Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Dave Pack on "Our Disorderly Brothers and Sisters" In The Splinter Groups

All of you heretics in the various splinter Churches of God are being soooooo disorderly because you REFUSE to come over to Dave's dark side. You have no decency or order in your groups. Stop fighting Super Dave!

Here are God’s people being told to withdraw from disorderly brethren who do not obey traditions, word, epistle, truth or all the things we’ve just said, in the run up to the Man of Sin and the other wizards with him. That’s exactly what it says. But don’t see them as enemies. They are the flock of the slaughter. And, lo and behold, 2,000 years passed and we’ve got thousands and thousands of brothers and sisters who, right now, are disorderly. That’s what they are. We are God’s people, and we are here, because we are not disorderly. We strive to do exactly what God guides us to do all through the Scriptures. We read a verse, and it means what it says, whether by word or epistle, which means by sermon or letter. But there are others saying, “No! I don’t have to do that”, and they just rebel—but they are still God’s people.
And your question is, “Wait a minute now. Are they enemies, or are they brethren?” The answer is: They’re brethren, who are disorderly. There’s thousands of them in 400 groups…well, of course, they are, there’s no decency and order in those 400 groups! They’re disorderly! Brethren, they can’t keep it straight. They fight each other as much as they fight us, almost.
There may be people who have left us, that currently, in our mind, we think of them as enemies. Some of them may be enemies, but don’t count them that way. Because they may be disorderly brethren, and you don’t want to think of a disorderly brother as an enemy. There are enemies, and sometimes it’s real obvious! They’re vicious and attack and try to destroy. In either case, whether enemy or brother, you withdraw from them. 


Byker Bob said...

This is his version of how to ingratiate himself with the broader spectrum of Armstrongites?


James said...

Dave Pack and his insane ranting have something in common with another lunatic, Oliver Crangle.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Apparently, Davie doesn't have any mirrors.

Black Ops Mikey said...

In either case, whether enemy or brother, you withdraw from them.

That's exactly what II Timothy 3 says -- when you encounter someone like David Pack, it says, "from such turn away".

Just how hard is that?

Anonymous said...

Reading Mr. Pack's writings is a lesson in disorder. His thinking is disorderly.