Thursday, October 13, 2016

Wayward COG Prophet Who Communicates With Aliens Has Online Melt Down

It has been while since we have heard about Eric King here.  During this absence he has been busy making new prophecies and communicating with his alien overlords.  He suffered the death of his favorite horse recently and was really broken up over that.

He has released the following two videos which are an even clearer indication on how troubled his mind is.  It is actually kind of sad to see this melt down.  If you could divorce him from all of the Armstrongism and other religious malarky he is in he actually looks like a decent guy with a big heart.

Just further proof on how damaging the church has been to countless people over the decades.



Byker Bob said...

A little bit buzzed???

This poor guy is obviously hurting. In addition to the loss of his horse, I think he may have recently lost one of his former band members and is processing it in his own musical way. The first video definitely shows some Dimebag Darrel/Pantera influences, and actually isn't half bad. I couldn't stand to watch much of the second video, shot in negative tones. That's the melt down.

If he had any illusions of attracting ACOG splinter members to his group, this sort of public behavior has pretty much destroyed it. He comes off as one who needs reaction from others, and doesn't necessarily care if those reactions are for positive or negative reasons. You could argue that that is the common driving personality trait he shares with people such as Bob Thiel, Ron Weinland, and Dave Pack. But Thiel, Weinland, and Pack are different in that they are totally uncool.

You are right, Eric is a guy that might be fun to hang out with if it weren't for all of the philosophical bias that would probably ruin the visit.


Anonymous said...

What was that all about, what a bunch of far out sad pathetic whatever.

Anonymous said...

This is why people lobby for there to be treatment places and plans, for people with mental illness.

If only such resources had been available for the nutcases who wrote Daniel and The Revelations!

Anonymous said...

Attention whores!