Tuesday, April 8, 2014

James Malm's "god" Only Answers Prayers In Proportion to How Many of the 613 Laws You Keep

The Church of Malm, always looking for the right combination, 
never realizing the safe is already unlocked.

James Malm's pathetic whoring to the "law" over the sanctification and justification of Jesus is blatantly apparent in today's post with the following sentence:

Our prayers are answered in proportion to our diligent keeping of the whole word of God!

Malm's magical god only proportionally answers prayers according to how many of the 613 laws of Hebrew scripture that you keep.  Do you only keep a few of the laws?  If so, then Malm's god will only listen to a portion of your prayers.  Accordingly, the more laws you keep the better Malm's god will like you.

In truth though, this is not isolated to Malm and his little cult.  It is the same thing that every single COG out there believes.  The "law" is the focus of every COG out there.  They cannot talk about Jesus, but published stacks and stacks of literature on the "law."  Telecasts, sermons, webcasts, and web sites all expound the law.  The "LAW" is the true god of the Church of God.


Anonymous said...

The absurdity of this statement is incredible. Does it square with modern reality in any way?

If this were true, the daily missives James Malm did not type from the 4th floor office of his campus' "Administration Building" would come to us from aboard his Gulfstream jet en route to discuss "a strong hand from someplace" with various third-world leaders.

The people who's (figurative) "prayers" are "answered" most often are the ones who figure that time spent begging an invisible man for stuff is time they could better spend trying to bring such an "answer" to pass by themselves (by hook or by crook!)

The moral of this story? If you can't "keep the whole word of god" don't waste your time praying either. If you can, you'll be like James Malm in how you never have time to realize how your prayers aren't being answered.

James said...

Let us see if Malm can keep 613 laws and not remain a insignificant little maggot as he is currently.

Byker Bob said...

Now we know what kind of parent and grandparent James is!

James, are you familiar with the phrase "unconditional love"?


old EXPCG hag said...

Oh stop being a whiner, just send Malmmy some money!

Anonymous said...

Isn't this just the doctrine of health and wealth? Rich coming from a guy who is neither.