Friday, May 31, 2013

Dave Pack: I Have 2 Billion New People That I Can Destroy With My Message

Dave seems to think he has a field ripe for the harvesting with his demonic message.  Since HWA dies over 2 billion new souls have been born with 75 million new people here in the U.S.

Just think how incredibly LUCKY these 2 billion people are to have never heard of HWA!

Ponder the following. Mr. Armstrong has been gone for over 27 years. Earth’s population has grown 44 percent—from under 4.9 billion in 1986 to 7.1 billion today! Then realize that today’s Israelite nations are also much larger than in early 1986. In 2006, the United States reached 300 million, and this just 39 years after reaching 200 million (1967). Under 240 million when Mr. Armstrong died, it is 315 million today, an increase of over 75 million—just in the United States.

Let’s go further. An entire generation has died since the last true warning went to the peoples who heard and read Mr. Armstrong. And therefore incredibly great numbers were not yet born. Those who were alive, but under age 20, did not grasp any message or warning they might have heard. Thus, the GREAT MAJORITY TODAY have never been warned of what is in store for the descendants of all 12 tribes of Israel! Hundreds of millions simply have no idea what is coming on our lands, and on our peoples! Nor have they heard the awesome truth of the gospel of the kingdom of God.


Anonymous said...

Dave, it is no honor being the smartest guy in a mental hospital

Trickle N. Trickle

Douglas Becker said...

Science proves that the United States is not a tribe of Israel.

Sweetblood777 said...

A much bigger fantastic work! Not likely. This is the age of the internet where information can be obtained at the push of a mouse button.

The days of hiding in the grass are over. One does not need to depend on hearsay in order to make a judgement today. One just needs access to an internet search engine.

Besides the above, most people just don't care, and even if they did a little bit, information overload makes it extremely difficult to come to a wise decision, for many today lack the key to the door, and that is discernment.