Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Dave Pack: Are You Sick Of His Ads Popping Up?

Are you sick of Packtard's ads popping up on goggle searches and on various web sites you visit?
We have been told by one of his ex-employees that every time you click on those ads he has to pay money.

With 4,000 people hitting us now a day, that is a huge hunk of money the Packtard has to dish out for his cult nonsense.

Packtard is already having huge financial woes and this will just help him along further!  Rattling that tincan for more money isn't going to work Davey!


Anonymous said...

I click on them every time one shows up. I want Dave to get his moneys worth for his advertising budget.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen any of his ads yet. This bumms me out. I want a chance to waste Dave's pocket change. Maybe it's because I never visit his website. I guess I better get crackin' before his money's all gone!

Anonymous said...

Where are these ads. I would like to click on them to drain his pockets also.

Anonymous said...

If you want to see his ads. you must first go to his Web site, , so your browser will get the cookies set that will make the other sites show Pack's ads.

Joe Moeller said...

Plug "Restored Church of God" into Google Search.

The yellow highlighted search at the top the listings is a paid ad. Click on it and you will end up at Packs page AT A COST TO HIM.

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Anonymous said...


Is there a similar way to drain money from other scumbag-led churches like the UCG?

Byker Bob said...

Several years ago, and you all know how these things go, on my profile at another forum, Pack's ad would pop up. It occurred to me that the small minded people who are always trying to put you into one of their manageable little boxes might use the mere presence of a Pack ad to do this, or to cast doubt, or even as a part of their dismissive efforts. You know, guilt by association, even if the association came against my will. I would never invite pro-ACOG materials into one of my profiles, especially not from the worst and most legalistic bottom feeders of the movement!

I countered it the best way I knew how, by incorporating into my profile the fact that I considered it my life's mission to dispel false teachings, and to warn others about the damages and evils of following HWA and his perpetuators. I also noted that I resented the presence of pop-up ads from such wolves, and that they were there because I couldn't do anything about them.

There is only one way to handle people like Pack, Flurry, and some of the other predators, and that is you must counter them, in fact, counter them hard. They ran over us when we were part of that FUBAR organization, and I for one refuse to continue to allow them that power in my life.

By the way, yes! Hit their sites whenever you know its going to cost them, and if you ever get mail from them with a business reply card, tack the card on to an old telephone book and drop it into the nearest mailbox.


Anonymous said...

You bunch of vindictive boobs! This was sent to RCG legal:

Dear Mr. Pack, Attached is evidence of a genuine Click Fraud conspiracy planned against your organization. (printout of this post and comments)

Click Fraud (Wikipedia)

You may now feel free to present this to Google for easy CREDIT to you AdSense account since there is such a strong case here that at least 4000 clicks are INVALID.

Google Invalid Clicks

By the way Mr. Pack, since this Blog is hosted on a Google platform (Blogger) you actually may have a double strong case against Google, which has a history of settling legitimate click fraud cases for $millions. As a big bonus Google would most probably shut this particular blog down instantly!

Click Fraud lawsuits

Congratulations Gary!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Boob brain! ROTFLMAO
Thanks for proving once again how DUMB so many Armstrongites are!

You left out about 15 other COG sites that are also doing the same things. I guess you are too dumb to locate those. Make sur eyour threats also should include several thousands in various Google sites that advocate the exact same thing for dumbass religious web sites popping up and for other dumb ads like political ones and Viagra.


No one wants to see the face of Herbie Armstrong or Davey. Both are offensive and revolting to those damaged by their lies and heretical trash they promote.

Just because you are toooooooooooo stupid to see through their nonsense proves that intelligence is not a virtue in Armstrongism.

Way to go Boob brain! ROTFLMAO
Thanks for proving once again how DUMB so many Armstrongites are!

NO2HWA said...

BB: That's why I don't do Adsense for Google on this site. I could get paid money for hosting ads. The problem is, because the name COG, PCG, LCG, RCG, etc., are used here those ads would be popping up on every single page. There is no way in hell I would promote their garbage as legitimate Christian faiths. That is why they are all called in hundreds of books and multiple hundreds of web sites as cults.

That is something that the Anonymous@9:58 is too dumb to understand. I have already been threatened by two men who think they are God's greatest Christians. The problem they fail to realize is that lawsuits like the Anonymous idiot at 9:58 wants to see happen would be a public spectacle that would draw out hundreds of ex-members abused by these leaders who are more than willing to testify against these ass wipes. Pack, Flurry and Meredith have plenty of exemployees and exchurch members who have had their lives destroyed by them that they would testify at the drop of a hat. The Pasadena and Los Angeles papers would have a field day with them. Most of these guys would never recover from the damage of the things about their groups being exposed.