Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Glynn Washington Feliz Navidad


Anonymous said...

Something somewhat similar happened to me in school, though I didn't have the balls that Glynn did.

My parents instructed me and my siblings to tell our teachers we were not to attend the Christmas/Holiday assembly in the school's auditorium for religious reasons.
My siblings did so, but I didn't, because I LIKED the idea of celebrating Hanukkah and Christmas!
So, I was in line with my class in the hall, filing into the auditorium when one of my siblings (on the way to spend the time in the library) spotted me and ratted me out.
So, just after I was seated in the auditorium, a school staff member came and brought me to the office, saying, "your parents don't want you to attend this assembly"

I sat in the office(where naughty kids usually sat) and the office secretary obviously thought I'd been naughty, and made comments like, "I bet you're sorry you're missing that!- Next time maybe you'll think twice before you misbehave!"

I now realize it was my parents who had misbehaved, and that the school's authorities should have gone further in bringing our parents actions (beatings and withholding proper medical care as a result of their following Armstrong's doctrines) to the attention of the appropriate authorities, so my parents could have been prosecuted for their crimes.

Anonymous said...

Glynn produces amazing stores about his life in the cult. The best part is that it lets the world know just how crazy Armstrongism is. Thanks to Glynn and this site for keeping the heat on.

Joe Moeller said...

OH! ... Its "Feliz"

To think that for all these years I thought it was...

"FECES" Navidad.

I thought this meant it was an Anti- Xmas song because of that and good stuff.

Well, you learn something new everyday. I will now be discarding my 45RPM record of Feces Navidad, err... I mean Feliz Navidad to the trash can.

I still like singer Trini Lopez though, and will still keep his record of "If I Had A Hammer". Sorry that he deceived me on that Feliz thing!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...


I think someone hates Christmas, lol!

Could it possibly be someone indoctrinated by HWA's insane teachings?

Joe Moeller said...

Anon immediately above:

Question: And how is Christmas not indoctrination also?

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

I like Christmas- I don't see it as indoctrination- at least, not how my family celebrates it.

It's a time for gatherings of friends and gatherings of extended family who don't get to see each other all that often.

We enjoy fellowship, with the lights and decorations and festivities as a nice backdrop.

We don't worship Nimrod or Satan or trees or anything like that (although I realize that many things in Christianity - even COG Christianity - has pagan origins).

Anonymous said...

I am curious to see if you people can run your mouths on an empty stomach. If all this rhetoric has any merit you will be able to mock and ridicule through the pangs of hunger.

Try not eating for a week or two and see if you can continue to be so smug. I'm sure you think we'll always have food to eat, but given what is going on in the rest of the world and considering Obama's failing policies we don't havelong before what we take for granted goes the way of Greece, Spain, and Portugal.

I'd love to see the looks of desperation on the faces of you who have not prepared.

Joe Moeller said...

Anonymous Above:

Im planning on EATING YOU when it gets bad!

A little A-1 sauce makes it all good!

Actually, in all seriousness, here at the ranch, I have a 6 months food supply, and underwater well reserve, and plenty of head of cattle. Some big bad guns, plenty of ammo, three sons and a bad ass wife who all know how to use them. We will do just fine Anon. ! You can keep the warning!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

PS- Times are bad in Spain, Greece etc, but I have not heard of ANY starvation.

Anonymous said...

Your quip about cannibalism is very telling; and frankly, the livestock of your lonely outpost wouldn't survive a winter onslaught from a pack of hungry wolves and a couple of grizzlies, let alone a determined group of armed men. You are a fool to put your trust in your self.

As far as your not hearing of starvation in Europe, you show the typical presumptuous nature of the self reliant (I.e. those who see themselves as the ultimate line of self defense) in that your knowledge of certain facts could in any way possibly make a difference whether you will live or die.

You don't even know whether a tree has just now fallen on your land, let alone who or what will have possession of your goods in six months, yet you think that just because you haven't heard of hunger in Europe it doesn't exist?

Anonymous said...

And just to add to that:

one man with a 50 caliber Browning and a million rounds of ammo cannot stop 50 men armed with 22 caliber pistols if those men are determined to relieve you of your sprawling stock in order to feed their families.

Joe Moeller said...


I usually do not engage in back and forth drivel with other posters. It is boring and dilutes threads for other readers.

I did not say that there is not "hunger" in Southern Europe. I used the word "starvation". Big difference.

God and I are good. I live a righteous life. I am physically prepared. I refuse to live my life in perpetual fear of things that I have no control over.

I feel sorry for you, for you need fear as a motivator.
You are obsessed with bad things happening to others so that you can feel special, "chosen" justified and "RIGHT".

Your motivations are not from love, but by inner self doubts, low self esteem, judgement and marginalization. You most likely being fed by a sociopathic leader who is USING YOU for his own selfish purposes.

This vampire knows what you need, the want to have self worth and importance. He does this by letting you think that you have "special knowledge" and that God loves you more because you have it. In your sad universe, there is only so much God that can go around , and only so much love that can be dispensed. Your God is limited. Mine is not.

The answer for you anon, is to realize that God loves you as much as anyone. He loves you one on one. He does not need your cult leader in between you and him, and in fact , resents that happening. You are his son, and in his image. So are others, so stop it with the death wishes and morbid thinking. Do your part to make it a better world, be a light, be a friend.

Love attracts to the truth more than pictures of Atomic Bombs, starving hordes, or fatalistic predictions. Whether it is the end times or not, (and how can we know?) we must be about the Father's business, and that business is NOT about telling everyone that they are "going to die or else" but rather creating disciples and lovingly mentoring them, and then letting them be free. Not to turn them into mindless tithe slaves serving a distant ego driven maniac.

I am a Sabbatarian, and would probably agree with you on doctrinal points in many areas. However in terms of world view... we are light years apart.

Alright, so old Joe and his bunch are going to die according to your outlook. Friend, all death is ugly. I saw a man on a motorcycle hit by a car on the Interstate last year, and stayed with him as he died. It was very ugly.

Dying by cancer, or by alzheimers, or accidents are all very very ugly. Not too many of us get to die in our sleep. Im prepared for that.

So if we all get shot at the ranch, well so be it. Im sure it would be ugly, but again, all death is ugly. Difference between you and me is that I am at peace with it, for I understand faith, and that "all things will work for good".

There is something that is worse than death. That is by not being a free man. To not enjoy the liberty that is Jesus. To be a slave is worse than death. My ancestors came to Montana and Wyoming as original settlers to be free. I have a direct line to Christ, and it to is free.

It saddens me that you are a slave to a man. I will be praying that those shackles can someday come off of you.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

When I post I like to write a few lines, not an article. I am amazed you took the time to write all that. Frankly I didn't get past the third sentence.

You people who are preppers amaze me: despite example after example of the futility of armed self defence, from the branch davidians to that ex cop Dorner who was holed up in that cabin to those two Boston bombers you people put your faith in guns.

Then you have the nerve to say you are right with your god when it was he who said that if you take up the sword you will perish with it?

I find that curiously contradictory.

Anonymous said...

And, as far as your engaging in back and forth, I'm not sure what else you can expect when you brag about your cannibalistic tendencies and how formidable you are.

It's simply not possible for a handful of people to defend themselves in a world where society has broken down. Just look at all those well armed citizens in Syria and how they struggle.

If there was a societal meltdown, odds are you would become a refugee or be driven into the mountains of Wyoming. There is no way a group of hungry murauding people are going to let you keep what you have.

You only have what you have because there's still some law and order in this country.

Joe Moeller said...


What do you think us guys up here in Wyoming are? Stupid?

Our community is small, about 10,000 but very close knit. We are all rednecks and very self sufficient. Every rancher around here knows each other, and together we are quite formidable, and self reliant. Heck, Cody itself has just about the largest gun museum in the world.

There will be no marauding hordes in Wyoming. Frankly, they wont make it past the state line. What are you imagining, people marching 1000 miles from Los Angeles or Frisco or something? You dont understand the nature of mobs. They are always in inner cities. Mobs do not march a 1000 miles across a desert and make it. There are not enough supplies along the way to maintain very many people.

Whatever small amount that may try anything that do come this way, will be handled quite easily by the ad hoc militia that local areas like Cody will become.

Look, if there is a breakdown of society, and it is not time for the "Place of Safety" and it is not the "End Times" , then you better be prepared.

Im not a classic fearful prepper. Just wise enough to know that you need some type of insurance in this life. If you live in the city, it is smart to have backups and supplies and some water. An earthquake or mass power failure or civil disorder are common events.

I do believe there is wisdom in getting away from the core area of any city and to be at least 30 miles outside of them for many reasons, including sociological ones.

Hey, you can be a pacifist all you want, but if somebody breaks into my house in the middle of the night, Im blowing his ass away. And yes, I believe that this is absolutely right with God, and MY DUTY to my family.

David was a man after Gods own heart, and he was also a warrior. Jesus told Peter to take a sword, and Peter did not seem shocked by this request. Killing scum is a form of love. Stopping them from ruining their soul even further is not only justice, but also is arresting any further decay of that persons soul and character. Let them come up in the resurrection less damaged than they would have been. Protection of the innocent is OUR DUTY.

I have always found it funny that the COG will not allow people to be Cops. Yet who do we call in an emergency? We are too good to do the essential dirty work of life and pass it off on someone else? Does not make sense in my book.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

You people up there have a 19th century mindset in a 21st century world of evil. If it is known that there are resources, nothing can stop those who are determined to get them; as for your 'neighbors', historically neighbors become foes under the right circumstances.

Your trust in things earthy will be your downfall simply because nothing under the sun can be relied upon.

Nimrod built the tower thinking he could escape the next flood.

Fact is, if your god is determined to punish you, he will. Job had more resources than you ever will but what you both have in common is self righteousness and in a day or two he lost everything ABRUPTLY.

Every gun worshipper likes to reference King David, but the fact is David suffered severe injuries because of his bloodiness, and his immediate family was filled with violence.