Saturday, October 13, 2018

GCI: Passing the Baton of Presidency

A new era for Grace Communion International.

Passing the GCI presidency baton   Posted by GCI Update on October 9, 2018 under GCI News | 14 Comments to ReadAn important event in GCI history will occur in a worship service to be held on October 14 in Charlotte, NC. In this setting of worship, we’ll be celebrating Dr. Joseph Tkach’s many years of service to our denomination, and the installation of Dr. Greg Williams as GCI’s new President (Dr. Tkach will continue as GCI Board Chairman). In the video below, Greg interviews Joseph concerning his tenure as GCI President and the preparations that have led to the passing of the GCI presidency baton to Greg. That weekend, we’ll also celebrate the retirement of a few other GCI leaders—we’ll include pictures and additional details in a special issue of GCI Update published on October 24. Thanks for your prayers concerning this event, including safe, trouble-free travel for those attending, some from overseas.


Anonymous said...

There are worlds beyond and worlds within which the explorer must explore, but there is one power which seems to transcend space and time, life & death. It is a deeply human power which holds us safe and together when all other forces combine to tear us apart - we call it the power of love.

Anonymous said...

Wow, what a refreshing contrast! These guys just seem to be lightyears ahead of anything we've seen come out of the splinters. I'm not about to sign on or join up with them, but think about the cast of ACOG characters who give us such blatantly obvious reasons to satirize them virtually any time they open their mouths to speak (or prophesy!) You can actually listen to Joe and Greg without laughing, questioning their sanity, or vomiting!

R.L. said...

"The envelope was opened" when HWA died....?!?

I thought there was a meeting of top elders 1/7/86, where HWA announced his choice of Joseph Tkach Sr.! The letter of a replacement was sent to all members in the following days.

But anyway: the sight of the incoming President "interviewing" the outgoing one (especially one still remaining on the GCI board) is a bit like Sean Hannity interviewing President Trump. Not much "hardball" tough questioning here.

SHT said...

I don't really think any baton has really been passed:

"Is a Chairman higher than a president?
So, I conclude that the chairman, as a member of the board of directors, has a higher rank than the president / CEO because the chairman can have a role in hiring and firing the president / CEO, whereas the converse is not the case." (Google)

"1-EX- sheeple" said...

Q-where , o where in the world did these two come up with the "Dr": bit? Dr of what?? O, now
I know....the DR stands for: Dee-Ranged...any resemblance to sanity must be purely coincidental ...gotta be...sounds like something out that comic strip "Strange Brew".

Connie Schmidt said...

Great, does this mean that there will now finally be audited financial statements with public listing of current assets, incomes, and expenditures?

Dont Bet On It!

nck said...

This has absolutely NO meaning at all if Tkach is still in sole control of remaining assets, appoontments etc. Than GCI is still a worse cult than HWA ever was for the havoc it wreaked under the cloak of new found love.

Its just the appointment of a puppet while tkach retires with a huge salary and fortune and power enjoyong the fruits of the building fund you andcI funded 50 years ago. Having accomplished nothing a regular junior protestant minister of 30 years could not have accomplished in fewer years.


Anonymous said...

I think the wealth is all gone, nck. Probably has been for decades now. It requires a phenomenal amount of money to wind down and sell off three campuses. Much of the stuff was white elephant in nature, or devalued through their modifications, and liquidated at non-peak point in the cycle. Also, Joe stated in the video that the position on the board is a non-salaried position. I believe they largely succeeded in cleaning up the corruption and fiscal malfeasance of the HWA era, although it took them an inordinately long time to do it.

Thing is, we'll never know, because there are no truly independent, verifiable published figures for either era. We have solid evidence that the Armstrongs fudged their stats. While the new WCG corrected the doctrines, they held on to the old crappy managerial style for additional years.

nck said...


Thanks for the additional information about Tkach being financially secure to accept non salaried positions. My main point was about control. Who cares who's running the show up front.

A 100 percent of the assets acquired in the Armstrong era (the gold, the art, the real estate) increased in value over time. Tkach added nothing new that had already been done better.
"The release from bondage" argument is absolute nonsense if you think about what are the facts on the ground. As much release from bondage as the Iraqi people after the ouster of Saddam in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

someone said:
"I think the wealth is all gone"

Oh no it's not! Tkack wouldn't be sticking around if that was so.
Fear-Religion in America is incredibly lucrative:
-- just look at the prosperity of the incredibly bad spin-offs:
Even the appalling PCG can run their own executive jet airplane

Anonymous said...

I have known Greg for many decades, and he is a slimy person, well-suited for the arrogant title he assumes.

Anonymous said...

Tkach got it from a diploma mill called Pacific Western

Anonymous said...

Just another blablabla session. Is my hearing failing, somehow I couldn't hear a word they said, I think my brain refused to pick up the signals. Or was it because I was distracted by Tkach's hair. What is that black thing sitting on top of his head? Is it a large yamulka, actually he does seem to have morphed into an old Jew. Is his hair really that color, totally black on top with grey fluffy sideburns? Surely he can afford to get it done professionally, or was it a black cloth plonked on his head? I guess the new Dr. (fake Dr?) will get his chance to impress.

Connie Schmidt said...
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Anonymous said...

What's up with this hair thing? (9:16). Seems like any time any Armstrongite, or ex-Armstromgite wants to launch a challenge to someone with whom they disagree, the first thing they do is attack the dude's hair! HWA started it by stink-bombing the traditional pictures of Jesus based on hair, but do we have to apply that to everything? Sheesh

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:58 What's up with the hair ? Well Tkack's hair is abnormal. It's mesmerising for its oddity.

nck said...

In retrospect. It's kinda nice to see how the cardinals have a fire chat in the Sistine Chapel before they put in the stuff and release the white smoke.

Nothing like Dan Brown of movie making fame. Just a few ironed shirts. A little chat and hey smooth transition.