Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Australian COG Leader Says: Sons of Dracula Violated My Mother and Killed Her!

We must never forget that most COG splinter group leaders want everyone to know they are the sanest and most inspired men who have ever walked the planet. God works directly through each one of them.

Every once in a while along comes a COG leader who shatters that facade.  Below we have another man from Australia who is letting the world know just how stupid some COG splinter group leaders really are!  For some reason two of Armstrongism's biggest idiots to start splinter groups are from Australia.  How embarrassing this is for the Australian nation!

Today I introduce to you the folks at The Christian Herald led by G. Sbarcea, it based in Berowara Heights, NSW, Australia. This was one of the earlier splinter cults to break off from Armstrongism when all the changes were coming about.  This group has ties to Romania and supposedly the Romanian government has been going all out to try and shut it down.  Once you read some of their stuff you will quickly see that this group is crazier than a loon.

This cult has been doing a mighty work that they claim is being ignored by world leaders and governments around the world.  These folks made it their job to mail to all heads of state and governments their magazine. According to them, this brought intense persecution from Satan and the Sons of Dracula..

In the first decade of our work, we relied primarily on the printed media to pass on our messages to the world.  We used to spend months, even years, searching the Bible and the world media for relevant information about the deteriorating condition of the world, and inform the world leaders on the meaning of it. We saw the need for this kind of work, and after much prayer and meditation God impressed upon us that we must do something about it.

When no Churches wanted to help, we decided to go about it alone.  And so, in 1990, the first edition of The Christian Herald made its appearance. However, no sooner did we send our magazine to the world that we encountered the first of many major trials: the sons of Dracula violated and murdered my mother and sent word of what to expect if I continue with this work.   

Did the Devil know something about this work that we did not know? He had knowledge of God’s prophecies that we did not have at that time, and knew that his time was up. We did not expect that kind of reaction from anyone, certainly not after just one edition.  It is no wonder that ever since that time, the world’s slide towards a catastrophic end has been gaining speed.

Dracula’s servants must have thought that they killed this ‘baby’ in infancy, but after our initial shock we came back a year later with renewed vigor and more determined than ever to continue with this work regardless of what may come our way.

In those early years, we used our office equipment to print a few hundred Christian Heralds and mail them to world leaders and to as many people as would receive them. As one might have expected, our progress was slow.  That continued for a whole decade, until the internet became widely available and we put ourselves on the worldwide web. That changed everything. Not only did that make our job easier, but we could reach infinitely more people by the simple clicking of a few computer buttons.  Our readers could reach us just as easily, and many did.  

Using the internet opened all kinds of doors for this cult.  It brought in all kinds of readers to their site.  Yet not one single person has been moved to give them money!   This has not set well with this little cult:

Certainly, we never requested donations from anyone, as we are being flooded with these days from all over the world.  Not that we did not need any help, but if God has not moved anyone’s heart to contribute, we had to continue with our limited resources as best we could.  

If God wanted to make a point to the world that one did not need riches, or impose phony tithing doctrines on their followers to do His work, we have been only too happy to comply.  What angers us though is that although we have made it clear a number of times that this prophetic work is meant to be done by two people, no one seems to believe it or accept this fact.  They seem to think that because we are a Christian Foundation, we reek with money.  Well, we don’t.  For twenty years now no one has contributed a single cent to this work.  No one seems to like what we are doing, even though thousands come to our web site every month. 

Maybe people know an idiot when they see one!

By posting this information I have now apparently joined forces with the Satanists in the WCG and splinter groups.  What fun!!!!!

We just pray to the Almighty to restrain the Satanists of the Worldwide Church of God and its remnant Churches from harassing us any further and cause us any more troubles.  They have been competing with the sons of Dracula over who can do us more damage.  The sons of Dracula have attacked us physically, while the Satanists of the WCG have done so mostly spiritually. A typical example is their teaching on the Holy Spirit, an unpardonable blasphemy (See TCH 5).  Both have been a thorn on our side from the very beginning.  It must rancor them enormously that in spite of their efforts this work has been going from strength to strength. 

These morons seem to think that the number of web visitors shows the spiritual health of the nation they are from. The more readers from the same nation mean the gospel is being put into practice.  The more it is ignored the deeper the country descends into depravity.

My own country Romania has been overtaken by all its neighbours.  In our last statistics, Bulgaria, less than half its size, had twice as many readers, Hungary three times, and Ukraine forty times. 

Romania’s masters are good at persecuting God’s people but not so good at making peace with God.  Instead, they are so enamored with the cult of Dracula that they are now preparing food and drinks out of blood for tourists who like that kind of cuisine. That’s the kind of tourists they want to attract to the country.  I wonder where they think they could find them.  They think that the whole world is like Romania.  I hope they are wrong, but then again, we live in the end times.

Looking at this world in its current condition, it would be hard to find someone who did not wish that a strong hand arrived from somewhere to put some order in it and lessen the sufferings, hunger and terror that have gripped this planet as of late.  Well, we are the messengers of good news, for that is exactly what is going to happen shortly; but before Jesus Christ returns to set up His Kingdom, this world needs a thorough cleansing, and that is the role of the Great Tribulation, now in its early stages.  

There has never been a more important time for people to turn to God than now.  That can be done only through familiarization with the living Word of God – the Bible.  We know of no one who has done more to explain the Bible to the world, and reveal more biblical mysteries, than we have done through The Christian Heralds.  One day, this world might appreciate the significance of this work.

Doesn't it make you proud to be COG member!!!!!


Joe Moeller said...


My own beloved mother, also in the COG, who lives up in Billings is being stalked by Frankenstein and other members of the "Groovy Ghoulies" as well.

I thought that Dracula and his sons got wiped out by drinking blood during the AIDS crisis, but I guess I am wrong. They are still on the loose, and sending their other monster buddies around up in Montana it seems too.

Im sending a donation immediately via Pay Pal to this purveyor of timely and necessary truth to the brethren.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Joe Moeller said...

Im ordering "silver bullets" for the old shotgun right now.

Got plenty of garlic on hand already, my wife likes spaghetti about once a week. With this latest news , we will be upping that sphaghetti menu to three times a week, just to be safe and to have lots of garlic on our breath.

Bad for the love life, but bad news for Mr. Dracula and sons.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Douglas Becker said...

There's nothing like the power of a sound mind.

Anonymous said...

Be honest, if people could hear what you are thinking, you would be in a mental hospital.

Douglas Becker said...

If we could prove what ACoG leaders have done, more of them would be in prison.

Head Usher said...

As I was reading, I thought it might be some Romanian cultural reference to Vlad the Impaler as being some sort of quintessential boogeyman, but as I read further, I thought no, these guys are talking about bonafide Hollywood Dracula, who friggin' drinks blood, turns into a bat, and the whole 9 yards.

Corky said...

I am thoroughly convinced that every single church in the world is filled with nothing but loony people. Some more loony than others, evidently.

But, I'm not going to publish a magazine or write a book about it because there are already some good mags and books out there and the loonies aren't going to read them. Oh no, they're not and you can't blame them either...after all, who wants to read in some book about how loony they are?

Some might call that "willful ignorance", I know that's what I call it, but maybe it's not. Maybe, it's really "willfully loony".

Whatever...people as crazy and loony as the CoG leaders have to be dangerous - there ain't no two ways about it! People who see devils and demons everywhere are NUTS! Keep that in mind.

Anonymous said...

Corky said: “am thoroughly convinced that every single church in the world is filled with nothing but loony people. Some more loony than others, evidently”.

I suppose it looks that way since that is to only thing that seems to interest people. We have a lot of nut cases in the world, but no one seems to recognize the whole world has a problem. It seems that nothing is said about the millions of people who are devout believers who have moral integrity and are the backbone of stability in every nation. It is the misfits and rebellious that gets all of the attention.
I cannot speak for everyone, but I can vouch for my family history. We go back into the 1700’s as being of the Christian faith and those who committed their life to following the biblical principles lived exemplary lives that were and are respected wherever they live. Maybe we need to look a little closer at those who are make up the churches to see just why they exists. It may be there are lessons to be learned that we are overlooking. Some thing to think about!

G. G. said...

I believe the "Obedient Church of God" has this one beat. I sent a YouTube video of one of their sermons to my brother and told him I was sure it was a parody. Then I ran across something that made me think it might be on the level. See the link above and tell me if it is fake or not.

Anonymous said...

Well, one thing I see, and maybe I don't see it right, but it seems to me that for a group of maybe 200,000 people who attended at one time with a COG, there seem to be a high number of looneys who think it's somehow their job to "cry aloud and spare not."

People from other walks of life who aren't full-on schizophrenic (hearing voices which they believe are God talking to them) do not generally feel possessed to do such things. They don't feel like they're in a position, or knowledgeable enough, or else, they simply don't see how it's something they're called to do, even if they're religious enough to agree that someone should be doing it.

I think Armstrongism is different in this way. I think it tricks previously relatively sane individuals into feeling that they are knowledgeable enough, and that they are called by God to "cry aloud and spare not." I don't think they really become schizophrenics (hear voices), but they do begin to exhibit behaviors which would be exhibited by people who are. I just think this happens at a higher rate per capita among people who've been associated with Armstrongism than it does among people who haven't. Maybe this is true for other cults as well, I am not sure. But I am pretty sure it doesn't hold for Lutherans or Catholics.

Anonymous said...

G.G. wrote: "I sent a YouTube video of one of their sermons to my brother and told him I was sure it was a parody. Then I ran across something that made me think it might be on the level. See the link above and tell me if it is fake or not."

Interesting because this has been my immediate, gut-level, visceral response to MANY videos and various posts out there on the Internet by any number of COG lunatics. For example, when I first saw one of Bob Thiel's incredibly amateurish, sloppy presentations on video, I perhaps thought it was indeed a joke of some kind, just to get a response from people. Same thing with Bill Dankenbring. Same thing when I once heard M. John Allen give a blistering audio message once, with him obviously trying (and very poorly, I might add) to duplicate HWA's jowl-shaking screaming to emphasize the gravity of it. I thought "Good grief, is this guy serious, or on his way to the nut house, or just humorously making a parody of HWA?"

But in the wacky world that is the modern-day COG, I guess there's an extremely fine line between genuine lunacy and someone just pulling a prank. And this is definitely cause for concern.

James said...

Never trust a Gypsy. They think they got a pass to steal. The reason being is according to their legends, a Gypsy gave Christ a drink while on the cross and he gave them permission to take what they wanted.

Got that from and old girlfriend that was Gypsy. By the way, she was from Romania.

Douglas Becker said...

Be silent, quiet your voice and spare us.

Anonymous said...

Ha! He thinks he can drive a wooden armstrongist spinter through a vampire's heart to kill him!

Unfortunately, those splinters are a dime-a-dozen, and ineffective.

Too bad he doesn't realize that Herbie himself was a blood-sucking vampire.