Thursday, March 2, 2017

COG False Prophet Ready To Turn His Ministry Over To The Two Witless Witnesses

James Malm, the Church of God Official Pharisee, has always pictured himself as the most important man doing a zealous work that sticks 100% to the law.  Through his bastardization of the law he has turned his back on Jesus Christ and placed all of the emphasis on obey 613 commands  over the two commands of the New Covenant.

Pharisee Malm considers all other Church of God leaders as heretical pond scum who have turned their backs on God, the law and truth.  No human on this earth is as zealous as the Chief Pharisee.  His work outshines all the idiotic malarkey of the Doubly Blessed Chief Overseer Bob Thiel and Superfantabulous Dave Pack.

Pharisee Malm's site is the most miraculous in the world and is filled with such outstanding truth that he is getting ready to turn it over to the Two Witless Witnesses.  As these two persons are preaching in Jerusalem does he really think they care about some idiotic web site filled with heretical legalistic bullshit?  Is he going to turn his web sites over to Ron and Laura Weinland?  They claim they are the Two Witless Witnesses.   Or is he set to give his web site to Bob Thiel and Dave Pack?  This two lying false prophets both think they are hot stuff that  somehow figure into end time prophecy.

Why is the church filled with so many lying fools?  Herbert Armstrong had no idea the theological and spiritual destruction he has wrought on the church through his narcissistic disciples.

The legalistic bullshitter also expects his few acolytes to give him money to keep his servers up as the tribulation roars around the world.  He has his servers in Iceland due to the belief that the nation will not suffer as much punishment by Malm's angry god as other countries will. Because Malm thinks he knows the approximate date of the return of his false "jesus" he therefore wants to pay upfront several years worth of money to keep his web site running, all so the Two Witless Witnesses can use it to spread the truth.

As you see these events unfolding, please do not forget to support this work with your prayers and contributions.  
God’s Two will have their hands full and I would like to have enough funds to pay several years in advance for our web hosting from Iceland so that the material will remain available for as long as possible after the tribulation begins, and remember there will be prosperity in Europe for about two years before they also begin to fall so there is the rest of the world to think about.  Of course I would give God’s Two the sites to do with as they please.  
As soon as God sends His Two I will wholeheartedly support them.  


Anonymous said...

Let's be honest, not even Witless Witnesses themselves could measure up to Malm's impossible standards. He's making promises that under no circumstances would he ever keep. He'd tell 'em they can't possibly be the Witless Witnesses, because there's a jot or tittle between them he doesn't approve of. It's only a matter of time until he realizes this and starts saying that there's no one else on earth besides him and someone or other of his crazed followers who could possibly measure up, so that's why they've been appointed to the vaunted role of Witless Witnesses.

Nevermind the fact our adventist apocalypse is never going to happen because it's a common misreading of some popular Hellenistic Jewish novels. They were all the rage back in the day. Now we're into spy thrillers and and murder mysteries. Tastes change.

Anonymous said...

The "witness" of even the big groups is tiny.

Notice that the LCG weekly update brags about Ames having a TV program get 3,000 to 3,200 responses.

LCG Weekly Update

This reveals that many of their other programs don't even reach 3,000 responses.

Back when LCG was on WGN and many other TV stations, they would often brag about getting 7,000 or more responses to a program. Now that they are using Roku and other internet distribution platforms instead of relying on so many expensive TV stations, the response numbers have gone way, way down, below what Flurry gets for his Key of David program.

Black Ops Mikey said...

After the two witnesses appear, it would seem that there would be no more need for any of the sects of Armstrongism to exist any longer.

Save your money.

No need to pay into this proposition.

The two witnesses will do all the work.

Unknown said...

MALM WRITES: God’s Two will have their hands full and I would like to have enough funds to pay several years in advance for our web hosting from Iceland so that the material will remain available for as long as possible after the tribulation begins

MY RESPONSE- Those poor two witnesses , so busy that they have to have Malms "helping hand" of his pathetic website hosted in Iceland.

Banned By HWA material needs to be preserved too! Especially stuff on Malm! Then when the Tribulation starts, if we are dead, or in a place of protection, we can still have "cyber war", between Malm and Banned, carry on in a robotic automated internet war!

Anonymous said...

Malms timing is speculation, as is the details of Americas fall. Everyone is guessing. Israel's military siege and defeat in the past is one indicator. But only God knows.

Hoss said...

About 10 years ago, Dave Pack said he would personally train the two witnesses.

By a Jewish end-time tradition, the two witnesses would be Moses and Elijah.

Byker Bob said...

The foolish man built his house upon the sand, that is, the sand of Armstrongism, which is all wild, shifting speculation. Herbie made shit up so he could use it as his hook to create tithe slaves and become a man of stature of the caliber of Henry Ford or William Randolph Hearst. But, Herbie's cat litter all washed away in 1975, or is this the Kingdom? Sure doesn't seem like it to me, and apparently the Germans (who never did have race change operations) have staged a massive "tribulation ditch day."

Bummer for Malm! He's an old man who wasted his entire life idolizing the Pharisees, and awaiting the fulfillment of HWA's prophecy mold!


Anonymous said...

Depending on Icelandic computer servers is a very good idea. Iceland, land of earthquakes and volcanoes.

Anonymous said...

Comment was made saying: "...As you see these events unfolding, please do not forget to support this work with your prayers and contributions..."

What events unfolding? Mammon running on low supply?

James Malm, with all of that Bible knowledge you profess to have you should realize that: "...Ye cannot serve God and mammon." Matthew 6:24

What's it going to be? God is not looking for any of what you want to give.

The disciples were told not to be concerned about mammon. Why your concern, especially if you have no proof that God expects anything from you.

On your website today you concluding with your concern about mammon by writing this: "We are truly nearing the time of trial and we must redouble our efforts; the past six months has been very lean and your donations are very much needed to complete this work in the year or two we have left."

Only a year or two left? You don't know what you are talking about and it is obvious that you are begging from mammon. When you say "this work" you mean the "work of Malm," b/c it is not the work of God. You are filled with so many speculations about the calendar, the emphasis to watch some moon over Jerusalem, and so many other things.

Why? Do you think Jesus Christ will arrive on planet earth in "the year or two we have left?"

Then, Christ hangs around planet earth for a 1,000 years, only to see Jerusalem divided and destroyed to a great extent AFTER Satan is loosed from that bottomless pit? Your version of God's Kingdom is a Mickey Mouse one. That Christ and his followers end up being failures and there is no "everlasting peace," is there?

We already have Mickey Mouse Kingdoms on earth and we don't need another one.

But time will tell...


James said...

I'm here Malm. Now hand over the godamned site!

Timothy Kitchen Jr said...

"Herbert Armstrong had no idea the theological and spiritual destruction he has wrought on the church through his narcissistic disciples.". How is he doing the things separate physical men are doing? Each with a mind and the Choice to choose wrong or do what is right. How did Herbert W Armstrong make their choices already? It is clear they are different than Herbert W Armstrong, nor do they teach the same doctrines and teachings, and they certainly do NOT walk the same path Herbert W Armstrong walked. Thus, making different choices he was faced, which we are all faced with. But how can someone who has died long ago make choices for somebody who has to make the choice? That is complete ignorance to state that! THINK! Don't try to blame someone else for their own choices. Look at yourself. You have the same choice we all have to make. Herbert W Armstrong cannot make our choices for us. No one can.

Anonymous said...

Pack training the two witness's is laughable. Reading his writings, it becomes obvious that he lacks wisdom and understanding. Like Herb, he just keeps repeating the same things over and over. Never a increase in meaningful knowledge. That is, other than his neo Scientology Dominion nonsense.

Anonymous said...

It's God who will choose the Two Witnesses, not James Malm

Hoss said...

Anon 649 wrote: Pack training the two witness's is laughable.

I wouldn't mind sitting in during Two Witness Intensive Training (Course code: TWIT 101).
Lessons on how to have fire burn up your foes, shutting up the heavens and calling down lightning would have some interesting practice sessions and homework.

Anonymous said...

My educated guess is that the two witnesses will be former school teachers and/or school principles. Their teaching experience gives them the training in public speaking and dealing with a childish mankind.

7.23 PM In fairness, I don't recall Malm claiming that he will choose the two witnesses. That's in the Dave Pack wacko territory.

Anonymous said...

Malm is so cute in the way he nicknames things to pretend that he has a special relationship with them. Saying "the Two" instead of "the two witnesses" helps create his own special Malm-speak to distinguish him and his disciples from the unwashed masses.

James said...

Timmy says 'You have the same choice we all have to make. Herbert W Armstrong cannot make our choices for us. No one can.'

Herbert W. Armstrong created a vast army of insects that still live today. If one was to show dissent towards satans apostle then they would find a boot up their ass and gone from the cult.

This is why I say, "Armstrong was a man utterly without honor, without principles, without a shred of genuine decency or patriotism. He was the ultimate exterminator of religious life for thousands, and the grand compelling creator of a vast army of atheists."

Your problem Timmy is that you fail to think as an individual but think collectively. I place you in the insect category.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Armstrongism seems to be turning into the three stooges and monty python.

Black Ops Mikey said...

Hey, unless Malm can get a multi page article (not advertising) in The Journal the way Robert Thiel did this past issue, Malm's a total failure.

Oh, wait!

Getting yourself in The Journal seems to be a losing proposition lately -- note the articles in the last few showing what an insane fat worthless creep jerk Herbert Armstrong really was.

I used to be against Dixon Cartwright, but I'm coming around, since he seems to be doing our job for us.

I wonder if it's deliberate?

Byker Bob said...

One aspect to Armstrongism is that even while it was a form of brainwashing, even though it introduced bogus expectations (1975 + continuous postponements) into peoples' minds along with the opposite of Christian living principles, plus mental disorders, there were certain atypical personality types who bought into it and have seemingly made it work in their lives, or at least they proclaim that it has.

As with Scientology, in which for every Leah Remini, there are your award-winning John Travoltas and Tom Cruises, Armstrongism can present its lifers who swear that their lives have been blessed by the blueprint of indoctrination which was laid down by the man they say was God's end time apostle who restored truth. And they want to hold those for whom neither worked personally accountable when such people attempt to fix blame.

I don't know if there are children who were unwittingly raised in Scientology, and presumably found that to be a life-warping experience. I'm not aware of any dire penalties such as Germans or a tribulation imposed by Ron Hubbard on the followers of his method. So maybe kids just leave Scientology when they enter the workforce or college, recovering along the way. I don't believe Scientologists beat their children in the name of their first example of an operating thetan, either. There may or may not be Scientology splinters. Who knows? Some of the principles of Dianetics are actually workable. I use Scientology as a comparative example because I am somewhat familiar with it, and also because it is another example of a method widely acknowledged to be cultic by its very nature.

Herbert Armstrong did cause much of what we continue to witness in the evolution (and in this case, I'll accede to the corrupted form of that word, and call it "evilution") of Armstrongism. He employed a technique known as "undue influence". Much the same as a massive dose of LSD, Armstrongism caused permanent incapacitation to certain peoples' minds. If you break it down and analyze it, Armstrongism dealt in extremes, in fantasy, and in real penalties for going with it as well as perceived penalties for not going with it. In those ways, it was very much like a mind-diminishing drug. Pure control.

Once incapacitated, some have been unable to escape for decades. They'll most likely live their lives out in their own little world, and die in it. It''s a pity, but we don't need to worry about them. They can't hurt us any more. When they do crop up, they just serve as reminders of what we could have allowed to continue to happen to ourselves. It may not even be too late for some of them. Fortunately, there are degrees of incapacitation. It's not always permanent, though side effects are often persistent.


Black Ops Mikey said...

Byker Bob, Scientology is much more like Armstrongism than you think. Scientology has a Draconian version of the 'no contact rule'. Their control is that Scientology is here to prepare and transform the world into a coming utopia. They stay because they sincerely believe that they are doing the world a favor and their faith is a lot more unshakable than with Armstrongism.

Anyone who leaves is persecuted and not just shunned but often are the target of lawsuits -- and Scientology really knows how to sue people; they also have quite the collection of top end lawyers and they can pay for them.

Children that grow up with that crap in Scientology are fully indoctrinated and it's a real police state. If the children get out of line, they are often sent to camps to be retrained. Even adults disappear into the camps.

Scientology, if anything, is more intense comprehensive restrictive slavery than most Armstrongism sects short of the House of Yahweh (which is fairly comparable to the FLDS). You can't go to psychiatrists for treatment and they don't believe in treating mental illness except by their own brand of mental illness.

There is the added advantage of physical abuse by the leaders. One of the insiders was routinely beaten up and punched in the stomach by the leader who had to, as you may well imagine, live with incredible what we call cognitive dissonance (but really isn't -- it's really compartmentalization, but no worry).

Scientology is every bit as sick and perverted as Armstrongism and has some additional depth to their lies and delusions. Unlike most Armstrongist groups, people can't just up and leave Scientology.

Oh, and... it's expensive. It's always about the money isn't it? And the narcissism.

Timothy Kitchen Jr said...

James, did you read your comment before posting it?
YOU say(notice the source) that Herbert W Armstrong "created a vast army of insects that still live today", and then go on explaining that "vast army" saying he was "the grand compelling creator of a vast army of atheists". So YOU say this vast Army of Atheists(insets)was fathered by Herbert W Armstrong, you even back it up further by saying "He was the ultimate exterminator of religious life for thousands", saying he made this vast army of atheists. How can one grounded to the Bible lead an army of Atheists? If he was the leader of this vast Army of Atheists, wouldn't you fall into that category? Why are you going against your claimed leader and creator? See, this excuse doesn't hold water. I'm of course humoring your claim, I do not say he is your leader or creator.
I am not an atheist as you accuse either. And I'm not sure you are one either, but your stand against the God of the Bible, just with your action alone. I'm not just a drone without thought of choice. You are not either. You apparently or appear that you don't want freedom of choice, since you showed your disagreement when I said it. Maybe you are a drone for someone else. Maybe someone made your choice. But it certainly was NOT Herbert W Armstrong. Think people. You can't blame others for your choices.

Byker Bob said...

The children of cults do suffer, no question about it. In the case of Armstrongism, many parents make up dream endings for their children, like being able to finally train them in God's perfect ways of Armstrongism when the kids are forced to be receptive during the hundred year period.

I seriously doubt that the parents who truly drank the Kool Aid have even the remotest idea of the problems and damage they introduced into their kids' lives, and the incredible level of work required to undo and rehabillitate all of that! Frankly, the only compassionate way in which we survivors can deal with that with aging parents that are still clinging to the splinter groups is to permit them their fantasies. Keep relationships very superficial, if having any relationship at all. It is totally impossible to be the proverbial better person in such situations because of their mindset. And, if they've been of that mindset for 40, 50, or 60 years, it is doubtful that your influence in their lives could educate them away from that mindset. Only Jesus will be able to straighten it out in the Kingdom!

Kind of gives a whole new personalized meaning to waiting on the Lord.