Friday, July 26, 2013

Dave Says He Knew Something Had To Be Done About These Bad COG Leaders

Davey is once again asserting that God is going to kill off the three top COG ministers so that the members can be free to join up with Davey.  Davey claims they are an impediment to the reunification of the members under him. Davey actually seems to be excited that his god is going to do something these men.

I speak personally for a moment. I could wish that some of what you will read in the last two announcements I did not have to write. But I do. I have long known what was happening at the top of the biggest splinters—totally false leaders—that the top leaders are among the most deceitful “angels of light” (II Cor. 11:13-15) to have ever afflicted the people of God. But understand. While the top leaders are far from the only problem in these organizations, these men do form a unique impediment—a powerful obstruction—to God’s stated purpose for His end-time Church and Work. I have also long wondered what God would DO about these men. How would He help His thousands of people who are today trapped under an absolute blizzard of powerful deception and lies? I knew something had to be done about these leaders and that at the right time God would do it, but for a long time I did not know what it was. One year ago I learned that God had “reserved” an end-time “remnant” of His people who were as hidden to those of us in His Church as they were to Elijah in I Kings 19:18 (Paul referenced this remnant in Romans 11:3-5). Next, I began to learn almost nine months ago not only what would happen with this “remnant” but when and why. You are about to learn more than the basics of these things.


Head Usher said...

Unless Dave is going to assassinate these men, I am sure they are in no more danger now than they, and all of us, have ever been.

I am not sure which men he's referring to, but whoever they are, I am sure that Dave is just as false of a leader as any of them. He's as deceitful an "angel of light" as ever was inflicted upon sincerely deluded and deeply committed armstrongites. Notice I did not say, "the people of god," because the COGs are not now, nor have they ever been organizations sponsored, inspired, or in any way led or headed by any god, nor have it's members ever been "the people of god" any more than the general population. Dave's only saving grace is that he's a lot less effective than the first deceitful an "angel of light," HWA himself. If the human race were lucky, Dave Pack would drop dead at the end of August due to heart disease, or at least suffer a stroke, akin to Harold Camping, but that's probably not going to happen either.

Byker Bob said...

Interestingly enough, Dave has left the identity of these three leaders open for speculation. If he knows who is to die, and how they are to die, perhaps he would be more effective if he were to share.


Anonymous said...

It is annoying to hear David Pack demand that the world of religion and the Bible needs to be filtered through his eyes and mind before others are acceptable .

Mental illness and personality disorders can indeed hide more easily in ministry where quirkiness and strange ideas are more acceptable and mistaken for a funky spirituality, obedience and a more inside knowledge of what the Deity is up to than, say, at IBM.

God save us from both followers and leaders.


Douglas Becker said...

Are we quite sure this is David Pack or is it Ronald Weinland.

Seems like we've heard all this before.

Wish he'd name them -- that way, they'd probably live forever, just as those cursed by Weinland not only didn't die, but prospered.

There's nothing like a false prophet amongst the whole crowd of false prophets to pronounce a death sentence that he himself should have.

Joe Moeller said...

Pack pretty much Identifies who the leaders are by the statement "top splinter groups".

So he claims three will die. There are really only four candidates though... Flurry, Meredith, Franks, Kubik.

Of these it is now a definite that the three will come from that list. Thiel, although hated by Pack, will not be one of them, as he is not a "top splinter group".

Still curious to see how Davey will explain himself when none of them will die in the next month.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...

you know....almost without exception, when someone accuses another of something, the accusation applies to the accuser, not the accusee.....we see it in politics all the time.

so DCP is accusing others of being false leaders, impediments, obstructions......hmmmmmm.

Byker Bob said...

Dave, in a pinch, could probably say "one down, two to go" if he numbered Dennis Luker among the three.

He has always said that the Tkach era of WCG was not a splinter, because they are in what Dave calls "full apostasy". I would just bet that Dave is not above counting and exploiting anything that happens to anyone once considered a leader of Armstrongism, and relative to Armstrongism, GCI is fairly substantial.

I am sure that he will grasp at anything to justify and substantiate himself, and that is what we will all be amazed at, not the actual fulfillment of the prophecy or how his so-called work then catapults.