Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jesus, Don't Let Me Die Before I've Had Sex

Fundamentalism has always looked at sex as bad.  For us, all we have to do is look at 
Herbert Armstrong and his silly books,  
God Speaks Out On The New Morality 
and the  
Missing Dimension in Sex.
Though these two books never stopped the leaders from committing incest, adultery, rapes, sexual stalkings, porn addiction and other improprieties.

Despite the railing by Rod Meredith and many others, the youth in the COG were sexual animals at times. Imperial and Ambassador students were like breeding rabbits.  There wasn't a nook or cranny on either campus that wasn't used for in flagrante delctio

Why hasn't the church ever dared to think differently about premarital sex?

is a documentary examining the idealism and silence embedded 
in the sexual teachings of evangelical churches. 
Through the stories of gay, straight, celibate & sexually active churchgoers 
we explore the hopes, fears, and prayers of real people 
as they learn to reconcile their faith and sexualities.


Anonymous said...

Maybe sex on Earth is a teaser, a preview of coming attractions...

Anonymous said...

anonymous 6:26, what are you talking about? Is sex that wonderful? It can be downright boringggggg, especially if done with a boring person. Sex is mainly for reproduction, and sure it is fun too some of the time, just to ensure we manage to reproduce. Herbert Armstrong was wrong about most things he said about sex, and let's hope that if there are any coming attractions they will be better than sex. The only people who make a big deal out of sex are perverts and those who haven't had much, otherwise its just like having a drink of water.

Janelle said...

I don't know about you guys, but sex is the next best thing! Love it, love it, love it! Never have had boring sex, so cant understand that one.

Anonymous said...

Janelle, again I would have to say your experience has to be limited if you have never had boring sex.

And anyone who thinks a person can have wonderful thrilling sex with the same person for 30 years without it ever being boring is either delusional or perhaps highly unusual.

Janelle said...

We have been married for 24 years and it is as good as the first time. I also don't think I am an anomaly.

Anonymous said...

Good sex with the wrong person is worse than bad sex with the right person. I assume we're built to use all our senses to detect when someone else's genes are compatible with ours such that we'll make strong offspring together. And the reason why there's such a big natural chemical drug reward for reproduction is because that's a big part of what makes a species successful. On that note, if nukes and deforestation don't stamp us out first, the internet will. OMG we don't stand a chance...

Anonymous said...

I disagree, good sex with the wrong person, is better than bad sex with the right person -- now just talking about the sex, not everything else.

Anonymous said...

God is so awesome and powerful that he turns pagan rituals into HOLY things (Santa, Easter Bunny, Voodoo, etc), so WHY NOT have "Christian Hookers for Jesus", too???

In fact, Christians have already grabbed those balls and run with them... there have been 'Happy Hookers for Jesus', and their "flirty fishing" expeditions (was Jesus not a fisher of men?) resulted in MANY people accepting Christ as their personal Lord and Savior.

Praise God!!!

And thanks to the great Christian Creflo Dollar, for teaching wonderful things like, that if you have sex with a Christian, YOU ARE HAVING SEX WITH JESUS!, and the great idea of lining up non tithers and shooting them dead with Uzi submachine guns.

Assistant Deacon said...

"Sex is mainly for reproduction..."

HAHAHAHAHA, Anon 7:57. Sure must suck to be you.

Anonymous said...

hahaha assistant deacon, I bet I have had way more sex than you. When I said sex is for reproduction I mean that is its real purpose in an evolutionary sense. A Chinese guy I worked with once told me proudly that it only took him 3 minutes. I felt like accusing him of harrassment, but decided to treat this as an interesting piece of information. Ever wonder why the Chinese are the biggest race on earth?

Anonymous said...

I wonder how many hits this thread has gotten from Charlotte, NC!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm just grateful that Mr Armstrong gave us the example of having "daughter-sex"!

Unfortunately, my daughters died of untreated syphilis, but now that I live on a ranch in Wyoming and am in the UCG, I treat ALL my cows as if they were my very own daughters.

Assistant Deacon said...

Anon, I bet you do have "way more" sex than me.

I bet you're way more intelligent, too. And make way more money. And have way more friends. And are way better and cooler and more perfect than I am.

There. I hope you feel good about yourself. You need it, since you're so bored having all that sex.

(Pity the bored -- or is it boring? -- person having to endure it with you.)

Anonymous said...

ah assistant deacon you sound like one of my ex-lovers, hubbies speaking.
Now why is it that so many male religious leaders are philanderers? It is because sex is boring with their wives, who no doubt think that sex is never boring and is wonderful after 30 years with their old goat.
Face it humans are not really made to be monogamous (not like swans or geese or whatever). Some humans for various reasons find an excellently compatible mate and sink into the bliss of lifelong maintenance sex.....the rest fail at this and either accept it or feel incredibly guilty. Another anomaly is that those who are denied sex or believe it is evil often find it more exciting..

James said...

HWA should have wrote an instructional book on jacking off. He was the authority on the subject as I understand.

Byker Bob said...

For most of us who were baby boomers, raised in the WCG, when 1975 loomed on the horizon,(actually 1972 when we expected the second coming of the Germans), this was actually a very conscious or subconscious prayer!

Now, 40 years, three wives, and numerous girlfriends later, it seems that the threat of no sex before the end was probably a defining factor in life, a deficiency for which one vigorously over-compensated. It would be interesting to know if that were the dominant trend in our peer groups from WCG and AC.

Not that I'm complaining about zest for certain things, (they forbad most of my other hobbies, too, and it only heightened my enthusiasm!) but with the history of all of the bad influences WCG had on family, you have to wonder if getting people anxious over sex before the end times was just one more of these bad influences, even if it was a subliminal one.


Harry said...

Umm in the spirit of "When Harry Met Sally..." I think I'll DEFINITELY NOT have the sex that Anon 7:57 is having!