Saturday, July 27, 2013

Dave Pack: Church of God Members Have 24 Days To Make Up Their Minds

Be forewarned COG leaders, Dave's god is sooooooooo ticked off that he may kill you BEFORE August 31, 2013  It could happen at any time! 

All I can say is,  PLEASE...........DO NOT....have a heart attack or die from old age before August 31.  If you do, Davey will claim his god did you in and gloat at your death.

Some will ask: WHEN exactly will Christ remove the three men? Starting with the fact that Christ is a shepherd, we might ask: How long would a shepherd tolerate wolves who are threatening His flock when He holds the power to address them? It will certainly not be on the last day of His purpose, but rather some time likely well before that date. The following should help. The remnant is not listening. Christ knows this—and why. He can change it. How long would He wait? Each day lost with the remnant not hearing Him is a day less for them to recover. There are only 24 days total for the people to act. The same is true with Christ organizing their move and a complex merger. There are only 24 days total for the people to act. Yet again, the same is true with ministers who may be battling other wolves in their organizations as they strive to save sheep—and to establish themselves as faithful ministers before God. There are only 24 days total for these ministers to act. We will see how long Christ waits.

Dramatic supernatural intervention is necessary for God to regather His flock—a flock trapped under a constant barrage of lies and deceit. But this prophecy should not be surprising. God’s people have long understood that God is going to soon miraculously intervene with the whole world. Before the Millennium, God is going to bind the devil and destroy the Beast and False Prophet. Yet again, three individuals will have to be removed miraculously at the same time (Rev. 19:19 through 20:1) for Jesus Christ to rule the world with the saints. Whether it is the three men of Ezra’s time, the three of Nehemiah’s time or the three that Christ must remove before the Millennium, these “trios” have all blocked God’s purpose in their time (the devil of course across all time).


Secular-Humanist-Buddhist said...

Ummm, I'm kinda confused. Wolves, sheep, beasts.....3 individuals to be "removed,?" Flocks of sheep? Is the wolf the one who said he would huff and puff and blow the three (3) little pigs house down. Are the pigs the 3 or could one of them be Red Riding Hood. I understand there was a wolf after her too. Goldilocks has these 'beasts" that actually turn out to be nice bears. Little Boy Blue had trouble with his flock of sheep being in the meadow. Could the sheep referred to here belong to Boy Blue? Then there are cows in the corn. But of course the wolves can eat beef (or sheep, i guess). But could the wolves eat the 3 little pigs or are they considered "dirty meat?" I need a prophet to interpret all this for me. Or an apostle, or whatever. I really don't know the difference, just like I don't know the difference between "the Rapture" and "the Tribulation." I always thought of rapture as something people in romance novels experienced and tribulations were maybe like poor Southern people who sang "all my trials and tribulations, etc. etc.

Byker Bob said...

My mind is already made up. To assist anyone who may be guessing about that, get out your old "Tommy" album by the Who. The cut to select is side 4, cut 6, "We're Not Going to Take it". Actually, the whole opera/album is a gas. Many parallels to Armstrongism!