Monday, June 25, 2018

PCG: Jesus Christ Made A Personal Appearance To The PCG

Did you know that Jesus Christ made a personal appearance to the Philadelphia Church of God?  He apparently came back to intervene in the right of PCG to publish Herbert's Mystery of the Ages. The other reason he came back as to make sure the Stone of Herbert was restored to the PCG so that he could eventually come back and sit on it.

This is about as absurd as Dave Pack claiming Jesus is returning to Wadsworth BEFORE he goes to Jerusalem.  Both of these nutjobs believe the creature they call "christ" is coming to their campuses or their church first.

Plus, the fact that Mystery of the Ages is as important to the salvation story as is a dirty old rock from Oregan, shows the depth of lunacy that has taken over the mind of Gerald Flurry.

“For the stone shall cry out of the wall, and the beam out of the timber shall answer it” (Habakkuk 2:11).
As I wrote in my booklet on Habakkuk (request a free copy), the “stone” is God; He is “the stone of Israel” (Genesis 49:24). As our Leader and Head, Christ is crying out to the pcg. This Stone is crying out of the wall—right out of the house of God,spiritually and even physically to a certain degree today. Stone, wall, beam and timber are all materials in a physical house, but this is primarily a spiritual house.
The Hebrew word translated “beam” means to join together or connect; it is derived from a root that means “to fasten” and signifies “a connecting girder.” The Jamieson, Fausset and Brown Commentary says it is “the cross beam or the main rafter connecting the timbers in the wall.” The beam brings everything together. I wrote in Habakkuk that this beam is Mystery of the Ages. It brings things together because it is a synopsis of the Bible; it connects the whole Bible. We are together and we fight together because we have the most important book since the Bible! Mystery of the Ages connects everything—it is foundational to our understanding! It connects God’s people to each other, and connects us to the whole world, and connects the world to God!
God revealed the truth about Habakkuk 2:11 toward the end of 2002, just as our court case revolving around Mystery of the Ages was reaching its climax. Our court battle began over this book.
Yet I have come to realize that the “beam” in this verse is more than just Mystery of the Ages. That book is the centerpiece, but the “beam” includes everything that happened with that book— all the history of the court case, including all the other writings we obtained in it. The Stone was crying out, and we heard that cry in the midst of those crisis years. Mystery of the Ages and our copyright battle spells out the answer to this crisis!
It also includes the stunning truth revealed in Amos 9:1 that Jesus Christ made a personal appearance during the court battle! The “Stone” came in person; it was a real appearance; it was not just symbolic. While we were battling in court, God was working something out. He was there and He won that battle for us! (We will discuss this in the next chapter.)
When it says, “the beam ... shall answer it,” we have to consider everything that happened during the court case.
Not only did we obtain the copyright to Mystery of the Ages,but we also received new revelation and had a personal appearance from Jesus Christ Himself to the Church!
Why was it so important that Jesus Christ make a personal appearance when He did? He was concerned about the throne that He will rule on forever. This is something that we have to build our faith in. We didn’t see Him, but we saw what He did!


Anonymous said...

Where is the proof of Christ's personal appearance. Who saw him?

NO2HWA said...

For the person I did not let his comment through just now...

You can read Gerald Flurry's direct comment that Jesus appeared to the PCG here:

Byker Bob said...

Wow! Does anyone have Flurry’s cell #? I need to get busy and turn myself in!

In some cases, “BRO” ends up being an acronym for “bend right over”. Or, if you were also once part of the old R/WCg, there is bo-hica. Are you a bo-hica? (Bend over, here it comes again!)

These ACOgs are all really great about fraudulently booking personal appearances for Jesus without actually having Jesus’ authorization. Funny thing is, they know they couldn’t ever get away with doing the same thing with Gladys Knight and the Pips!


Anonymous said...

" He was concerned about the throne that He will rule on forever. "

What a statement. He was concerned about the "throne".

What does he think the Lord Jesus Christ does, worry about some rock? That the Almighty Powerful Living God somehow has more concern about that rock than anything else? Really?

We REALLY need to rename the PCG to what it is.

The Church of The Kneeling Rock of Armstrong.



For Lo, and Behold, I hast walketh through the Farm of the Fishers of the men, and what I saw caused me to stagger, and gasp at what I beheld. For in front of my own eyes, I saw what looked to be The Rock that the Apostle of all Apostles doth knelt at. And I measured it, with length, and width, and height. And I knelt in front of that rock, that glorious, beautiful rock, and I knew within my spirit that this was that very rock that the Apostle of all Apostles doth knelt at. And I felt the spirit within me rise as an Egret, and I knew I had the Coveted Rock that I had been searching for. For I took the Rock, from whence it didst cometh, and I realized it's Eternal stake, for the King of King, and the Lord of Lords, shall sitteth on This Glorious Rock that the Apostle of Apostles Doth Knelt At. OH, How beloved it is to see, to hold, to touch, to feel the universal power and glory of this ROCK! For The Lord said even the STONES Shall cry out. Behold, THE STONE THAT CRIETH! OH THE GLORY OF ......


Errrrr...... I'm a rock.


Anonymous said...

The RAGE against everything that HWA had taught is very strong these days.

Satan even sent his Flurry of “new revelation” to “flood” the people's minds with thoughts of worshipping That Runt and causing division among families, friends, and COGs.

Satan then sent his Pack of lies about a “First Dominion” to cause further brain damage, after using a “common” theft scam to finance all the heretical new nonsense.

Dumbhead said...

Wasn't the court case lost at first? Didn't they have to pay Worldwide to get the rights? How is that winning a battle?

NO2HWA said...

PCG paid WCG $3,000,000.00 for the rights to many of Herbert's books and booklets.

See Ralph Helge's letter on this:


Church Sells Armstrong's Works:

NO2HWA said...

Also, see more here:


RSK said...

So he basically used a searchable Bible on the internet, typed in "stone", found a verse and made the leap from there? Sheesh. They really do have the bible speaking in code.