Friday, August 19, 2016

Bob Thiel Does Not Take Too Kindly Being Called A False Prophet! The Good News Is...He Is Praying For All Of Us Here

Mock not Elisha the prophet!

Bob Thiel was not happy that we mocked his homemade video he made recently where he whined about Hillary and Trump and why he would NOT vote for either of them.

In the midst of his 1,800+ word tirade he has this about me and the rest of us that mock his false prophecies and false teachings:

The Banned by HWA website also regularly calls me a ‘false prophet.’  Its webmaster has claimed that I have made false prophecies (which is not true) and that nothing I have said came to pass (also not true; ; I even posted something earlier today which showed that something I wrote on September 13, 2015 came to pass this Summer–see Germany proposing a type of burqa ban). 
He and those at his site you cease and desist from such things, believe the Bible, and prayerfully study the article How To Determine If Someone is a True Prophet of God
Sadly, because many involved with the Banned by HWA website do not have a real love of the truth, they do not seem to care about their false assertions and conclusions. 
Anyway, the latest thing that I apparently did to get attention by the Banned by HWA website was to personally produce a video giving my personal opinions on why I would not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton (you can watch 10 Reasons Not to Vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton).

Why do these buffoons take themselves so seriously?

Oh...some of you here are reprobates just like me! Never fear though...God's doubly blessed and mightest church leader since Ananias and Sapphira is praying for us!

The webmaster and some others at the Banned By HWA site remain in my prayers. 


Anonymous said...

I am one who mocks you Bob. I knew you when you were part of Living Church of God. It was such a blessing in everyone's lives when you apostatized. You are a self righteous fraud, a liar and a false prophet. Send your damn bears to kill me, Elisha Thiel! Come on, I dare you! You fraud!

Connie Schmidt said...

I think the State of California should take over Thiel's Continuing Church of God ala a receivership like happened to WCG back in 1979.

Let us add a new moniker for Bob... "Almost IRS Audited Bob Thiel".

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Bitter "Almost Arrested Mail Order Doctor" Bob Thiel said, "Sadly, because many involved with the Banned by HWA website do not have a real love of the truth, they do not seem to care about their false assertions and conclusions."


I have 50+ Years of Armstrong experience, I love the truth and YOU ARE NOT the Judge. I learned the truth was not with Mr. Armstrong, and that he was a fraud as time has shown. Why Mr. Armstrong's own words confirmed he was a fraud - I HEARD him with my own EARS say in the early 1980s state on The World Tomorrow telecast and I quote, "If you do not see all these things come to pass in the NEXT 15 years, YOU will know that I was a fraud and the TRUTH WAS NOT WITH ME!"

When the premise is WRONG, EVERYTHING ELSE THAT FOLLOWS IS ALSO WRONG. Since "Almost arrested Mail Order Doctor" Bitter Bob Thiel followed the WRONG premise of Mr. Armstrong and idiot Rod Meredith, therefore by simple logic Bob Thiel must also be a fraud and the truth cannot be with him!

Thank you for your prayers. And, I will thank you for your bit part in the Church of God comedy of clowns that keeps us entertained. Frankly, we don't care what you say as long as you entertain us. Don't expect any money for your Armstrong Church of God franchise.


Anonymous said...

I cant believe you are all mocking the Chosen One! God deliberately doubly blessed him! His followers had dreams that he is the true and rightly heir of the truth. Big Daddy Meredith said he was the Chosen One.

Mock ye not the prophet of the Lord!

Black Ops Mikey said...

See, now -- the false prophet is to be put to death.

Since Robert Thiel has not been put to death, he must not be a false prophet.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he gets all this attention and reactions, considering his small membership and bland videos.

RSK said...

Thanks for the free promotion, self-appointed Bitter Bob.

Anonymous said...

Bob Thiel mocks himself.

In fact, he does a far better job of mocking himself than anyone else ever could by never saying anything more prophetic than the sort of vague "predictions" a stripmall astrologer would invent, and he never performs any miracles or drops any other clue to corroborate the "true prophet" status he so desperately wants others to believe he has, as if there were such a thing.

Because of the above blindingly obvious deficits to his prophet résumé, he continually has to drum up and/or rehash reasons why anyone should still think he's a prophet anyway.

Back in 2012, over 4 years ago, Thiel listed 20 "prophecies" from his 2009 book, 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect that he counts as having come true.

"Since the first edition of the book was originally released in 2009, world events have aligned with at least twenty predictions in it. This second edition includes a summary of 20 predictions that world events have already aligned with:

1. The replacement of the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency by many nations is happening.
2. The Vatican amended its constitution to compromise.
3. A major European Empire has officially formed.
4. Barack Obama has encouraged the above formation.
5. European leaders have called for a Middle East peace deal that they want to confirm.
6. More look to gold to back up paper currencies.
7. The Large Hadron Collider has discovered technologies that could have military ramifications.
8. The USA has greatly increased its debt.
9. USA budget priorities have shifted from defense.
10. An altar for sacrifices has been finished in Israel.
11. The leadership of the Eastern Orthodox Church has indicated that there could be an ecumenical council.
12. The U.S. military agreed to rely on Europe’s upcoming Galileo for part of American defense.
13. Civil unrest has started to develop in Europe.
14. Vatican Fatima changes support the position that Marian apparitions will be used ecumenically.
15. Foreign creditors have started to question US debt.
16. Barack Obama has encouraged sinful practices.
17. China indicated it could take-over Australia.
18. Odd weather patterns are occurring.
19. Barack Obama has encouraged a multi-national power in the Islamic world.
20. An Islamic confederation in the Arab world has began to form–and it will get larger come together for a time.

Out of probably hundreds of "prophecies," this list represents a compilation album of some of Bob Theil's greatest hits. This is the best he can do?

Many of these are so vague you'd be hardpressed to say they didn't come true no matter what happened. Others could be predicted simply by extrapolating trends. And yet others are unintelligible fragments.

Is there even so much as ONE of these, now 4 years later, that you would look at and say "OMG! Bob Theil predicted something specific and improbable, and it totally came to pass, just like he said it would!.

In order to be a prophet, you have to communicate a message on behalf of a deity. It's painfully obvious that Bob Theil speaks on behalf of no one but himself, and at any rate, he's not even very good at communicating. Who couldn't be just as good a prophet as Bob Theil? Talented magicians such as Derren Brown could be much better prophets. Penn & Teller are already better at being the two witnesses than anyone in the COGs.

After the defacto drubbing Bob Theil gives himself, does he even leave any room for others to mock him? Any mocking we might attempt pales in comparison.

Byker Bob said...

Bob Thiel is a figment of his own imagination! And, it's not that we here hate "truth". It's that we hate truth falsely so-called. Why would he try to fan the flames of prophecies that a false prophet made and had fail over 40 years ago? It must be sad to have to tie your entire existence to something such as that. Oh well, his personal hourglass will run out all too soon, and then nobody will even remember him or his hobby. What a waste.


DennisCDiehl said...

If Bob can't recognize himself how unprofessional and shallow his videos look and sound, no one else will be able to point it out to him successfully.

Also, IMHO there are no prophets humans and speculating on trends in the news doesn't count as wins for self appointed prophet types like Bob. But Bob does take after the Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 10:10 where it is noted:

"For some say, "His letters are weighty and forceful, but in person he is unimpressive and his speaking amounts to nothing."

However I am not sure about the weighty and forceful letters either.

Bob can't help it if he has these difficulties with public communication. What he can help however is recognizing it which he doesn't.

Michael said...

Bob's videos are just so horribly done as to not merit comment, except to comment on how horrible they are...:)

Anonymous said...

Bob you are no different from the hundreds and hundreds of other splinters from wwcog.But you have a following now.As small as it is.But that's what you always craved.A following and recognition.Christ came to set us free from men such as yourself and from ourselves.We fool ourselves time and again that we are something.When we really are naked,unclothed and needy."Come to me all you who are needy and I will give you rest".I hope you will find that rest.

Anonymous said...

Maybe he should use Pack's RCG media center to produce his "videos." They would be of much higher quality. Also, with "two prophets" working together, imagine the list of failed prophecies that could be put together!

James said...

Bob comes to us as an angel of light, but he's not. He is a deceiver.

Anonymous said...

Our country needs Bob Thiel!

He can help us - the USA - become less dependent on Middle Eastern oil.

The 'turbine' of his whirling arms can be connected to a generator- to generate electricity, and possibly enough electricity for the whole street or subdivision in which he lives!

The laws of eminent domain can effectively let the power company take over his house, duct tape him to a pole and make him into a part of the electrical power generating system.

He's always wanted a "position of power"!

Anonymous said...

Pagan Catholic Devil-worshippers like Bob Thiel should be thankful for all the free advertising he gets from the Banned Blog.

Anonymous said...

From my perspective, Dr. Thiel makes great personal effort and sacrifice to bring Biblical Truth to a dying world. Do you all think that God's Kingdom is NOT coming? Do you believe the curtains behind him make a difference? Do you not believe Jesus' own messages? Weren't any of you baptized? Surely, you know nothing about the funds of the church, who is paid for what, how funds are spent. How is it that you make false statements so confidently? Do any of you believe in God? The commandments? How about the 9th commandment. Any of you want to check your words and behavior against that law?

The Lord rebuke you all.

Byker Bob said...

One of the dynamics of the universe that Armstrongism cannot explain or deal with is polarity, or yin and yang as it is also called. Everything in the universe has polarity. What this means is that as positive factors increase in the surrounding world (which they comstantly do) opposite or negative factors are increasing at the same rate. Advances in science, and awesome new technology are accompanied by, and can be offset by growth of bad stuff in the same or other areas. So, with both being present, the most important factor in your life is which pole you tend to focus upon and add your efforts and energy to.

Armstrongism focussed all of us on the things attracted to the negative pole, and convinced us that the positive pole is only an illusion in this physical life, that it can only exist in the future one, the one over which they will be the gatekeepers. No hope in this life, so they taught us to be secessionists from all but the one "approved positive" group effort in this physical life. This is why Thiel still dwells on, and feeds from all of the negatives, and attempts to dramatize them with his often very limited talents and abilities, and why numerous people can leave Armstrongism, but are still unconsciously warped towards negative conspiracy theories, and all of the gloom and doom of the world. Even people who no longer believe in all of the crap that Bob Thiel and others are shoveling out, just hearing it or being exposed to it occasionally can be a bring down from all of the positives.

(Now, lets hear some Armstrongist counter point from some of the ones who still wish to remain negative.)


Anonymous said...

Wavy jazz hands Bob!

RSK said...

You appear to be replying to a comment I'm not seeing, ThyKingdomCome. Why don't you list these lies for us?

RSK said...

As for the quality of Bob's videos, this television director has already wasted space on this blog explaining proper camera positioning, framing, et cetera.

Byker Bob said...

12:43 ~ Wah hoo! Grease your asshole with Vaseline, and head on out for your nearest ACOG!


Anonymous said...

ThyKingdomCome, what is this 'biblical truth' that Bob is bringing us. All I heard is prophesy speculation. And yes, the crappy curtains behind him do make a different since no one is above psychology. Most of your comment seems disconnected from the real world.

Charlie Speck said...

BB 8:57---Pretty stupid and childish comment, but of course you had to make some kind of comment, you just can't seem to let anything go without putting in your 2 cents even if what you have to say is on the level of what you just said.

Retired Prof said...

BB, I can't agree that everything in the universe has polarity. My ATV, for example, is not a Polaris but a Honda. It has hondacity.

(I said this to show Charlie Speck that BB is not the only one who tries to lighten the mood around here with silly off-topic comments.)

Anonymous said...

"You're bipolar!"


But the earth is bipolar.

Anonymous said...

"BB August 20, 2016 at 3:14 PM"



Byker Bob said...

DBP @ 3:14, you got it! The cartoon you linked says it all. Native Americans are awesome teachers.