Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bob Thiel: How Dare Catholic Youth Have Fun In The Piney Woods of Big Sandy!!!!!!!!!

Bob Thiel, the non-ordained self-appointed false prophet of the Continuing Ed Church of God, world renown authority on prophecy and Mayan dribble is all indignant today that Catholic youth  are supposedly using the Ambassador Campus in Big Sandy for a summer camp.  In his usual hatred of Catholicism he made a lot of assumptions about the pine woods the kids are having camp in.

Thiel waxes nostalgic about spending Feast time in the Piney Woods on the Big Sandy Campus.  Assuming the Catholic summer camp is on the Big Sandy Ambassador property, he takes a swipe at the Great Whore of Babylon's children playing there.

Just because this camp is in the Pine Woods of Big Sandy does not mean it is on the Ambassador campus.  It is several miles down the road and nowhere near the Piney Woods of Ambassador.  Alert Academy occupies the Big Sandy campus and are just as antiCatholic as Thiel is.

I think what really irritates him is that the youth say they are spiritually nourished.  According to Lord Thiel, there are no REAL Christians outside of the Continuing Ed Church of God.  Everyone else in the entire world are "so-called" Christians and  God forbid if they are Catholic!

The former Ambassador College campus in Big Sandy, Texas made the news:
BIG SANDY — Each summer, Ryann Hargis travels almost 500 miles to spend time in the place where she feels most at home and where she will be “spiritually nourished.”
“It’s refreshing. It’s a break from everything society throws at you,” Hargis said. “This is the place where I feel most myself.”
Hargis, of Amarillo, is training to be a counselor at The Pines Catholic Camp in Big Sandy, a place where she was a camper for years.
“I wanted to be part of this because it’s been so special to me,” Hargis said of The Pines. “I want to make an impact.”
Located on 130 acres of land in Big Sandy, The Pines Catholic Camp provides a summer refuge for Catholic children in second through 12th grades to experience a spiritual renewal, Assistant Camp Director Brianna Noonan said.  (
There was an area there (and it still may be called the same) that was called the Piney Woods.  I personally stayed in a small tent there for the Feast of Tabernacles in 1980.
But the old Worldwide Church of God sold it.  It also sold the campuses in Bricket Wood, England and Pasadena, California.

Piney Woods on the Ambassador Campus is here:  Alert Academy

The Pines Catholic Camp is here:The Pines


Joe Moeller said...


Catholic Youth were swimming today in the same ocean that Ambassador College students, faculty and members used in the 1960s and 1970s, during the highlight years of the WCG and Herbert W. Armstrong.

Yes, shocking as this may be to us in the "Continuing Church of God" , Catholic Youth were seen swimming in the PACIFIC OCEAN today!

While I do not like to see the beautiful buildings in Pasadena demolished or Catholic apostates using OUR God given heritage of the Pacific Ocean, the reality is that the Church of God is a spiritual organism and not an ocean, building or group of buildings.- Bob Thiel

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

One of the negatives we all learned in Armstrongism was the denigration of anyone outside of our little group. Reality is these Catholic campers are probably learning some good values this summer! Obviously, some are going to be more observant and some will be less observant, but the fact is devout Catholics teach and believe that premarital sex is wrong and sinful, that abortion is wrong, that you repent of and confess your sins, that you pray and to one extent or another learn what is written in the Bible, and many other things which tend to make them part of the solution to today's social ills more than they are part of the problem. Hislop's garbage is the reason behind all of the anti-Catholic sentiment within Armstrongism, and it is all so needless, because The Two Babylons has been rebuttaled and disproven, notably by former Hislop believer Ralph Woodrow.

Unfortunately, you can disprove all of the extrabiblical pet theories which HWA rolled into his religion, but those disproofs defy correction because Armstrongism is based on the belief that HWA was God's Apostle, and, therefore not subject to correction.


Anonymous said...

Did Bob expect an angel with a flaming sword to show up and chase the impure masses away from the modern-day Eden of Big Sandy?

Anonymous said...

Some people have an unhealthy nostalgia for the "WCG days", even to the extent of having a bug up their ass because Armstrong's empire has splintered, crumbled, and is generally in a state of disarray.

Those with the Holy Spirit are able to delight in the continual and consistent decline of Herbert Armstrong's empire.

A friend of mine even thinks those wonderful Zambian cows that caused the UCG's huge splintering will have a TV program in the KOG, sort of like "Lassie"!

Byker Bob said...

Got me a little bumper sticker idea for the cars of some of these "leaders". Dig: "HWA said it, I believe it, and that settles it!"


Head Usher said...

"One of the negatives we all learned in Armstrongism was the denigration of anyone outside of our little group."

Too true BB. I feel Armstrongism taught me how to follow jes- I mean, CHRIST, by acting like a pharisee and being downright shitty to others. Trying to pull it out by the root and unlearn that, presently.

Douglas Becker said...

And to add insult to injury, a recent survey shows that Catholics HAVE BETTER SEX!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Fun Sunday School Memory...well sorta...To the tune of Zachccaeus was a Wee Little Man.

Bob Thiel was a wee little man, and a wee little man was he.

He climbed up in a sycamore tree, for all the world to see.

And as the Savior passed him by, He looked up in the tree,

And he said, “Bob Thiel, you come down.;

For your makin' me want to scream… for you're makin' me want to scream...”

Bob Thiel came down from that tree, as happy as he could be,

He gave his money to the poor, and said: “What a better man I’ll be.”

His weeny little heart just would not change when Jesus the Lord passed by.

He wants to change your weeny little heart, this truth you can't de-ny.

If you de-sire to see the Lord the Bible tells the way:

From Flurry and Thiel and Malm and Pack, you must now run away

You must now run away...yes you must now run away......

I can't help you with the tune if you never sang it in Sunday School :)


Corky said...

Yes, the sacred groves have been violated...

Steve Kisack said...

Joe Moeller said...
"the reality is that the Church of God is a spiritual organism"

MY COMMENT: Every time I hear this vague, lame excuse as to why the "church of god" exists and where the "true church" is, I always think of a parasitic host. Meaningless jibberish.

Byker Bob said...
"devout Catholics teach and believe that premarital sex is wrong and sinful, that abortion is wrong, that you repent of and confess your sins, blah, blah, blah."

MY COMMENT: Uh, let's see. The Inquisition. The slaughter of Protestants. The forcing of millions to become Catholics, or die. So, now we should trust Catholics? I don't trust them anymore than I do the "church of the sabbath, holy day, and cud chewing god".

Anonymous said...

Steve, I don't trust them either, or I would have become Catholic when I married my second wife.

Having known some Catholics who are actually alive and breathing during our own times, however, I also don't believe the bad review they constantly receive from Armstrongism is totally justifiable. To listen to Armstrongism, rather than realizing that Catholics teach some of same values from the same book, you'd think they were almost Satanists.

Do you happen to still believe they are the whore of Babylon and will align with the Beast Power? I tend to think that of all the groups extant today, and considering the fanatical fervor involved with their already in progress global jihad, Islam would be more likely to fill those roles.
Armstrongites have had their attention diverted from these traditional enemies of Israel because of their fixation with Catholics.