Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mark Armstrong: American Nation Is Now Sodom

Mark Armstrong wants you to know that American has now fallen to the bottom of the barrel and it's only hope is a small remnant of COGers left to usher in in God's miraculous kingdom.

Our captivity is complete, the nation’s descent into something akin to Sodom assured. The results will be maddening and heartbreaking. Our formers allies will suffer, we will suffer, the world will learn what it means to be without a free and strong nation standing against tyranny as we devolve in to a socialistic mire of debt, regulation, and forced compliance with mandates that offend our conscience and violate our faith.

For now, we have a remnant of the blessings God has so generously provided in keeping with His promises. But our end of the covenant has been violated, by greed, by vice, by deceptions made to appear irresistible by corrupt media.


Anonymous said...

If I had had even a quarter or less of the fun, sex, drugs, exciting events that Mark Armstrong has had I would consider at least I had experienced a full life. As it is I am feeling like the brother of the prodigal son......if I saw Mark Armstrong at the right had of God while I was knashing my teeth, I would feel I had missed out big time both in this life and the next. He sure does look like his dad.

Anonymous said...

I had to look veeryyyy closely at that picture, he really does look like his father! I knew him and his 2 brothers Matthew and David up at SEP in the 60's. It still amazes me that knowing what a philanderer his father was, he chose the life. Wonder what the other siblings are up to? Hope they fared better.

Byker Bob said...

Starting in 1980, with the Reagan presidency, the nation began to move more towards social (and fiscal) conservatism. Concurrently, herpes and AIDS reared their ugly heads, and derailed the sexual revolution. Most thinking people began to realize that the long-term effect of drugs was vastly different from the mind-expanding opportunity which had been portrayed by the Hippie community. In other words, the revolution stalled. However, towards the end of the '80s some were saying that the 1990s would make the 1960s look like the '50s.

During the past 5 years, we've seen some disturbing trends which neither party seems to be able to control. Designer drugs have taken on the resiliency of a retro virus, in that any time specific laws are made against certain substances, a new "legal" formula suddenly surfaces. Homosexuality, which was considered to be a mental illness up until sometime in the late 1960s, actually appears to be being cultivated, nurtured, and encouraged. The national debt used to be of great concern, since our currency was backed by gold. Those to whom we were indebted could have made a run against our national gold reserves, bankrupting the country. Now, the only thing which supports our currency is trust in our national reputation, and some nations have transitioned to using other currency for international exchange, because they trust the fiscal policies of the nations whose currencies they now use more than they trust the US.

I can't fault Mark for noticing societal changes. I also can't fault him for having had some of the same fun as I had. Eventually, extreme fun all leads to an Ecclesiastes point of view.
I just hope Mark doesn't see all of this as somehow validating his grandfather's guesswork and theories, which have been proven to be not only totally false, but damaging to the soul.


Anonymous said...

If Mark thinks "American Is Now Sodom", it proves he's nothing but a brain-damaged crackhead.

Anonymous said...

He probably couldn't think of an easier way to make a living. I doubt his brothers can be preachers because they were deaf.

Anonymous said...

Mark Armstrong seems to have kept a rather low profile over the years. How large is his operation? Where does his organization differ from the others? Are they still recycling GTAs programs to make a living? Is GTAs widow still alive?

NO2HWA said...

I was in Orr Minnesota for summer camp in 1971. I know what the Armstrong boys were doing, including Mark. A little bit of everything he is condemning.

If you look up Mark's church you will see it is still a monument to Garner Ted. It's as if the man was still alive. It takes a bit of searching to find out that the dude is dead.

Given the perverse mindset of daddy and grandpa why would anyone want to follow the continuation of the empire? It's all about keeping Mommy and himself in their large homes on the Lake in Texas.

Douglas Becker said...

Apparently Mark doesn't know the Bible very well, or he would understand Ezekiel 16 and who Sodom really is.

And dude!

Ancient history!

We're in New Covenant times now!

The Old Covenant is gone now.

The One providing the agreement was just dying to get out of it.

Anonymous said...

Marky Mark is right up there with Stevie Boy Flurry, Joe 2, etc., even as we stay tuned to see where Jim Meredith winds up. Be the son of your church's leader and you, too, shall lead. (Don't know if the Pack boys wised up or Dave Seepack himself decided to keep them at bay.)

As for Mark & Co. recycling Ted's dead visage by continuing to run the TV program a decade after the man's passing: That's just creepy.

Anonymous said...

Mark Armstrong is a good guy. He anonymously helps folks out with cash, transportation, and the like she ever they are down and out. He picks up the check at meals also, from time to time.

GTA and his programs are better than any other program ever produced or currently on the air by any of the splinter COG's. The church grew from only a couple hundred to over 100 Thousand from the time GTA began to be the voice and host of the radio and TV programs.

The problem with these other hosts and programs is they don't have IT they way GTA did no matter how hard they try to imitate GTA. That includes Pack, Flurry, Dart, Tomorrow's World hosts, Beyond Today, and if you stuck a pin in Bronson James or Bill Watson they would explode as full of themselves host of Armor of God. Same goes for all the presenters like George Trent, and others who have tried and failed at gaining any kind of audience hosting Earl and Shirley Timmons recycled World Tomorrow.

Mark Armstrong should just run episodes of his dad and grandad and buy one hour slots for all those half hour shows they made. Mark could run those old episodes till Christ returns.

Anonymous said...

Mark Armstrong raped a minor, it has not been addressed.

From one who knows