Friday, July 26, 2013

Dave Pack: Astounding New Development - - We Bought More Land....Building A Field of Dreams.

Dave Pack, God's most important human to ever exist since Jesus and leader of the most superfantabulous Church of God EVER is pleased to announce that he has bought more land so he can enlarge his magnificent property in preparation for the coming reunification.  After lusting for this land for 5 years, he has finally snagged it.

It will not be put to used by UCG's epic failure and reeducated Dale Schurter, who is trying to reinvent the the old Bib Sandy property with a farm, dairy cows and chickens.  This incessant imitation of the days gone by is is making these people look rather foolish.  They can never recapture those days.  It is the 21st century - - move on!  Design and re-imagine something new!

Davey is also building a "field of dreams" on his new land.  Dennis's last article was rather prophetic in that it pictured the thousands of returning members all streaming to Wadsworth like they did in The Field of Dreams.

Davey also apparently things this land will supply him with lumber, food and water during the tribulation.  He is also excited about a vein of natural gas being located on it.  There is enough gas coming from Davey to fuel the entire City of Wadsworth for the next 50 years!
"Before beginning this next-to-last announcement, those watching the progress of God’s Church will be pleased to read of the next BIG DEVELOPMENT in His Work. We have finally been able to purchase 59 acres of adjacent woods and farmland to expand our campus—now upper and lower sections—to 88 acres, making it now three-quarters of a mile long. We are absolutely thrilled about this development. We have wanted this land for almost five years and nine months. And over this time we have come to really NEED it for a variety of reasons. Here are some: (1) A powerful agricultural program, featuring a small farm with crops, livestock and poultry in the spirit of the Big Sandy agricultural program approved by Mr. Armstrong and directed by Mr. Dale Schurter to speak to the world about God’s form of agriculture. (2) Room for an expanded summer camp that would by next year be on our own property—much easier than driving almost to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (3) A pavilion and ballfield for the Church, a camp and college activities. (4) Additional much needed parking space for activities right next door at a future Auditorium. (5) A few faculty residences. (6) A source for natural gas, lumber, food and water. (7) A place for possibly one college/camp community center/building.
 "There may be some other small adjoining properties that someday could be added, but it is this central addition that will allow the projected pattern of buildings, grounds and gardens to capture the elegance of the former Ambassador College campus in Pasadena, California, but also the more rural Big Sandy, Texas environment. It also brings in elements that will reflect the environment at Bricket Wood in England. The whole campus will be (and is already coming to be) woven in trees, gardens of every design, as well as one or more small lakes, a stream with three waterfalls (now complete) and other water features, all interwoven with uplit walkways and sitting areas.


Byker Bob said...

How about urban camping grounds for those who gave their very sustenance so that Davey could more excellently imitate the HWAcaca?

This stuff has a price, people! Once again, sheep are putting it all on the line for a charlatan who has pre announced that he does not intend to be accountable. Y'all folks who are donating: Do you actually think Davey will remember your sacrifices, and cut you some slack in the future?

Someone should be making up some traffic signs that read "CAUTION: Bitterness Ahead!"


Anonymous said...

Kinda has my lord actually delays his coming written all over it

Douglas Becker said...


Environmental impact statements?

Anonymous said...

Mineral rights? Any natural gas beneath Davey's new land doesn't belong to Davey. Mineral rights are bought and sold through entirely different markets.

Anonymous said...

I don't think apocalypse nuts care much about environmental impact, insomuch as it affects anyone outside their little compound. As far as they're concerned every natural resource is divinely provided just for them and the world is ending next week/month/year/decade anyway.

Of course, the rest of us and our children get to live with the consequences long after these kooks are dead and forgotten.

Joe Moeller said...


What Pack provides from both his mouth and his REAR END is more than enough "natural gas" to provide not just for Wadsworth for the next 50 years, but for the entire EASTERN SEABOARD of the United States!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

I don't know how it is in Ohio, but in GA we own the mineral/water rights to our land.....

talk about the scam of the century! what if DCP scammed those poor souls out of their retirement accounts so he could buy land that he knew had natural gas reserves!

he would be set for life, and we'll never hear the end of his wild ramblings......and I bet those who funded his aquisitions never get a penny of it back....they'll be scraping by for the rest of their lives while DCP lives in luxury.

DCP should remember the parable of Lazarus & the rich man.

Anonymous said...

"A few faculty resideneces" is what this Field of Dreams is all about.

Flurry played the same maneuver when he acquired adjacent land.

Pack will be in a brand new home within the next two years.