Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dave Pack: Is He Getting Ready To Flip Us All Off On September 1?

Secret hidden road sign that Dave Pack is planning on using on September 1 when all the COG's refuse to join up with him. 

This was discovered behind Dave's new TV studios where it is being stored till they can move it on on the street across for the big box store parking lot.

He will either be flipping us all off or will be flipping his words around to meaning something other that what he has been trying to get across.  That seems to be the way of all COG false prophets.

ht: jm


Byker Bob said...

There are probably a bunch of splinter members who would love to see Dave's "prophecy" come to pass. But, they are also petrified with fear and are fervently praying that God will choose a different leader!


Unknown said...

This is the real sign from a real church in FLIPPIN ARKANSAS. Yep, for reals.. The Flippin Church of God!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY