Friday, May 31, 2013

Dave Pack: God Will Soon Dissolve All The Splinters Making My Work ENORMOUS and Wealthy!

Dave Pack is back with his Friday message to his dwindling faithful and for the hundreds of thousands of faithless who think he is bat shit crazy.

God is soon going to dissolve all the splinter groups, who will then be so in awe of him that they will combine all of their assets and resources into Dave's superfantabulous church of god.

Those who are reading these special weekly announcements understand that only a few groups—perhaps four—are making any real attempt at doing God’s Work. However sincere, we saw from Haggai that these are merely doing works of men, not directed by the living Christ who only heads and works through His government and His Church. Also not teaching God’s full truth to the world, these “houses” of men are doing their own “works”—NOT God’s. This is about to change in a BIG WAY! When God dissolves the splinters, combining all resources, HIS ensuing Work will be ENORMOUS—beyond imagination!


Anonymous said...

Bat Shit Crazy pretty much describes Dave these days. Even bat shit doesn't want to be associated with these delusions.

Guano B Thick

Anonymous said...

Dave and his followers are only doing Dave's work. Notice what makes it better? More "resources" for Dave to control. If there were a god, he wouldn't need money to get a message out. It would simply go viral. I don't know, Dave, beyond imagination? I don't know, I can imagine quite a bit.

Joe Moeller said...

Unfortunately, nearly all human endeavors are built on "human fuel".

The pyramids, the ancient 7 wonders of the world, The Great Wall of China, the transcontinental railroad etc were all built with slave, or semi-slave type of labor.

The true God of the Bible DOES NOT build on human fuel, or view people as simply tithe slaves.

Pack is using human fuel to feed his megalomania. He is a spiritual cannibal, consuming souls and people for his own false sense of importance.

A very sorry and pathetic man. Friends... the veil is ripped, there is free access to the Throne of God. You do not need any human intercessor. You do not have to pledge allegiance to any man or "leader". Dismiss any man who is placing themselves between God and you.

Do not be human fuel for anyone!

Joe Moeller
Cody, WY

Byker Bob said...

Bad news for Dave. All of these false cultic ACOGs are man-made, even RCG, (or perhaps especially RCG, to hear Dave's boastfulness).

Gamaliel! Plain and simple.