Wednesday, November 9, 2011

REAL Men Only Wear White Shirts To Church

Some of the legalistic stupidity that occupy the conservative Armstrongites is simply mind boggling.  This was sent to me by a person on a Yahoo forum.

Can you imagine having to live on this person's world in the World Tomorrow?  Oy! His world is going to be filed with so many signs, rules and regulations that life will be a living hell!  People will probably throw themselves into the lake of fire just to end the misery!

There are some who had brought out about that in regards to skirt length, hair length, ect.. Common sense should prevail. I wonder how many of you remember how that Mr. Armstrong had instructed his ministers that they must wear white shirts with full length sleeves instead of colored shirts. It is my opinion that all men should come before God in white shirts for proper dress, though that is my personal opinion. You see salesmen all week long in colored dress shirts, but on the Sabbath, should be white, (just my personal opinion)!!  Of course today it`s the women who are the salesmen with their pants suits, which is even now being permitted for women`s Sabbath wear!!!!

The COG fashion police are letting their standards down. Herb also wanted to see men in french cuff shirts with red ties.  Red power ties let everyone, women and weaker men know who is in charge.  Weak sissy men wear colored shirts - probably pink or yellow and probably never graduated from Spokesmen Club.

He also seems to forget that Spanky Meredith said that real men wear white socks with their dark suits.  Black socks for dark suits were created by homosexuals to feminize men.

Spanky Meredith thinks he is  the worlds greatest authority on effeminate men and fashion. 

So when you REAL men attempt to wear a pink shirt to church this is the reason why you have been feminized:

May God help you to realize that this problem of effeminate men is not concerned just with weak, "queer" characters in some other part of your town or city. It is a thing affecting MILLIONS of American men of all ages and backgrounds! Our very SURVIVAL as a nation is directly affected by this vital problem! As the above report so vividly points out, the American man is just plain WEAK!

And the sickening TRUTH is that these soft, MARSHMALLOW-like men very easily turn to HOMOSEXUALITY and become "queers" in every sense of the word. They are neither MEN nor WOMEN— they are a wretched, PERVERTED "it"!

That's why they are "softies." They are completely UNLIKE the pioneer men of yesteryear who were constantly walking, chopping down trees, plowing behind a team of horses, working and DRIVING their way through the wilderness and over obstacles! Unless, alas, they are already too old or have heart trouble or some similar condition, American men need to exercise vigorously and really SWEAT. They need to feel their blood stirred up and get the male hormones stirring in their system! They need to feel a firmness and hardness in their muscles, an agility and coordination in their body as a whole and a sense of ENDURANCE when the going gets rough. Even physically, they need to feel what it is like to be a MAN!

Satan is a "QUEER!" Your Bible speaks of him in this manner: "And the great dragon was cast out, chat old serpent, called the devil and Satan, which DECEIVETH THE WHOLE WORLD: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him" (Rev. 12:9).

Why do we find the "leaders" in men's clothing styles trying to palm off on British and American males little "pink" shirts and socks and ties to wear, nylon under pants like females wear, and cute little bows and buttons and other childlike contrivances on their suits and sports outfits? Why? 

Sometimes reading his writing is like reading a porn novel!  "Blood stirred up, firmness, hardness, DRIVING, plowing, sweat and more  sweat."

What a stupid, stupid little man!


James said...

Rod needs to speak at a gay day parade in San Francisco. Lets see how that works out for him!

Anonymous said...

You are disgusting! Stop mocking people in the COG who want to do the right thing! Mr. Meredith is a REAL masculine man! Just because he wore little shorts when he was a boxer does not make him effeminate!

Trev said...

Several years ago at the gay pride parade in Los Angeles, there was a group of "New Covenant" WCGers there with signs and bull horns. They were parked along side the morons from Westboro Baptist in a fenced off area. People mocked and ridiculed them all day. The minister in charge of that group was from the Philippines. Needless to say they made no converts that day. This is the same minister that was taking teams of prayer warriors into Old Town Pasadena and stopping people on the street to pray for them. If Pasadenans thought WCG was weird before, this really turned off people. They pulled this stunt on Friday and Saturday nights.

Jace said...

LOL I find it pretty amusing that you just posted this! Not long ago I went through my closet and decided to get rid of all my suits/ties/dress pants/shirts except for two suits to use for future job interviews/weddings/funerals etc. I called my dad who is about my size to see if he wanted the stuff: The suits he took, but the shirts... they were various colors - nice shirts - but not plain white so he couldnt wear them. (I'd never gotten around to getting baptized so I was never beholden to the "white shirt only" rule). Its amazing that more Armstrongites don't try to become lawyers, with all the rules they have to keep up with, they'd have quite the knack for it! Sigh...

Black Ops Mikey said...

Yes, of course: Men should wear white shirts at services -- just as the righteous wear white raiment. This is a tradition of Herbert Armstrong and Roderick Meredith which should be honored.

For one thing, J. Edgar Hoover wore white shirts and insisted that the FBI Agents wear white shirts. Roderick Meredith mentioned J. Edgar Hoover in his article on "The Shocking Truth About Queer Men" and held him up as a paragon for law and order. Certainly, it was apparent that Roderick Meredith adjudged J. Edgar Hoover as a fit masculine man who could be relied upon to set an example for men -- especially young men -- in the Radio Church of God at the time.

A good example certainly goes a long way.

Anonymous said...

To the person writing these blogs: you are a liar and a thief. First you steal posts from a private forum and then you lie. Here are the exact words that were written: "It is my opinion that all men should come before God in white shirts for proper dress, though that is my personal opinion."
If you notice, the poster states that it is HIS opinion that men should wear white shirts.
Too bad your idea of hell does not exist. I would love to see you go there. God forbid good people have to spend eternity with the likes of you and your cohorts.

Vaughn said...

When I was in the PCG, we had an announcement, or maybe it was mentioned in the sermon, about how men should wear white shirts only, and only white shirts should be worn. Only those wearing white shirts need apply.

I went out that week and bought a black shirt and a black tie and wore them to services that next weekend. I was complimented extensively, but I was not asked to ask the opening or closing prayer that week!

I then went out and bought a couple of other colored shirts but then I quit attending so it was a mute point.

Frank said...

Hey Anonymoose: If you had any brains you would see that the quote includes the exact same words that was in the original post (that you claim were cut out.) I saw it there too, so to say this is a distortion makes you out to be a liar! Why do you Armstrongites lie so much?

Homer said...

I quit wearing suits, ties and white shirts to services about 4 or 5 years ago. But I took it one step further. During the cooler months I began wearing my black leather jacket. You older guys and gals may remember the 50's James Dean movie, "Rebel Without a Cause". I told folks I was a rebel WITH a cause.

I still attend when I am able so I can visit with my friends. Now that cooler months are here I still wear my black leather jacket.

Anonymous said...

Frank: No the person writing these blogs is a lair and a thief. In the post the person said it was HIS opinion. BUT the blogger wants to blow everything out of proportion and make it sound like this is some kind of rule.

Byker Bob said...

If your sense of masculinity comes from a shirt or hair style, what does that tell you? Fragile is the word that immediately comes to my mind.

Jesus spoke of whitened sepulchres.
I would think He'd be more concerned at the condition of His childrens' hearts rather than the color of their shirts.

But, what can I say? This is so typical of the Armstrong experience in that it defers to the physical rather than the spiritual.


Jace said...

"the person writing these blogs is a lair"

Oooh, a lair. A secret lair? An underground lair? A secret, underground, volcano lair perhaps? I'm a bit jealous actually, I wish I had my own lair!

wmstorey said...

We were threatened by our preachers many years ago that we would be turfed from church if wearing a pink shirt hence not go to that place of safety back inn 1975

Fred L said...

Are you on the Elijah forum? Be interesting to know. Are you afraid to come out of the closet? Does someone there feed you these private letters from which you glean your posts?

Anonymous said...

You are an immature little boy who has nothing better to do with your time than to try to hurt people with your foolish stupid blogs. You need to get over not being able to celebrate christmas or eat shrimp and pork you foolish little boy.
You do realize what you do here borders on a hate crime? It is called religious persecution. Do you not understand the seriousness of what you are doing? It is not funny you foolish little boy. Grow up and get over it.

Jace said...

"Hate crimes"

Wait... Do my own eyes deceive me or did I just witness an armstrongite accuse someone of a hate crime?

Well, the jury may still be out on who the prophetic "Kings of the North and South" are, but I think we've undeniably discovered the identity of the King of Irony!! ;-)

NO2HWA said...

"Hate crime?" "religious persecution?" LOL!

Persecution is what over 6 million Jews when through. It is what another 5-6 million JW's, gypsies, gays, and others went through in WWII.

Your mindless cult has never been persecuted. Even when the State of California went after the church, it was not persecution. HWA and Rader lied that it was persecution in order to have more money sent in.

All that it would take to stop the myriad of blogs, books and web sites that keep track of the craziness of Armstrongism is for it to disappear.

All we do is take your own words and warped beliefs and put them in print before your eyes. That is when it becomes a harsh reality on how weird Armstrongism really is.

Besides, if you really believed what your "bible" tells you, you would not have any concerns at all about being so called "persecuted." In fact you would welcome it and pray for God's blessings upon your persecutors.

If we are your supposed persecutors, are you praying that God's blessings shower down up on us all?

People who are embarrassed by their beliefs always seem to have knee jerk reactions and lash out.

Anonymous said...

Insisting on white shirts only might be going a bit too far. Blue shirts can be nice too. Shirts with both blue and white can have it all.

While going to an extreme themselves, there is something to the concerns expressed.

Modern fashion magazines do tend to show male models with three days of stubble on their faces, ugly tattoos, ear rings, long hair, and pink shirts.

Anonymous said...

Well, at least I walk (more often run) for exercise.

But I live in an apartment complex. If I started chopping down trees around the neighborhood, the environmentalists probably would get upset. Now that would be persecution.

Jace said...

"Modern fashion magazines do tend to show male models with three days of stubble on their faces, ugly tattoos, ear rings, long hair, and pink shirts."


Black Ops Mikey said...

White shirts must have blue fringes.

Jace said...

Fringes? Jesus douglas, you are a flaming liberal! HWA would never approve of fringes, they are quite provocative don't you think? Blah blah blah, lake of fire, blah blah blah hate speech, blah blah blah stop mocking gawds people!

(For the record, I am confined to bed this week and am extremely bored lol)

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
NO2HWA: Jeremy Dotson"

Ummm... before I call the cops on NO2HWA now that his secret identity has been revealed, could "anonymous" please identify his or herself so that we can confirm this vital information?

Paul Ray (Real Name)

Jace said...


You are the most absurd piece of chickenshit coward to ever come trolling on this website (and trust me, that's saying something) You are unarguably the most despicable, pathetic, lowlife armstrongite to ever use a keyboard. Not content to argue the case for your doomsday cult with civility or facts, you instead come on here trying to attack a man (NO2HWA) who is helping others and is doing the right thing by showing the insane beliefs of Armstrongism for what they are. Whatever his real name may be, he is twice the man you'll ever be.

Get a life you cultist loser.

Jason "Jace" Liebold

Anonymous said...

Now now, don't enable Anonymous. You are only feeding his/her persecution complex.

Besides, I seriously doubt that Anonymous is a coward. It is likely that Anonymous has been forbidden by his or her Minister to use the internet in the first place, and especially so since it is Friday night in this hemisphere. Don't hate Anonymous from being brave and venturing out in the Big Old Wide Evil World. In fact, Anonymous should be given credit for almost acting as if he or she were an adult with free will. I just hope the guilt doesn't set in tomorrow as Anonymous, dressed in that shiny old suit or dress, sits under the glare of the taped sermon in a drafty meeting hall.

Anonymous, I promise I won't tell on you. I know, I know, a fellow GOGer's promise not to inform on you to the Authorities is worth about as much as your tattered Bible in that worn briefcase of yours, but I won't. I am no longer a COG'er and wouldn't want you to get in trouble anyway. You have enough to worry about with the whole 10% of your income thing, and the dietary thing, the whole breaking the law everytime you breath thing, and the constant fear of not being worthy and Not Making It Into the Kingdom thing to have to be berated by a guy (who wears nicer clothing than you- hey, you paid for it) who probably isn't fit to dig ditches much less serve as a representative of the Creator of the Universe.

Paul Ray (My Real Name)

Anonymous said...


How dare you call Santa a "faggot ass!" I'll leave out an extra cookie for Santa this year (Atheists do keep Christmas! Double Lake of Fire for me!), in hopes that you two can find peace together. Don't be hating on The Claus (who never flooded the whole world, killing millions of unborn babies)

Paul Ray (You Can Even Look It Up)

NO2HWA said...

Aw, wook at poor wittle Anon. He is having a temper tantrum! ROTFLMAO!

By the way loser, you so called detective work and posting of a persons name is totally wrong and you are the one maligning the person you named. I have notified him on Facebook as to the false accusations you have made against him. Way to go loser!

Jace said...

Well, you've established yourself as a homophobic bigot, your armstrongite credentials are in order. Now, perhaps you can showcase your own long list of accomplishments, mystery man!

You've created how many websites that received nearly 200,000 hits in the first year of operation?

You've broken free of how many cults and went on to help how many others do the same?

What's that? You've done neither of these things? Whats more, your only accomplishment is being an insensitive, hateful prick, trying to "out" someone for saying things you dont like - all behind the mask of course.

We "whiny boys" don't have to "get over it", we don't need to "get over it", and speaking for NO2HWA, I can safely say that we don't want to get over it! We're just thrilled to be showing Armstrongism for what it is! We're thrilled for every single tithepayer or potential tithepayer we cause Armstrongism to lose. We like what we do and we'll keep right on doing it.

Have a great day!

NO2HWA said...

Poor Anon has a SERIOUS Santa fetish! You really get off on him! They way you go on and on about him you must get turned on by that red suit. It sounds like a sexual problem that you had better go counsel with your minister about.

Oh, and by the way, when someone spits out "faggot" as an epitaph it usually means that person is a closet case. Spanky Meredith can help you with that if you want.

You should also be reminded that HWA had several gay people working for him over the years and would refuse to fire them when Spanky would be on one of his rampages. COGland is never dull with the likes of you in it. Thanks for the entertainment little boy.

Sharon said...

Wow, such appropriate language and activity for a Sabbath keeper. It's Friday night, you "holy sabbath". Guess that means nothing to you. Hypocrite!

Jace said...


Anon probably reasoned that 1) if it was ok to work setting up chairs and sound equipment at church tomorrow and 2) since it was ok to drive many, many miles to church anyway and 3) Since the sun still hasnt set somewhere in the world, that a little tiny bit of typing and vulgarity on an apostate website would be justified. He's working for christ and all that!

Or such is the reasoning I may have used back in my sabbathkeeping days lol

Jace said...

@ Paul Ray

It'd never occurred to me that the lake of fire could be cumulative! What a fantastic concept! lol

Anonymous said...

I doubt Anon is a Hardcore Armstrongite anyway. Just a part-time member of one of the Big Wal-Mart Splinter Groups trolling for some attention.

If he or she was Straight Up Armstrong (Fo' Real!) they would be doing "Bible Study" right now, which would consist of reading a glossy pamphlet written by men who could not support themselves, or their families, without thievery. Corpulent ministers dining at the trough until their suit coat (always of a higher quality than those who actually paid for it) burst, squealing hogs rooting for more, pawing each other out of the way to feed on the bleating sheep.

Paul Ray (Always Been My Real Name)

Anonymous said...


Celebrating Solstice gets you thrown in to the Lake of Fire; if you are an Atheist or HomoShexual, Jesus drags you back out and throws you in again. Repeat as necessary.

Paul Ray

NO2HWA said...

The comments this loser made also reminds me of the Nevillites when they go into screeching fits. Maybe I stirred up those losers now! Yippeeeeeeeee!

I bet there are numerous prayers ascending to heaven tonight praying for my slow, painful, and agonizing death.

That's once they have prayed that the demonic Santa be cast into outer darkness.

I am probably second their damnation chart. LOL

Anonymous said...

That's it. This year I am going to make a ornament for the tree which features either a portrait of Herbert or the old WWCG logo. The old sot will turn over in his putrid hole.

Paul Ray (Formerly Known As Paul Ray)

Jace said...

Bah, the've been praying that about santa for 70 years now, he's still flying around unscathed! Plus, I've given them one more name to add to the damnation list, Yahweh is a busy ma... er... deity. With the bureaucracy on earth as bad as it is, can you imagine the level of effort they must have to go through in deityville just to get something accomplished? Probably a million forms to fill out and plenty of red tape for something as serious as a damnation. Yahweh's hands will be tied for far too long. We'll grow old and die natural deaths before he gets around to us, after which point f*ck it lol

Black Ops Mikey said...

Fringes? Jesus douglas, you are a flaming liberal! HWA would never approve of fringes, they are quite provocative don't you think?

No, Jace, that to which I was referring is the command to have blue fringes on your garments as required in Numbers 15:38. This would refer to white shirts, hence, the requirement for men to wear white shirts with blue fringes.

It looks like we both have too much time on our hands (an illusion in my case, since I'm very busy doing something other than posting to blogs).

Anonymous said...

If HWA liked to glue bananas to his head and dye his pubic hair flaming pink, there would be armstrongites doing that today, and declaring it to be a "Godly TRUTH finally RESTORED after 1900 years by the End-Time Elijah"


Jace said...

If HWA liked to glue bananas to his head and dye his pubic hair flaming pink, there would be armstrongites doing that today, and declaring it to be a "Godly TRUTH finally RESTORED after 1900 years by the End-Time Elijah"

Man Norm, you said it!

Jace said...

@ No2HWA

You werent kidding about a santa fetish... Anonymous sure likes talking about santa's mouth, I think your closet theory may be right on the money!

Anonymous said...

"...there would be armstrongites doing that today.."

Ministers would instruct the brethren on which brand of bananas would be most suitable, ripe vs green, which brand of hair colorant to dye the pubic hair with, which shade is most appropriate, would it be okay to glue and dye after the Sabbath started, ect.

I'm not joking, either.

Paul Ray

Anonymous said...

Seems to me, the glue that holds the armstrongist minions to their particular armstrongist leader is a disgusting adoration of HWA.

I guess they can't fathom the fact that he had sex with his daughter on a regular basis.

Or, that as a cult leader, he caused many many more deaths than Charles Manson ever did.

What a guy! LOL!


Vaughn said...

And those who use the wrong brand of banana would be maligned from the pulpit as those who "JUST DON'T GET IT!"

This has been a most enjoyable thread of comments.

Jace said...

Just to offer up my $.02 on the incest allegations:

Consider first that I write for Armstrong Delusion and have my own atheist website (escaping eden) so to say that I am no fan of HWA is putting it mildly. ;-)


The list of things I will say about HWA is a mile long. And yet, the one thing you will never hear me say about him, are the allegations of incest. Here's why:

I have read all of the claims in this regard. I went to the rather considerable trouble and expense of tracking down a hard copy of David Robinsons book (sadly, ESN started offering it for free in PDF only 3 months later lol) I've heard it all and as far as I can tell, being fair and objective, it is all hearsay

The fact that his daughter never once stood up or wrote a letter (that I can find anyway, if I'm wrong I'd love to see proof) to deny these rumors is despicable on her part, especially considering how she benefited from the dupes who supported and still adore her father. That certainly lends some credence to the allegations, but again, they still don't amount to anything more than hearsay.

In my experience, the first way to run off an armstrongite - forever losing the chance to reason with them and show them real, undisputable facts against HWA - is to mention the incest. At that point, they stop listening and you've blown your chance.

I for one will keep my attacks to just the facts, there are plenty of em' out there anyway.

Again, just my $.02

Anonymous said...

"The fact that his daughter never once stood up or wrote a letter..."

Is meaningless. There are millions in our society who never breath a word of what they have endured. It goes on more often than you can imagine (or maybe you can, I don't know).

Due to the indirect evidence I suspect that HWA may have committed incest, but since I cannot conclusively prove it, it isn't in the forefront of my mind when it comes to HWA's deeds. It would be like finding out that Hitler clubbed baby seals. Yeah, it's bad, but there is plenty of other evidence to show that he was a Bad Guy.

As far as mentioning incest to the Armstrongites, in my experience simply stating that you don't agree with their theology, or criticizing HWA in anyway will push them away.

Paul Ray

Jace said...

"You are a shit eating bugger picking lying fat bastard who can't take a piss without his mommy."

I can't tell if you're dropping another homosexual epithet with "bugger" or if you are simply incapable of spelling "booger" correctly.

Quite frankly, I figure it could be either one, you've already shown your homophobic streak and have definitely declared yourself to be a moron of the first order, some simple clarification would certainly be helpful.

It seems Santa is not the only fictional being you like, you also seem to have a Mithra fetish! It seems your door swings both ways after all!

Jace said...

"Is meaningless. There are millions in our society who never breath a word of what they have endured. It goes on more often than you can imagine (or maybe you can, I don't know)."

That's not the kind of letter I meant Paul. If anything, her not writing something makes the allegations seem more likely

My point was this: If the incest did not take place, the least his daughter could have done, ( if 1) if she loved her father and 2) if she was the least bit grateful to the thousands of people on whose backs she lived a better life, who may have legitimate concerns about these allegations) would be to release a statement denying them. At least that way, the troglodites could shelve their doubt in this regard.

But does she do this? Apparently not, and from what I've read, she had contacts with UCG perhaps going so far as to attend before he death. But she couldnt be bothered to deny these allegations? For shame, says I.

That is, unless she was a legitimate victim, in which case, why have anything at all to do with her father for decades after the fact.

But what do I know.

Anonymous said...

"But what do I know."

You know nothing of the hardships a Servant of God must endure while in service to The Almighty, and the toll it takes on our weak, mortal frames. Mr. Armstrong was human, like the rest of us. He made mistakes, like the rest of us. Harvey's Bristol Cream and young wimmen pale in comparison to King David's indiscretions. What is important is that we not judge a fellow servant of The Creator, but recognize that God obviously worked through him in bringing His Truth to this sinful, sick world that cries out for a Godly Spanking.

This is a portion of an essay I wrote as required of the "Armstrong Ministerial Correspondence Course." This was from the section on "How To Defend Mr. Armstrong and The Church: Deniability and Demonization."

I got a C- for admitting that he even had faults, but I think I could do better if I tried.

Paul Ray

Jace said...

That was great Paul, I'm about halfway through that, already starting to craft my response to the would-be-anonymous poster before I caught on lol.

My dad probably got the same ministerial course as you, king david is the first line of defense. Honestly, it's a shame that king david had to send Bathsheeba's husband to the front lines to die. How many immoral christians have been able to justify anything short of murder by pointing to "the man after gawds own heart!"


Anonymous said...

"....and shove him up..."

Paging Father Merrin, paging Father Merrin.

Paul Ray