Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Royal Baby: King David's Great, Great, Great, Great, Great...Grandchild Will Be 4 When Millennium Starts

Just when you think COG members can't dream up another stupid theory, along comes Geoff.

Why the new Royal baby may be a sign of things to come

On 18th July 2013 (10th Ab), the British Government
announced the Queen had signed a Law 'legalizing'
marriage between Sodomites.

That indicates she may have signed it the previous day,
on the 9th of Ab. 

This abomination in Ephraim, whom God calls "My first born",
approved by the incumbent Judah-sceptre-line monarch,
--descended from King David--
can thus be compared to,
if David had proclaimed all Israelites are allowed to
legally marry a person of the same sex.

Knowing how God responded to David's adultery,
had this happened, it would have also brought
a direct response from Heaven.
Indicating we are now in a similar time.

Especially when viewed in light of
(a) the spreading Sodomite 'marriages'
in America, France, and other mainly Israelite nations

...combined with (b) the increasing violence and racial trouble in the world. 

All of which surely indicate
which Jesus predicted would come in the end days,
and which compel Him to intervene in world affairs
sometime soon.
If Herbert W. Armstrong was correct
and Christ returns on a Feast of Trumpets
preceded by a 1335-day countdown,
that count can (currently) start early 2014.

Which means that when Christ returns,
the new Royal baby would be
at least 4-years old.

He was born 22 July 2013 (15 Ab).
A few days after the Queen signed the new Law.
 So the new baby may be another sign the end is near...
...because, when the Millennium is over,
and he's a 1000-year old spirit being,
King David is going to be blessed
by having his own newborn baby
from Bathsheba, resurrected.

Similarly when the Millennium starts,
David looks like he's going
to be blessed by having the
by then 4-year old (or older) new Royal Prince,
as a great-great-great-etc grandchild.
In both cases these look like God-planned events.

The new Prince's birth shortly after
the UK Sodomite-'marriage' law was announced,
may also indicate God knew it would happen,
and this was His way of saying
that He stands behind both man/woman marriage,
and childbirth
--and His promise to David of a perpetual
line of Royalty.

Geoff Neilson
Cape Town


Joe Moeller said...

Off topic, but this is just in.. "Off the wire"...

COG/PKG NEWS: Ron Weinland’s daughter Audra is divorcing her husband. It appears that he is following scores of others in losing faith that Ron and Laura are the two witnesses.

The following message was sent out to the COG/PKG ministry.

This is a notification to all of you so that you are informed that Audra Weinland has filed for divorce with Chris Little. There is no need for further information than this. However, since Audra is a sr. elder and works directly in the administration of the Church and works with many of you in the ministry, we wanted you to be aware of this. Audra is taking back her last name as Weinland. Her new email address is Court Document 13-CI-01172 LITTLE, AUDRA LYNN VS. LITTLE, CHRISTOPHER DOUGLAS

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Sad to see anyone's marriage break up, because that hurts and throws your life into chaos for a while even if the marriage was one of the bad ones.

I don't know Chris, but in this case it would be difficult not to be happy that another fellow human being was becoming "unscrewed". If there are any children, I hope Chris can exert some good stabilizing influence so that they do not become permanently damaged by Weinland's cult.


Redfox712 said...

Geoff Neilson speaks of "the increasing violence and racial trouble in the world."

As far as I can tell "racial trouble" in the world of Armstrongism, often indicates that they fear "non-white" people (African Americans, Hispanics, etc.) are seizing power away from (supposedly Israelite) "whites".

I remember once, in 2000-1, hearing Meredith say that the Great Tribulation had already started. He was talking about Robert Mugabe's brutal seizure of farmland owned by whites in order to redistribute it. I never approved of that measure when it happened, but to say it is the start of the Great Tribulation is just crazy and ridiculous.

Byker Bob said...

Sssshhhh! Let's not tell Geoff that the British royal family is German! They are of the house of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. During WW I, King George thought it would be good pr to take on a British name, so he announced that henceforth they would be known as the House of Windsor. He swore their undying allegiance to the British nation at that time. When Elizabeth II married Prince Phillip, another German, he changed his name to Mountbatten, but then took on the name Windsor in marriage.

Yet some more esoterica you never heard from HWA/WCG!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes, a divorce is a good thing, like if either one of the parties involved is a total jerk.