Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dave Pack: Are You Titillated By The Upcoming Deaths of Three COG Leaders?

Dave wants to point out that it is not his job to tell you the day and hour of these three leaders deaths.  He does however say that it is his job to wake you up and make you listen!

If this relatively small aspect of the prophecy (just nine words) intrigues, titillates or is the subject of fascination to you above all of this powerful biblical knowledge (hundreds of whole verses), then your thinking is WRONG. The death of three shepherds is basically a footnote in God’s GRAND and AWESOME plan to retrieve His flock and put them to work in the greatest Work God has ever done on the face of the earth. THAT should be your focus—and this begins with CONSIDERING YOUR WAYS when God’s “attention-getter” comes to pass.

It is not my purpose to tell you who the three shepherds are, what day they will be removed or how they die. God will supply answers to those questions soon enough. Frankly, such questions are not nearly as big as other questions. It is my job to explain what Zechariah 11 MEANS and how it will affect YOU in your life and why YOU had better listen when God gets His people’s attention. It will take all of these actions for most to finally ACT.


Douglas Becker said...

Not caring unless it's Davey Pack, who seems the most deserving of death at the moment.

Byker Bob said...

Yawn! It is appointed for man to live once, and then judgment. They're on their trip, and I'm on mine. It'd be pretty cool if they repented of their Armstrongism, but if they don't, then they are part of the problem, aren't they?


Anonymous said...

Yeah it'd be ironic if DP falls dead soon enough in fulfillment of his own prediction! Along with RCM and GF!
Now that'd be a trifecta wouldn't it!?

RSK said...

In a bored moment, I went to Thiel's site the other day and there he was responding to "an email" asking if he was going to be one of the three.

Frankly I wouldn't be surprised if Thiel invented said email just to try to elevate himself to the level of the big (little) boys, but regardless, I was amused.

Allen C. Dexter said...

Never knew Pack. It's obvious he's a mentally deranged drama king. What puzzles me is that people are still falling for this kind of stupid nonsense. I'm very thankful I walked away in the late seventies and never looked back.

Anonymous said...

Dave is projecting again. Actually he is very "titillated 'by his idea of the death of others. This is a man who years ago said those that have opposed him end up sick or dying. Now whacked is he now on this false projection? I finally vote mentally ill.

Corky said...

Yes! and to the three, whoever you are:


As far as that goes? A pox on all of them.

But, you know, brethren and sexteren, it's not going to happen...the drop dead or the pox... No, they'll keep on keeping on forever and ever until the end of the world (whichever comes first). Should one of them drop dead, there will be a son or an a$$ kisser to take his place.

It's funny, ain't it, how that God is no respecter of persons but instructs his followers to practice nepotism? Yes, he does, if you don't believe me - read your bible.

Anyway, back to the subject of ministurds dropping like flies, three at a time. Once they all kick the bucket - there will be no place for these stupid people to go but to David Packatollah...duh.