Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Stephen Allwine: Was He Conned With Bitcom?

Fox9 News photo of Allwine 

Fox9 News out of Minneapolis is reporting about United Church of God elder Stephen Allwine's murder case.  It looks like Stephen Allwine was not as bright as he thought.

 - Detectives from Cottage Grove Police remembered something else about the Allwines - a tip from the FBI six months earlier. 
The FBI told the Allwines it had “received information that a murder-for-hire inquiry had been located on the Dark Web with Amy Allwine as the intended target,” according to a police report. 
“I think it's clear now the FBI did a lot of investigation they didn't tell us about,” said Detective McAlister. 
The web site was called Besa Mafia, which claimed to be part of the Albanian Mafia and offered to provide anonymous contract killings. 
Last May, Besa Mafia was hacked, and their client emails were posted for all to see, including the FBI.
Agents discovered an email from a customer whose handle was “Dogdaygod,” who wanted to have an Amy Allwine in Minnesota murdered. She “tore my family apart by sleeping with my husband, and is stealing clients from my business,” Dogdaygod wrote in an email. The user also added that she wanted it to “look like an accident.”
“Dogdaygod” had detailed information on Amy Allwine and appeared to be someone close to her.
According to murder charges, Stephen Allwine was really “Dogdaygod,” and paid Besa Mafia $13,000 in untraceable bitcoin.
But come to find out, Besa Mafia was an elaborate hoax.
“We have zero information at this point that any of the hits ordered on the web site were carried out,” said Detective McAlister. “There’s pretty good evidence that it was just a scam to scam people out of bitcoin.”
Go to the Besa Mafia site today, and you get a recording of the song, “So Long, Farewell,” from The Sound of Music, and a brief statement: 
After conducting forensic work on Stephen Allwine’s computer and cell phone, they found data directly connecting the device to specific bitcoin transactions.
Police also said they uncovered evidence Stephen Allwine was having an affair with a woman he met on Ashley Madison, a site focusing on adulterous married people.  

Read the entire story here:  INVESTIGATORS: Was an accused killer conned?


Black Ops Mikey said...

Anyone can be scammed.

At one time, most of us believed in British Israelism.

A fool can have any I.Q.

And this case demonstrates it.

Anonymous said...

Objection, your honor! Everyone knows there are no actual women on Ashley Madison!

Anonymous said...

What a dreadfully tragic situation. Seems so surreal. Poor Amy Allwine. How could he ever think he'd get away with this.

Anonymous said...

Why kill the woman? Why do just divorce her or separate? This is so bizarre.

Lake of Fire Church of God said...

Is Allwine going to use "the David Defense" to get his UCG pastorate cash-flow money machine back? The dumb tithe sheep slaves will believe anything.

Lake of Fire Church of God

Anonymous said...

I knew Amy Allwine when she was a student in Big Sandy. She was a sweet girl. I am very sorry for her and her family.

Anonymous said...

Allwine wasn't a pastor, but perhaps an elder..? he kept up a facade for who knows how long...and knew all what he was doing was wrong.
This is such a tragic loss. I met Amy a couple of times, she was very kind.