?  Fear does not change many  people, but good examples and hope does.

Then Ames ends with telling LCG members how exclusive and special they are.  Screw the rest of humanity, you are god's chosen - frozen in 1986.

Brethren and co-workers, God has freely given us His precious truth. His wisdom and understanding are far more valuable than rubies (Proverbs 3:13-15). God’s truth protects us from the deceptions of this world, and—as long as we practice the truth by Christ living in us (Galatians 2:20)—it will keep us free from sin. We must continue to fulfill the Great Commission and preach the gospel of the Kingdom as a witness to the world (Matthew 24:14). Thank you all for your continuing zeal, participation, support and prayers for this most important mission in the world. May God help us all to stand for the Truth as we look forward to the coming Kingdom of God that will bring true liberty and freedom to all nations!
Continue to pray for the success of the Tomorrow’s World telecast in Russia. And pray for more open doors for the gospel to be preached in all nations around the world.
Thanks Richard for all the grace filled hope in Jesus.  It just makes me all warm and comfy as the world falls apart around me. Some day I hope you can let the dude into your life and be set free from all the bullshit.


Anonymous said...

I don't know about the gay thing, but it's kinda creepy that God lets his 2000 year old single son live with him and there is no Mrs God these days as in times past.

Black Ops Mikey said...

God must be too busy lately to kill off false prophets, but He'll get around to it eventually.

If it weren't for Ronald Weinland cursing Meredith, Rod would probably be dead by now, but it's evident that Rotten Ronnie's curses are blessed and he ended up in prison in any event.

If there's to be threats of devastation and punishment, the ACoGs should look first to their false prophets and wonder when judgment is going to be executed on them.

Anonymous said...

When Rod finally does assume room temperature, I sure hope they plant him in Charlotte. That's definitely close enough to make the drive for a little cemetary dancing! On the day that guy is finally gone, this world will be a brighter, more moral place. Thanks for keeping us posted.

Byker Bob said...

Yeah, this gloom and doom stuff is all they understand. Armstrongism is positively Kafkaesque. It is certainly NOT the freedom of Jesus Christ!

If only some of these people would get brave and read some of the wonderful writings of outside Christian leaders, perhaps they would realize that God doesn't want them to live in a constant state of fear and depression.

I can see it all now! "Why, Mr. Arthur, you look positively radiant today! Care to share?"

"Why, yes, Mrs. Rippington, I have just read Joel Osteen's new book. It has given me a new sense of purpose in life, and some insights into the love of our Heavenly Father!"

"Why, Mr. Arthur! I am shocked. Joel Osteen is not one of God's ministers! I believe you have fallen under the influence of Satan, and will be sharing our conversation with Mr. Ames!"

"If you do that, Mrs. Rippington, it will be because that is God's will! And with what I've learned from Joel's book, I'm going to be believing for a victorious outcome, and a fantastic blessing from God!"

(Wouldn't it be awesome if stuff like that started happening in the ACOGs?)


Anonymous said...

heaping all of that praise on RCM makes me wonder if he's had a setback...he might be incapaciated.

Head Usher said...

"I don't know about the gay thing, but it's kinda creepy that God lets his 2000 year old single son live with him and there is no Mrs God these days as in times past."

It's not so creepy, it's like Bonanza, or the Bradys before the bunch came along.

Yeah, Ramona, er, I meant, Lillith, divorced his ass and took half of his universes in the settlement. I can only guess that this one stayed in Mr. God's possession, because all the references to Mrs. God got crossed out. So now, it's just like Vader and Luke, ruling the universe together as father and son.

Redfox712 said...

Meredith too busy? They expect us to believe that?

Anonymous said...

Meredith Misses Writing First Member/Co-Worker Letter In Ages

Sure, if "ages" means "since February". Ames has been writing occasional LCG co-workers for several years:

April 2010
August 2010
January 2011
July 2011
February 2012
July 2012
February 2013

Redfox asked:
Meredith too busy? They expect us to believe that?

Why not? For an 80-year-old man, crippled by a stroke, it doesn't take too much to be too busy.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he has gone into seclusion due to Wadsworth's village idiot's bogus prophecies.

Anonymous said...

maybe hes like qin shi huang. hes already dead and teyre figuring out the cover story. RSK

Anonymous said...

RSK, Are you suggesting the LCG 'Ames' to produce a new and better version of Weekend at Bernie's???

Anonymous said...

I hope that he doesn't die on the date that David C Quack predicted! Can you imagine how that blow hard would crow. It might bring him all the way out of the closet and he would proclaim his divinity. David Joshua C (hrist) Turdpacker.